Best Travel Trailer Covers – Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated: May 15, 2022

A trailer is a great investment if you’re someone who loves traveling, road trips, and unforgettable adventures. However, like all the good things in life, a travel trailer needs to be protected and cared for just like you would for something else.

The best and the easiest way to do this is to buy a travel trailer cover.

A trailer cover is a small investment that, in turn, provides a high level of protection. They do a great job at protecting these recreational vehicles from the harsh conditions outside such as rain, hail, and snow. Even if your trailer remains in your garage when not in use, you need a travel trailer cover to preserve its quality and keep dust from getting the best of it.

However, there are plenty of options available on the market today, varying in terms of quality, material, and other similar factors. Such a large array of choices can easily confuse you while selecting a good one that will last long for your travel trailer. To help you make a sound decision, continue reading to find the best ones available. Moreover, you will also learn about their importance, as well as the features to consider when making a purchase.

Comparison Chart of the Best Travel Trailer Covers

  • Best overall given how well it secures the RV
  • Made of an extra thick 4-ply top quality fabric
  • 2 pieces of specially reinforced straps to keep it in place.
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  • Adjustable front and rear panels
  • Air vent system and zippered doors
  • Best for money that has elasticized corners for a custom fit
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  • Has a zippered panel
  • Carries adjustable straps and panels
  • Best 19-foot cover made from lightweight yet strong PermaPRO material
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  • Front and back adjustable panels
  • Elasticized hem corner for a better fit
  • Best 25-foot cover that is made of a thick ply material with air vent system included
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  • Made with SFS Aqua-Shed and polypropylene materials
  • Zipper entry doors, storage bag, and ladder cap included.
  • Best 29-32 foot cover that is suitable for moderate temperature with high moisture
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  • Heavy nylon thread
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Best travel trailer spare tire cover that is about 27.75” in size
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  • Includes 4 covers per pack and rope
  • Elasticized black panel and 2 rear eyelets
  • Best travel trailer wheel covers that are made out of vinyl
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Why You Need a New Cover This Year

Leaving your trailer exposed and uncovered out in the open will lead to harsh external factors beating it down. Therefore, a good trailer cover is important to prevent any such damage. Mentioned below are a few reasons why you need to get one for yourself.

UV Protection

Harmful rays of the sun can seriously affect your rig and cause it to look awful. Prolonged exposure to heat and UV rays can lead to fading of the paint job that if left unattended, can further deteriorate to peeling and cracking. Eventually, the metal and plastics within would also begin to be affected going to the seats, dashboard and other areas simply because of a lack of a protective layer, resulting in rusting, erosion and staining.

Weather Protection

Bad weather can also impact the exterior aesthetics of your trailer. Your trailer also needs to be shielded from rain, snow, or wind. Wind and dust may carry sharp debris that scratches up your trailer while snow and water hitting the surface can also seriously damage it.

Reduced Maintenance

Leaving your motor vehicle parked under trees or for prolonged periods of time can cause a build up of leaves, branches, bird droppings, etc. that would require to be blown off or scraped off. However, if you have a trailer cover, such elements would be of no effect, and it would be much easier for you to maintain your trailer.

In short, it plays an important role in keeping your trailer from premature degradation from harsh external factors. Therefore, it can keep your rig looking good, protected, and even allow a higher resale value.

Aspects to Consider Before Buying

Before buying a cover, it is essential to consider certain things to make sure it would be compatible and fit for your trailer. A few of the factors to consider are as follows:


You should make sure that the trailer cover you’re interested in fits your trailer well and is not too short or too tight. For this, you need to take the measurements of your trailer beforehand. Not only will this help you find a perfect fit but also save time by avoiding those that won’t fit your rig.


To make sure that the cover actually protects your trailer, you need to buy one that is high-quality and is made out of durable material. Various different materials are used to make these such as polypropylene, polyethylene, polyester, etc. Each material has its own properties and works differently. Therefore, you need to make a pick, keeping your climate in mind, such as a waterproof cover or UV-resistant, tear-resistant, etc.

Additional Safety Features

These features, although may have an extra cost, are worth it due to the increased convenience and protection they offer. Some of these features are:

  • Air vents: These improve breathability and reduce moisture content, which helps lower the risk of mold and mildew.
  • Zippered panels: These panels allow you to access your trailer even when covered. This is great when you’re stuck in bad weather and can safely stay inside your trailer until it is over.

Reviews of the Best Travel Trailer Covers

Finally, let’s discuss the best travel trailer covers that you could find today. All of these are top quality products that perform their function well and ensure that the user is fully satisfied with them.

Best Overall (Multiple Sizes Available):
KINGBIRD Deluxe Cover

KING BIRD Extra-Thick 4 Layers Travel Trailer RV Cover Anti-UV Top Panel, Durable Camper Cover, Fits 20'-22' Motorhome -Breathable, Water-Proof, Rip-Stop with 2Pcs Extra Straps & 4 Tire Covers


  • A Storage Bag and Wheel Covers are Additional Benefits
  • Multiple Air Vents are a Good Way to Protect Against Dampness
  • This is a Strong, Durable Cover that Protects your Trailer from all Kinds of Damages
  • Specially Reinforced Straps make sure that the Cover is not Blown off During Strong Winds
  • The Safety Yellow Reflective Panels are Important when Traveling During the Night or Parked
  • Zippered Doors Make it Easier to Access the Trailer and its Engine Without Having to Take it off
  • Also has Safety Yellow Reflective Panels Along with 6 Air Vents as Well as a Rollable Zippered Door


  • The Straps are Held Together Weakly and Come out when Pulled and Tightened

This travel trailer cover is made out of an extra thick 4-ply top quality fabric as well as a 3-ply side. It is also non-woven. This strong fabric and stitching provides maximum protection and protects the trailer from all kinds of damages such as harmful UV rays, dust, wind, snow, nicks, and scratches. As a result, your trailer remains in perfect condition for a long time.

Moreover, to ensure that it stays in place during strong winds and is not torn, it has 2 pieces of specially reinforced straps that maintain a firm grip around the trailer. In addition, it also has 6 air vents on either side to prevent moisture build-up and keeps everything dry while the rollable zippered door allows movement in and out of the trailer and to the engine even when the cover is on.

It also ensures safety at night or when parked with its yellow reflective panels. Wheel covers and a portable storage bag are also included in this package.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a great pick for trailer travelers who need covers to protect their rig from harsh external elements when the vehicle is not in use.

Best for the Money:
Leader Accessories Cover

Leader Accessories Windproof Upgraded Extra Thick 4 Layers 30'-33' Travel Trailer RV Cover Camper Cover with Adhesive Repair Patches


  • Ladder Cap and a Storage Bag are Added Bonuses
  • Multiple Zippered Doors Allow Access to the Trailer Easily Even when it is on
  • Air Vent System Helps the Cover Breathe and let out Excess Moisture, Keeping it Safe From Mold or Mildew
  • It is Made out of a Strong Polypropylene Material that Protects the Trailer From all Kinds of Damages and Keeps it in Good Condition for a Longer Time
  • It also has Elasticized Corners to Allow a Better Custom Fit for Different Trailer Shapes While the Front and Rear Panels can be Adjusted to Allow a Better Fit


  • It is Not Tear-Proof, which Makes it Susceptible to Tearing During Strong Winds, and These Tears only Tend to get Bigger

This polypropylene travel trailer cover is a thick cover that has triple-ply on the top and single-ply on the sides. Being available in a variety of sizes, it provides maximum protection against rain, snow, wind, bird droppings, and other similar foes. This helps prevent premature degradation of your trailer in terms of its paint job, exterior, and even interior.

To make sure that it stays fixed, it has elasticized hem corners to allow a perfect custom fit according to the shape of the trailer.

As for additional features, it is equipped with an air vent system to lower wind stress and moisture damage while the zippered doors allow access to the trailer door and engines without any barriers. A ladder cap and a storage bag are also included in this travel trailer pack.

Bottom Line

This is an affordable option for people on a budget. Despite being fairly cheaper, the Leader Accessories cover protects the trailer from damages just like any other travel trailer cover.

Best 19 Foot Cover:
Classic Accessories Heavy Duty Cover for up to 20’ Travel Trailer

Classic Accessories PermaPRO Lightweight Ripstop and Water Repellent Cover, for 18' - 20' Travel Trailers, 80-134-141001-00


  • It is a Perfect Fit for Trailers Sized About 19 Feet
  • Zippered Panels on the Trailer Also Allow Easier Access to the Trailer
  • It Also has Tension Panels and Installation Straps that Help Tighten the Cover Around the Trailer
  • A Weighted Toss Bag System is Also Helpful as it Eliminates Crawling Under the Trailer for Strap Tightening
  • It is Made out of a Lightweight, Quick-Drying PermaPRO Material that Protects your Trailer Against all Kinds of Weather Conditions and External Elements


  • The Zippers are Poor Quality and Separate from the Metal Zipper Upon Fastening

This travel trailer cover fits trailer sizes of about 19' perfectly; however, it is also suitable for trailers between 18-20 feet in size. It is made from a high-quality, quick dry PermaPRO fabric that not only provides protection to your rig but also acts as a vent, keeping it dry and safe from the damages of moisture. It is also water-resistant and UV-repellent, protecting it from harsh natural effects.

It is also equipped with front and rear adjustable panels as well as an elasticized hem to allow a custom fit. These tension panels also help reduce stress when tightening the installation straps. A weighted toss bag system is also a great addition in this cover as it helps to avoid crawling under the trailer for installation of straps. Zippered panels can also be found on this that allows easier access to trailer doors, engines and storage compartments. Zippered storage bags are also included that expand for easy packing.

Bottom Line

For all 19-inch trailer owners, this is a good option for their trailer covers. It is strong and durable and provides maximum protection to your trailer.

Best 25 Foot Cover:
Amazon Basic Trailer Cover – 24’- 27’

Amazon Basics Trailer RV Cover, 24-27 Foot


  • It is a Perfect Fit for Trailers Sized About 25'
  • Elasticized Hem Corners and Panels on Either Side Enable a Strong, Perfect Fit Around the Trailer
  • A Toss Bag is of Further Help as it Eliminates the Need of Crawling Under the Trailer for Tightening of Cover Straps
  • It is Made out of a Thick, Quick-Drying Material that not Only Protects the Trailer but also Keeps it Dry, Safe from Mold and Mildew


  • The Cover is not too Strong and is Easily Torn by Sharp Dust Debris. As a Result, it Requires Repeated Repairs to get Multiple Uses out of it

This travel trailer cover is suitable for 25' trailers while any size between 24-27 feet also works well. It is made out of a thick material with the roof having 3-plies while the sides have a single breathable ply. This extensive design enables it to provide excellent protection against dust and dirt, rain, snow and wind as well as unwanted scratches. The material is also quick-drying. This, along with the air vent system, ensures ultimate dryness and minimizes wind lofting.

There are also adjustable front and back panels along with elasticized hem corners and an integrated buckle system that provide a firm, tight fit around the vehicle. A toss bag is also included to remove the need of crawling under the trailer. A storage bag for packing the cover when it is not in use is also included.

Bottom Line

This is a good option for big trailers that are around 35 inches in size. It is big in size and covers the vehicle fully and provides a sufficient amount of protection.

Best 29-32 Foot Cover:
ADCO Designer Series SFS Aqua Shed Travel Trailer Cover

ADCO 52245 Designer Series SFS Aqua Shed Travel Trailer RV Cover - 28'7 Inch - 31'6 Inch, Gray


  • Zipper Entry Door is also Present to Allow Entry into the Trailer with Ease
  • It is Big Enough to Cover Every Inch of Your Trailer and Protects it From All Sides
  • A Storage Bag and Ladder Cap are Additional Items in the Package that Makes Storage Easier
  • It is Made of Polypropylene and SFS Aqua-Shed Material of ADCO that is Known for its Great Performance
  • This ADCO Trailer Cover Provides Excellent Protection Against UV Rays, Rain, Hail, Snow, and Dust Keeping Your Trailer in its Top State for a Longer Time


  • It is not Suitable for Colder Regions as it Disintegrates Easily
  • It is also Very Prone to Tearing and Shredding and Hence, Would Require Quick Replacement

The ADCO designer series trailer covers are a great pick for large trailers. These are a good fit for trailers that are about 29-32 feet long. They are fully accommodating of the front and end, height wall, air conditioners, slide out, and ladders.

This trailer cover is designed specifically for humid climates, i.e., that are not too hot but have high moisture content. It features a polypropylene material triple layer SFS at the contemporary side panels while the ADCO signature Aqua Shed SFS is used for the top panel. This guarantees a significant reduction in premature aging of the trailer and lowers overall maintenance costs. Zipper-entry doors are also present for easier access while a storage bag and ladder cap are included in the package.

Bottom Line

This is a big cover for very large motor vehicles. Such large sizes are not easily available. However, it can only work so much before it begins to fall apart and needs to be replaced.

Best Travel Trailer Spare Tire Cover:
Camco Vinyl Spare Tire Cover

Camco 45346 Vinyl Spare Tire Cover (27 inches , White)


  • They are Made of Strong Vinyl Material and Carry Strong Nylon Threading to Make it Strong and Durable
  • These Camco Tire Covers are a Good Way of Protecting Your Tires from Wear and Tear as they Cover the Tire Completely, Leaving no Part Exposed
  • They are Able to Fit Tires that are 27” in Diameter Perfectly Due to Being Slightly Larger Themselves and this Way Protect them from All Kinds of Harsh Conditions


  • The Vinyl Cover Eventually Begins to Crack and Fall Apart as the Spare Tire is Left for Long Periods of Time

Just like the rest of the body of a trailer, tires too, need to be protected against abrasive elements. Being 27.75” in size, these tire covers by Camco fit tires that are about 27” in diameter, therefore, covering them completely and keeping all external factors away.

The covers also have strong nylon thread that further weatherproofs the tire, protecting them against the harmful rays of the sun, dust, dirt, rain, etc. These are made out of a durable vinyl material that is bound to last you a long time, keeping your spare tires safe and in good condition.

Bottom Line

This is a good choice for your spare tires that need to remain covered from harsh external factors in order to stay in good condition and serve you longer.

Best Travel Trailer Wheel Covers:
Classic Accessories Wheel Covers, 4-Pack

Duck Covers Elegant Waterproof 76 Inch Square Patio Table & Chair Set Cover


  • They Can Fit Tire Sizes that are Within 24 to 27” in Diameter
  • The Vinyl Material is Easy to Clean, Scratch-Proof, and Also Looks Good
  • The Covers Have Elasticized Black Panels and Two Rear Eyelets for Better Conformation Around the Tire
  • This Vinyl Trailer Tire Cover Set by Classic Accessories is a Good Way to Protect Your Tires from Erosion and Damage


  • They Lack Strength and Tend to Rip if too Much Pulling and Stretching are Done

This is a 4-cover trailer cover pack that is a suitable size to fit most trailer tires. They are about 8.5” wide and can easily fit travel trailer tires that are 24 to 27” in diameter. They are made out a quality vinyl material that is easy to clean with just a wipe and is also scratch proof. This means that not only does it perform its function well but also looks good to use.

Apart from that, the covers can be quickly and easily slipped onto the tire. They also have elasticized back panels along with two rear eyelets to make sure that the bottom flap is firmly secured. A rope is also included to make the fit tighter.

Bottom Line

These covers are a great choice for your travel trailer tires when your trailer is not in use and is stored away. They keep the tires safe and useful for prolonged periods of time.

Best Travel Trailer Propane Tank Cover:
Camco Heavy-Duty Propane Tank Cover

Camco 40542 Heavy-Duty 20lb or 30lb Dual Propane Tank Cover (Polar White)


  • The Cover can Fit a Tank as Big as 20 to 30 Pounds
  • It is Easy to Assemble Using the Hardware that is Included in the Package
  • It Provides the Utmost Protection to Propane Tanks that is Extremely Important Because Leaving them Exposed can be Dangerous
  • It is Made out of Heavy-Duty Polypropylene that Fits Perfectly and Provides Maximum Protection Against the Sun and Sharp Debris in the Wind


  • All Users May not be Fully Satisfied with the Design of this Product

This propane tank cover by Camco is a heavy-duty product made from polypropylene. It is great for protecting propane gas bottles from flying debris while also making your trailer look very streamlined. The cover itself is quite easy to assemble with the hardware that is included in the package.

The cover, once placed onto the tank, fits perfectly and protects it from sun damage, keeping it safe. This design also includes easier access to gas valves and changeover valves. This Camco propane tank cover can easily fit a 20 to 30-pound steel double tank.

Bottom Line

A propane tank is important to keep covered for leaving out in the open can be dangerous. This unit by Camco does its job well at keeping the fuel tank safe and is also easy to use.


It only makes sense to buy a good trailer cover if you already own an trailer. These play an important role in protecting your trailer from degradation and preserving its appearance, that otherwise is bound to deteriorate over time. You can use this review to find a cover that fits your trailer and its needs.

People Also Ask

Although most trailer covers are straightforward and easy to use, some people often face issues and have a few queries. The most frequently asked questions by trailer owners are as follows.

How to Measure a Travel Trailer For a Cover?

Use a measuring tape to measure but make sure to include the bumper in your measurements. You also need to make appropriate adjustments if you have a mounted air conditioner, i.e., by adding another foot to the total length.

What is the Best Travel Trailer Cover?

The best travel trailer cover is one that provides complete protection to your trailer, both inside and outside. It is UV ray-repellent, water, and dust proof and can also withstand nicks and scratches. The best one available today is definitely the KINGBIRD Deluxe Cover that carries all these properties.

Do You Need to Cover Your Trailer?

Covering your trailer is, although optional, highly recommended because it provides many benefits for your trailer. It is an addition that is totally worth it to make sure that your travel trailer stays in its best condition for a long time.

Will These Covers Cause Damage?

Trailer covers can have no negative effect on your motor vehicle. They are designed to withstand all the abuse themselves and keep your trailer safe.

Are These Covers Good All-Year Round?

Most quality covers can be used for several years, even through the harshest of weather conditions before they begin to degrade.

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