Forest River No Boundaries Review

| Last Updated: July 17, 2022

The Forest River No Boundaries NB19.5 unit is what you need if you’re planning on heading out for an adventure. The lightweight, 4-berth travel trailer is perfect for anyone who wants to ensure they're welcome in any RV park.

It's a great travel trailer under 5000lbs and offers exactly what you need if you’re someone who loves to spend your time out on the road, especially on rugged terrains. This well-made RV provides you with extreme comfort, and at a relatively cheap price entry.

The best part about the NB19.5 unit is that not only is this trailer extremely light, but it also offers an abundance of storage options for your outdoor equipment. This unit is made to be used on rough terrains and is the best option that provides you with both comfort and thrill. 

Let's take a closer look at the Forest River No Boundaries NB19.5 and see why it's so popular.

Forest River No Boundaries Specs and Dimensions

Forest River No Boundaries Specs and Dimensions

Forest River No Boundaries Specs and Dimensions

  • Height: Interior height 6’6’’, exterior height 9’7”
  • Weight: 3456 lb 

  • How Many Does it Sleep: 4

  • Exterior Material Used: Aluminum

  • GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating): 4400 lbs 

Forest River No Boundaries Layout 

Once you enter the Forest River No Boundaries through the step-through entrance, the interior changes completely. Inside the NB19.5, the pale-gray flooring is wood-grain laminated. The cabinets are also gray with hardwood doors. The inside of the unit is cool and boasts plenty of windows, which gives it a fresh and airy feeling. 

When you enter the NB19.5, on your left is a six-cubic-foot refrigerator, and beside it is your washroom. The best thing about this trailer is that it has a full dry bath. You have a toilet, a sink, storage, along with a mirrored medicine cabinet as well as a radius-corner shower. 

Then comes the lounge. Forest River has replaced the standard booth set up with a chaise lounge dinette. The dinette features seats that curve at the ends, along with removable ottomans that allow you to store things inside them. Behind the seats, there is also a shelf and some more overhead cabinets. 

The dinette can also be converted into a bed for extra sleeping capacity. Exactly opposite the dinette is the kitchen. It is equipped with a recessed two-burner cooktop that is placed under a flush cover. You have enough counter space, as well as a stainless-steel sink that has an arched faucet. Adjacent to the stove is the pantry cabinet that provides you with additional storage space. 

And then comes the bedroom, which boasts frosted glass overhead cabinets with LED strips. There's a 60-by-80-inch queen bed, along with nightstands on each side. Under the bed, you have access to pass-through basement storage as well.

Forest River No Boundaries floorplan

Does the Forest River No Boundaries Come With Appliances?

The Forest River NoBo comes equipped with a couple of appliances for you to make use of. It has a very aesthetically pleasing interior. Moreover, it is equipped with a number of stainless steel appliances for you to use. 

The unit features LED ceiling dome lightings to provide you with extra illumination. The kitchen is equipped with a recessed two-burner cooktop. You also have a spacious refrigerator that allows you to store food and beverages for your trips easily. The trailer also comes with a convection microwave for you to cook your favorite foods without any issues. 

Moreover, the NoBo trailers come with portable, waterproof JBL Bluetooth speakers that can be charged overnight and allow you to make the journey more enjoyable. 

Who is the Forest River No Boundaries Best For? 

The Forest River No Boundaries series was introduced for all those people who are in search of an RV that is both lightweight and capable of accommodating a number of outdoor equipment. Therefore, if you’re someone who loves being outdoors, especially on rugged terrains, then the NB19.5 is a good option for you. 

It features a design that allows you to store kayaks, SUPs, bikes, surfboards as well as other recreational gear without exceeding its maximum weight limit. Moreover, the NB19.5 features tires with larger diameters along with a nimble suspension system that allows you to travel, explore, and camp out in places where access would usually be impossible. 

Popular Features 

The main features that set the Forest River No Boundaries NB19.5 apart from other models are the fact that this trailer is light in weight and can accommodate a number of outdoor equipment, including kayaks, bikes, surfboards, etc. 

The NB19.5 is the smallest option available in the 19 Series models. It features a lean weight and a design that helps in making these trailers towable. You can easily tow it using a V-6 SUV or any other family-size vehicle as well. 

It features a USB charging station that allows you to charge all of your electronics while you’re out on the road. And the outside there's a power awning that comes with a LED backlighting, allowing you to enjoy sultry summer evenings.

Included Safety Features

Here are some safety features that help make the Forest River No Boundaries model worth purchasing. These help ensure a safe journey so that you don't have to worry about anything. 

Offers a Walk-on PVC Roof 

The PVC roofing helps in making the roof resistant to chemicals and animal grease while making it more flexible and fire-resistant. Moreover, you can easily walk on it without having to worry about damaging it. 

Provides a High Ground Clearance 

With the high clearance, you can easily transport more cargo. And, it helps by allowing you to travel on rough roads without having to worry about the vehicle or the undercarriage suffering from damage due to the rough surfaces.

Equipped With Enclosed Underbelly Wires

With these types of wirings and an assembled underbelly, you are offered more insulation. Plus, it helps in protecting the water pipes and tanks from getting damaged. 

Can Easily Handle Difficult Road Conditions

The NB19.5 features a rubber-on-rubber, 4,400-pound torsion-axle independent suspension. This allows the wheels to adjust to the road conditions. Moreover, it features beefy 16-inch tires that allow the NB19.5 to handle rugged terrains easily. 

Secure Wiring 

The unit also features enclosed dump valves as well as waterproof connections for all the electrical wirings.

Aspects to Improve

Before investing in the Forest River No Boundaries NB19.5, you should be aware of the aspects where this product lacks so that you do not face any disappointment. To point a few out, we’ve listed some aspects where this product requires some improvements and some minor issues that you are likely to experience in the near future as well. 

One of the main issues that a lot of people face is the shower height. If you are tall, then you will have to bend in order to take a shower. While this is not a major issue, it does make the showering experience a bit uncomfortable. 

Another issue is that there is no light in the wardrobe, so if you want one you'll have to install a stickup, it's important. The unit does not come with a hard-copy manual for you to use, which might be a bit of a problem if you like to go through the manual to better understand the product. 

People also often experience some quality issues, such as the plastic shower ungluing from the wall after some time. Or the hinge in the overhead cabinets becomes unhinged even if you’ve barely used it. And lastly, the underbelly is known for holding rainwater, which could create mold.

Comparison Overview 

If you’re thinking of buying a trailer for all of your outdoor adventures, there are bound to be some questions that you might have. You might still be confused about certain things you want to know before deciding to make such a big investment. For that, here we’ve drawn up some comparisons that help in solving all your queries. 

Forest River No Boundaries vs. Geo Pro

Forest River and Geo Pro are two very well-known names in the RV industry. So when purchasing an RV, you are likely to come across models from both companies. Now the question is which one should you choose? Well, the answer to this is mainly dependent on what you’re looking for. Here is how the two compare to each other. 


The NoBo units are very different from the Geo Pro ones as the two are made for different kinds of travelers. 

NoBo units are designed for more extreme off-roading, which is why they feature a heavier build. They are equipped with dual axles to provide a better suspension and can be used to haul more cargo. On the other hand, a Geo Pro is designed to offer a number of off-road capabilities. These units are lightweight and are made to provide comfort.


Travelers prefer both Geo Pro and NoBo trailers because of their ground clearance, so you can go off-road with them. 

Both of these trailers are not designed for extreme rock crawling and mud bogging. They also feature an aluminum frame along with azdel composite panels. As these panels are water-resistant and can handle extreme temperatures, they are light in weight yet very durable.  

Intech Flyer vs. Forest River No Boundaries

Yet again. Intech Flyer and Forest River are two widely known RV manufacturers. Now, if you're choosing between the two, you need to be aware of what the two offer. Once you know what each RV is capable of providing you, you’ll then be able to make the right decision. 


Intech Flyer RVs feature a composite-engineered floor that is void of any wood. Meanwhile, the Forest River No Boundaries features a pale-gray floor that is wood-grain laminated. The latter also offers you a dry bath, whereas, in the former, you’ll find a wet bath.


Some similarities between the two vehicles include: 

Both of these trailers feature an aluminum frame. 

People Also Ask - Forest River No Boundaries NB19.5 FAQs

If you’re thinking of investing in a NoBo unit, then you’d want to be fully aware of what you’re spending your money on. It is better to know every aspect so that you know if you’re opting for the right unit. Now, you might still have some questions about these units; therefore, here we've answered some of the most asked questions. You can go through them; hopefully, they’ll solve all of your queries. 

How Much Does a Forest River No Boundaries 16.7 Cost? 

The price of a Forest River No Boundaries unit is primarily dependent on the year of make and whether you are buying a new or a used one. However, you can find used options available at $16k-19k while the price for brand new units can go up to $32k. 

What Warranty Does the Forest River No Boundaries Come With?

In case of substantial defects in the material used and the workmanship, the warrantor will either repair or replace the defect; this will be dependent on him. In order to obtain the warranty performance, you must get in contact with the warrantor authorized dealers and service center. 

Moreover, the warrantor claims responsibility for any damage caused to the unit due to condensation, normal wear, and tear, or exposure to elements. The purchaser will bear all the transport costs incurred during the process. Meanwhile, all the remedy expenses will be borne by the warrantor only. 

The Forest River No Boundaries NB19.5 Bottom Line

The Forest River No Boundaries is a model that you should consider if you’re looking for a unit suitable for rugged terrain and off-roading. The NB19.5 is made for RVers in search of a light trailer and is capable of accommodating a number of outdoor equipment. The unit is aesthetically very pleasing, with light and cool colors. 

It comes equipped with a number of appliances that help make your experience on the road a lot more fun and relaxing. The NB19.5 provides you with a number of features that help make your journey a lot more comfortable and is definitely the one for you if you’re an outdoorsy RVer.