Teardrop Trailers – Complete Review to Get You Going

| Last Updated: February 10, 2023

The Best Teardrop Trailers

Looking for the best Teardrop Trailer? There are some amazing designs that offer plenty of the home comforts you desire while getting away from it all.

If you love camping and the great outdoors, but feel limited with an RV and having to stay in RV parks, then a teardrop camper could be the way to go.

It's a great way to ensure you have the most outdoorsy experience and are able to camp in more remote locations. They're light and nimble, compact, and they boast plenty of amenities that can make or break a camping trip

Teardrop trailers have been around for a long time, and their convenience, functionality and unique design have made them a very popular RV among the more adventurous. But what are the best Teardrop Trailers? 

We have brought to you what we believe to be the best models on the market. Each one, unique in its own way and we're sure you would have an enjoyable time staying in all of them.

Teardrop Trailer

What is a Teardrop Trailer?

A teardrop trailer is a small, compact, and teardrop-shaped trailer that has a sleeping cabin and a small kitchen. It is ideal for resting and saving money when going traveling. It has a horsepower of up to 100 and needs a medium-sized car or small SUV to pull it. It can hold a maximum of up to 3 people, and it has good gas mileage.

The streamlined shaped body of a Teardrop Camper has a kitchen compartment that is enough to hold utensils, stove, and store dry goods. In other words, you can easily enjoy a deliciously home-cooked food far from home. The sleeping cabin can also be used as a storage compartment while traveling.

Are All Teardrop Campers The Same?

When so many models of trailers are available in the market, you must be wondering as to which one to choose. All teardrop trailers are somewhat similar, however, and have little differences between each other.

Teardrop Campers are lightweight and compact. Their presence makes it easy for tourists and solo travelers to enjoy their tiny trips at best with all the latest amenities within their reach. However, their designing and packages may mark the difference between them. Some are designed specifically to meet the demands according to their budgets, needs, and requirements.

You must look at the in-depth reviews of our top chosen models to notice the visible differences among all. Some have the facilities of the bathroom to facilitate their users, while others have a kitchen to enjoy the healthy food. All of the amenities are best and preferable according to their priorities.

Some are equipped with freshwater systems, and some have good storage. So a trailer might differ in a few aspects, but overall they are the same. Few like camp trailers provide enough space for individual members while some offer space for 5-6 people.

How to Choose a Teardrop Trailer

There are some features that the best teardrop trailer must-have, which will make it a standout among other similar units. The features of a good teardrop trailer are as follows:

Air Conditioner/Heater

Teardrop campers, which have both the facilities of air conditioner and heater are best and become a great option for buying. If you are tired of hot nights outside and want to relax at dinner, you can enjoy your teardrop trailer with its air conditioning facility. Similarly, if it is freezing cold outside, you can cuddle into blankets and on your heater and make yourself feel like home.


With the advancement of technology, you can install any amenity, including bathroom, in your teardrop trailer. One common issue faced by campers is that they have to go to the woods whenever they need to go to the bathroom. Thus, before you choose your unit, make sure it has a bathroom for increased convenience. 


Isn’t entertainment necessary everywhere? Camping without entertainment can become absolutely boring! The entertainment system makes a teardrop trailer stand out among others. You can enjoy music and football when you have nothing to do on rainy nights.

Review of the Best Teardrop Trailers

The market is full of trailers, but what things, facilities, or amenities mark the difference and uniqueness of one over another? You can review that with our detailed reviews and select the best trailer available that meets your needs.

Best Overall Teardrop Trailer:
14' iCamp Elite

Best Overall Teardrop Trailer: 14' iCamp Elite

What we love

  • Can be towed with other vehicles
  • Lightweight and compact camper
  • It has all the necessary trailer amenities
  • Promises a quality built under a low budget
  • Aluminum frame, high gloss fiberglass, and structural styrofoam are used for its structure 

Why it Stands Out to Us

The storage in this Teardrop Trailer is outstanding in this lightweight vehicle. The exceptional values offered in its size is surely remarkable. This is made by United Recreational Services, a brand that’s well-known in the market. It is the perfect blend of eye-catching colors, high endurance, and aerodynamic features.

The roof vent is powered, and the 3-way refrigerators give you a home-like feeling. The combination of industrial-like strength of Styrofoam and enforced fiberglass gives sufficient strength to the trailer for holding itself together when subjected to any unforeseen and unforgiving elements. It is counted among the toughest trailers in the market with the facility of the bathroom. If you are looking for durability, then surely this product will meet your expectations.

Who Will Use This Most

This strong Teardrop Camper is ideal for a solo camper who is looking for all the amenities within his reach to make his journey memorable. Its spacey bathrooms with toilets and showers are some of the outstanding features to facilitate your trip.

With this facility, solo campers can reap the maximum from their trip. Your outdoor fun will surely be unforgettable. Besides bathrooms, interior features also include screens and windows. Overhead cabinets, smoke/LP gas detectors, and wardrobes are also offered in it. Users can enjoy their short adventure trips. Its height might favor solo campers only, but its size enables it to be used for several camping locations.

Best Teardrop Trailer With Bathroom:
Timberline by HomeGrown

Best Teardrop Trailer With Bathroom: Timberline by HomeGrown

What we love

  • It has high versatility and flexibility
  • Capacity is very good and spacious.
  • Only comes with the best amenities
  • Great comfort is offered by this trailer
  • Completely environment-friendly because of the sustainable materials used in its manufacturing

Why it Stands Out to Us

This spacious Teardrop Trailer is assembled by utilizing non-toxic materials only. The timber used is sourced from sustainable sources. The company has been selected by its buyers as the top choice because of being among the most environment-conscious companies. It is lightweight and can be easily towed by trucks and medium SUVs.

Therefore, you don’t need to buy any other vehicle for towing your trailer if you get into any problem. The company has designed the trailer in a teardrop shape, so assurance can be provided for the same expense of the fuel. Moreover, it promises excellent performance in all conditions. These trailers, no doubt, carry the best amenities that any modern trailer has.

Who Will Use This Most

As this trailer is crafted with the minimum waste, it is of lighter weight than any other trailer of similar sizes. This greatly facilitates transportation. Besides being light, it is quite spacious. A big family of six people can ideally sleep in it. They would not feel uncomfortable and will not run into deep troubles.

The fridge under the counter, bunk beds, dinettes all are the facilities are what you get with this unit. So, if you also want to enjoy such amenities, this is a great pick. You can enjoy extra comfort if you are ready to pay some extra bucks for these additional features. You can enjoy having a wet bath with the shower as well as a toilet with a hot water tank of 2.5 gallons and freshwater 23 gallons.

Best Small Teardrop Trailer:
 Tiny Camper Mini Standard

Best Small Teardrop Trailer:  Tiny Camper Mini Standard

What we love

  • Has a sofa bed with storage space
  • The cabinet doors are star imitated for nights
  • It has a queen mattress with two sheets separated
  • Three plans to be chosen according to the preferences
  • 50Ah Li-Ion battery installed with the intelligent battery meter

Why it Stands Out to Us

It is a compact teardrop trailer that provides all the comfort, unforgettable experience, and smoothness in the journey, anyone can expect of it in the outdoors. The big sleeping room is furnished with all the comfort within your reach. It offers good ventilation, power sockets, and lighting systems. The storage space is surprisingly spacious too.

Be sure to have your own camping dinnerware set as you can even enjoy the taste of home-cooked food in the convenient cooking setups available in it. You can take this premium set up anywhere. You will have no more fear of bad weather, leaving essentials behind, sacrificing your comfort and peace in the wildness with this trailer.

Who Will Use This Most

This trailer is perfectly ideal for solo travelers. It is ideal for small families and couples too. The family should be no more than 3 members, though. It is the most important as well as a very popular trailer. The mini size does not impact the facilities and features of this mini trailer. You can choose from 3 plans for further customization. It can be further customized with different extra options. The models are further individually designed with unique prints on the exterior side as well as a coating on the interior side.

Best Motorcycle Teardrop Trailer:
Vistabule Teardrop Trailers

Best Motorcycle Teardrop Trailer: Vistabule Teardrop Trailers

What we love

  • Propane furnace is fuel-efficient
  • Powered by Lithium-ion batteries
  • Water system with freshwater is available
  • You can enjoy the surrounding views from the front window
  • Power needs of 12V are utilized typically even during the summer

Why it Stands Out to Us

If you are interested in buying a teardrop trailer and looking for innovative features that are helpful, particularly in eliminating the claustrophobic and bad conditions of teardrop interior, then this is the one to go for. The windows let you enjoy the beauty of the surroundings outside.

People can easily pass food to someone on the bed from coffee or table through the opening between the cabin and the gallery. You can even select the bed mode. You are at ease to comfortably enjoy the mesmerizing night view of the sky filled with stars or changing the bed into your cozy sofa. Vistabule stands out among all due to its outstanding features.

Who Will Use This Most

This Vistabule trailer is suitable for food lovers. It is solely because of the two propane stoves attached to the cabinets around. They can cook food even if they are far off from their homes. Their food taste and quality in the wild and beautiful surroundings will be enhanced when they will be in this trailer. It is well facilitated with a lot of features.

And, it is also beneficial for people who love beautiful surroundings. Buyers will also be surprised by the beauty inside it. The wood used inside the trailer makes it a beautiful and wonderful place. So, if that’s something that you want in your trailer, then make sure to go for this one.

Best Off-Road Teardrop Trailer:
 Escapod 360

Best Off-Road Teardrop Trailer:  Escapod 360

What we love

  • Serves as a kitchen in the open air
  • Designed for tackling rugged terrains
  • Independent suspension is up to 3500 lbs.
  • Gear and clothing can be stored in a better manner
  • Crossbars Rhino racks are present for working in bad weather or environment

Why it Stands Out to Us

This teardrop camper is no doubt the best among all because of its outstanding features. Even when you are far off from your home, you can enjoy freshly cooked nutritious food. Neither the quality of food will be compromised nor its taste. You are not confined to eat food that is packed for your tours or trips, so you can eat whatever is available only.

Customization is the favorable option of all buyers in this contemporary world. The buyers can adjust the floor plans of this trailer according to their needs so they can enjoy their desired amenities on the trip.

Who Will Use This Most

You must have come across a lot of teardrop trailers, and each one has its pros and cons. This trailer is admirable for the hard terrains. Its build is specifically designed for rugged terrains. It performs well even in bad weather conditions because of its strong and good features.

It’s highly preferable for tourists who are roaming around to enjoy the adventures far from their homes. This provides them with all the facilities and lets them have a comfortable stay even in an open area in the trailers.

What Do I Need To Know Before Buying?

There are some important considerations one needs to make before buying any Teardrop Trailer. Here's a few...

Weight, Torque, and Horse Power of Wheels and Teardrop Trailer

It is important to know the weight of both the wheels and teardrop trailers before you buy them. Make sure you also go through its horsepower and torque, too, to know if your car is liable enough to pull the trailer.


Ventilation is necessary for all areas where you live. Make sure you check all the windows of the trailer and note that there are enough air vents to let the fresh air come in. However, if the trailer lacks ventilation and you are getting it at a lower price, do not say no! You can, later on, add on windows and circulate the air in your trailer.


Another important aspect is the material used to make the exterior of the teardrop trailer you are buying. Aluminum is a fine choice for lightweight trailers, as it is easy to maintain and clean. Lightweight teardrop trailers are usually made up of aluminum or fiberglass. Fiberglass cracks or has patches with time and needs on and off repairing.

People Also Ask

Although a detailed review has been given of the topmost teardrop trailers, there might still be some questions in mind. Some important frequently asked questions about teardrop trailers are discussed below:

Do Teardrop Trailers Have Bathrooms?

Yes! Teardrop trailers do offer bathrooms, but the units that do expensive. Although teardrop trailers without bathrooms are cheap, they are inconvenient if someone is using it for camping. One mustn't use regular toilet paper in trailers, as they do not easily dissolve. Thus, a bathroom will not only help you relax but will also make you feel that you are in your home.

How Much Does a Small Teardrop Camper Weigh?

Teardrop trailers are small, and that is what makes them look appealing. The smallest teardrop trailers can weigh as less is 500 pounds. Smaller teardrop trailers are almost everyone’s choice, as they can be easily towed by any vehicle. It can be towed by small vehicles as well as larger vehicles at the same time.

What Car Can Pull a Teardrop Trailer?

A car can pull teardrop trailers not only according to its weight, but horsepower, amount of cargo needed to carry, and torque also play an important role. Small cars with good horsepower and torque can pull teardrop trailers weighing more than 3500 pounds. On the other hand, some small cars may only tow trailers up to 1000 pounds.

How Much Does a Teardrop Trailer Weigh?

Teardrop trailers are small. However, you can pay some extra and can get a little heavy trailer. Most of the teardrop trailers are nearly 4 x 8 or 5 x 10. Lightweight trailers of 3 x 7 ft approximately weigh 518 pounds. Larger teardrop trailers weigh 620 pounds, granted that their dimensions are 5 x 8 ft. They can weigh from 130 lbs. to 3000 lbs.

How Much is a Teardrop Trailer?

The price of teardrop trailers varies greatly by its features. Low-end teardrop trailers cost from $5,000 to $10,000. The mid-range ones cost from $10,000 to $15,000. Luxury and well-made teardrop trailers are expensive and cost $16,000 or above. Prices may vary from model to model.

Teardrop Trailers - Compact, Comfortable and Cool!

To sum up, in a few words, the teardrop trailers offer a practical and convenient way of enjoying the outdoors. They are limited to 2 or sometimes 3 people, but most can be customised to suit your needs.

If you are looking for a teardrop camper then you probably enjoy getting off the beaten track and more. If you get one, we're sure you will absolutely love it, and be the envy of many RV owners. They maybe small, but the boast plenty of amenities, and give you a comfortable place to camp wherever you end up.

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