Best RV Tires for Every Setup – 2020 Review

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Your RV's tires are among the most important things on your RV. They are literally the components that help make your RV move, so they should be taken care of properly.

Sometimes they’ll need replaced or upgraded to something better. The following article will discuss in detail the various types of tires you can get and the pros and cons that come with each.

Comparison Chart of the Best RV Tires


​ Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire-ST205/75R15

  • Its improved tread wear makes it the best overall tire on our list
  • High-tensile steel belts increase impact resistance and reduce rolling resistance
  • Weathering and ozone protection prevent damage caused by heat
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Michelin XPS RIB

  • Best Michelin RV tires that stay true to the quality the brand promises
  • Specifically developed tread compounds help the tires to last long
  • The steel casing adds to the tire's strength and extends its life
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Gladiator 20575R15 ST 205/75R15

  • Best RV Trailer Tires, 8-ply
  • Since they are steel belted, they come with extra weight capacity
  • Heavy-duty tires that come at a great price
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Goodyear Unisteel G614 RST Radial Tire

  • Best Goodyear RV tires
  • Even after vigorous use, the tires don't show wear
  • They also don't tend to bulge when a load is put on them
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Premium Grand Ride Trailer Tires ST235/85R16

  • Best RV tires for fifth wheel with nylon cap
  • Specifically designed for trailers, these are your best bet
  • Comes with a limited one-year warranty
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Goodyear G670 RV ULT

  • Best Class A RV Tires that can stand all weather
  • These radial tires can be used for long journeys
  • Made of anti-oxidant compounds, these are resistant to wear
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Goodyear G647 RSS

  • Best RV Tires for class-C, making it ideal for RVs
  • Radial tires with sidewall protectors that resist scuffing
  • The lateral blades and circumferential grooves provide good traction
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Hankook Vantra RA18- 185R14 102R 8 Ply

  • Best Hankook RV tires which maintains its shape well
  • The reinforcement belt layer promises durable performance
  • Offers better handling performance because of its rim joint stiffness
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Types of RV Tires

There are a few different types of tires that will provide different experiences for your RV. It’s best you find the most suited for your RV before purchasing, as they’re very specific to which RV they work best on.

Special Trailer Tire

These are designed specially for trailer-position axles only and are designed with larger polyester cords and robust sidewalls, which increases their durability and ability to handle larger weights.

Light Truck Tire

These aren’t as strong as other truck tires, but are still stronger than your standard car tires. They are far more flexible but not as strong, which means they’re more likely to puncture or cripple under heavy loads. The only real benefit is that they can be used at faster speeds compared to their counterparts.

Radial Tire

Many modern RVs come with radial tires, which have steel belts that sit at a 90-degree angle from the thread's center line. This basically translates to radial tires having a stronger overall frame, which means less blow-outs.

Bias-Ply Tire

Bias-Ply tires have something similar, a nylon thread that sits at a 30-45 degree angle from the center line. These tires are cheaper and work best for short family vacations in the RV, whereas radial tires are best suited for longer lasting adventures.

Quick Take - Best RV Tires 

Review of the Best RV Tires

This section discusses in detail the various features, pros, and cons of the best tires currently on the market. We hope this section helps you in choosing the perfect tires for your RV.

Carlisle Radial Trail HD Trailer Tire-ST205/75R15 107M 8-ply


  • Great traction
  • Heat resistant
  • Supports large loads
  • Strong and durable


  • Can’t be used at fast speeds

This is a radial trail trailer tire, which means it has a strong and robust frame made for long distance journeys. This product is made specifically for trailer position axles only and will be able to support larger loads.

The tread wear on this product has been improved from previous models, making the traction control fairly advanced for a radial tire. The improved heat resistance is also a huge factor, as this will last in the hottest of summer days and won’t have any heat penetrate the tire to cause damage.

Bottom Line

This is one of the most durable and strongest tires that you’ll be able to find on the market. Because of the incredibly strong sidewalls, you’ll be able to support larger loads. The improved tread wear will give your RV great traction and control when driving. The overall improvements made to this tire allow the lifespan of the product to increase by 10%.

The special tires are heat resistant which limits the damage that the heat can cause when if it penetrates the inside. The only downside to radial tires is that you can’t use them at the same speeds as you can with their counterparts like the light truck tires.

Best Michelin RV Tires:
Michelin XPS RIB

Michelin XPS RIB Truck Radial Tire - 235/85R16 120R E1


  • Enhances stability
  • Supports large loads
  • Great wet/dry traction


  • Not the best on ice

This Michelin radial tire is the best of its range; the tread compounds have been specifically designed for larger vehicles like RVs, these tires will last longer than any other tire in its range.

The steel reinforcement adds strength to this product and maintains a long lasting life. Radial tires will be able to carry larger weights, which is ideal for any RV owner. Having been engineered for more industrial uses, this tire will provide great dry and wet traction.

Bottom Line

This product is specifically designed for more industrial uses, which already gives your RV a great advantage on the road. The wet and dry traction control is amazing to say the least; the radial tire is greatly reinforced from the inside which means you can support heavier loads like a medium or large sized RV.

These also enhance the stability of your RV and make sure that the driving experience is comfortable and quiet. The only downside to this tire is that the traction isn’t the best when used on ice.

Best RV Trailer Tires:
Gladiator 20575R15 ST 205/75R15

Gladiator 20575R15 ST 205/75R15 STEEL BELTED REINFORCED Trailer Truck Tire 8 Ply 8pr 15 Inch 15 ' ST205 75R R15 Load Range D LRD


  • Suitable balance control
  • Holds an incredible weight
  • Great traction on wet and dry roads


  • Not great on ice

These heavy duty trailer tires will be able to provide support for even the largest of RVs with thanks to the reinforced structure. This tire is so reinforced it can hold a weight of up to 2,150 lbs.

The stability that the tire offers is something that RV owners have dreamt of for a while now, offering a balanced experience as well as exceptional traction control on dry and wet roads. The only reason why these tires are so strong is because of the steel belt that is placed within them that stops them from buckling under the weight.

Bottom Line

These tires are exceptionally great for wet or dry climates; no matter the environment, this tire should be able to handle it. The only problem with traction you might have is when driving on ice, this can be expected with almost every tire and you should always be aware of the risks when driving on ice, no matter what tires you have.

These tires also have a great balance control on them, which gives you extra stability even while holding such incredible weights. Overall, these are some of the best trailer tires money can buy and you should seriously consider investing in some.

Goodyear Unisteel G614 RST Radial Tire - 235/85R16 126R


  • Reliable
  • Reinforced
  • Great traction
  • Unique features


  • Expensive
  • Not suitable on ice

These tires are the best of the Goodyear range, they should be considered as some of the most reliable tires currently on the market from such a great brand. These tires are made to haul heavy loads for long journeys.

They come with unique features that help with the effectiveness of the tire. The shallow tread patterns will improve the overall stability of the tire along with the solid shoulder ribs that helps with traction and control on wet or dry roads.

Bottom Line

These tires are extremely reliable in various situations and climates; they come from a trustworthy brand that have been trading tires for a long time. The reinforced structure will allow these tires to hold an incredible amount of weight, which means that almost any RV should be able to use them.

The unique design of the ribbed shoulder and shallow tread allow for great traction in both wet and dry environments. However, they’re not suitable on ice. These tires are also incredibly expensive, but, you get what you pay for—an incredible tire.

Best RV Tires for Fifth Wheel:
 Premium Grand Ride Trailer Tires ST235/85R16

2 New Premium Grand Ride Trailer Tires ST235/85R16 Radial 12PR Load Range E - 11091


  • Nylon overlay
  • Holds 3,640lbs
  • Decent warranty
  • Travel 15 MPH faster


  • Really bad in snow and ice

This set of two premium quality radial tires are some of the best on the market for fifth wheel RVs. They have a width of 6.5 inches, which makes these thinner than most other radial tires. However, the maximum load is far greater than other radial tires as it can hold 3,640 lbs of weight, which is an outstanding amount of pressure.

The PSI of each tire is 80 PSI, making them fairly strong, with a speed rating of 75 MPH, meaning that these can travel 15 MPH faster than what the standard radial tire can. These tires have a nylon overlay across the tread area that acts as a significant upgrade and stops them from blowing out. If you ever find a fault within the first year, you can have them replaced thanks to the warranty.

Bottom Line

These seem to be the best tires for a fifth wheel RV. They allow you to travel 15 MPH faster than the average radial tire; this might seem like nothing but is a huge upgrade. These are also some of the strongest on this list, able to lift a phenomenal weight of over 3,640 lbs.

The nylon overlay is a safety feature of this tire that will limit the strain and chance of it bursting. If you do have any problems, the one year warranty should cover it. The only real downside to this product is that they can’t handle snow or ice very well and you should take caution during these poor conditions.

Best Class A RV Tires:
Goodyear G670 RV ULT

Goodyear G670 RV ULT Commercial Truck Radial Tire-245/70R19.5 133B


  • Reinforced tire
  • Deep ribbed grooves
  • Antioxidant compounds
  • Can withstand 4500 lbs of weight


  • Expensive
  • Can’t drive well on snow or ice

One of the strongest tires on this list, these can withstand 4500 lbs of weight from your RV. This reinforced commercial truck tire will offer great traction control on any surface during the wet or dry days, it really doesn’t matter.

The deep-ribbed grooves act as great irrigation for during those wet days, allowing water to pass through easily without any disruption. These are best suited for those long journeys that take a toll on your standard tires. These tires also have antioxidant compounds that will save them from cracking during dry weather.

Bottom Line

This product is specially designed to provide the best experience possible for the RV owner. The antioxidant compounds that are included in the material helps combat dry days and cracking. The deep ribbed grooves also battle again wet weather as they provide an option for the water to go throug;, these grooves give your tires outstanding traction control.

The reinforced structure also helps them withstand the 4,500 lbs of RV placed on top of them. These are among the strongest tires on this list; however, they aren’t well suited to snow and ice. They’re also incredibly expensive. However, they’ll surely last a long time, so they’d be worth the investment.

Best for Class C: 
Goodyear G647 RSS

Goodyear G647 RSS Commercial Truck Radial Tire-225/70R19.5 129L


  • Fuel efficient
  • Great traction
  • Quiet on the road
  • Low resistance tread


  • Limited range of sizes
  • Poor experience on ice and snow

This tire is the best currently on the market for Class C RVs. The Goodyear brand has built of a strong reputation as being the brand of choice when picking your next tire. You’ll receive great traction on all surfaces and benefit from fuel efficiency because of their smart design.

You’ll be driving around as quietly and comfortably as possible. The lower resisting tread is what offers you this fuel efficiency. These can also withstand a significant amount of force and travel both long and short distances without any uncomfortable experiences.

Bottom Line

These tires provide great traction for those dry and wet days when conditions aren’t the best. This is due to their ribbed design. The smart design and low resistance tread mean that you’ll also benefit from a fuel efficient tire, which ultimately saves you money. The tread also offers you the the quiet and comfortable experience while on the road, a great benefit for any RV owner.

Be advised that you will need to take care while driving through ice and snow; this is a common problem with these type of tires. There is also a limited range of sizes when it comes to these tires, so finding something that fits your RV might be a challenge.

Hankook Vantra RA18- 185R14 102R 8 Ply


  • Heat resistant
  • Waterproofing
  • Enhanced rim joint
  • Great traction for most climates


  • Poor on ice and snow
  • Can start to degrade faster if continuously used in wet environments

This tire is by far the best of the Hankook range. It’s a high-quality tire that any RV owner would like as their backup. These boast great waterproofing abilities, as well as heat resistance for those hot summer days. The enhanced rim joint also adds to why this RV tire is so much better than most at traction control.

These can withstand any dry or wet climate; the specially designed grips and treads on this tire are far different from their competitors. Heat generation is a primary cause of why your tires need to be replaced so often; the belt structure helps reduce the heat generation.

Bottom Line

The main attraction of this product is that its heat resistant properties are far superior to other tires on the market. This is a huge problem for manufacturers and RV owners, to have a tire that can successfully and continuously fight back against heat and friction. The smart design and the enhanced rim joint are the main reasons why you will have outstanding traction control and a somewhat seamless experience when travelling across the country.

They can operate with 100% effectiveness in almost any climate. However, a recurring theme for RV tires is the lack of effectiveness in snowy or icy areas. Another problem that shouldn’t really be a problem is the poor waterproofing; it’s there but just not that great after a long time in wet climates. These tires will begin to degrade after a while if constantly exposed to wet environments.

Best RV Tires 19.5":
Boto Tyres BT926 Radial Tire

Boto Tyres BT926 Radial Tire - 245/70R19.5 133M


  • Great traction
  • Ribbed design
  • Can survive fast speeds
  • Perfect for both long and short journeys


  • Heat sometimes damages the tires

Currently one of the best rated on the market overall, these are without a doubt the best 19.5 inch tires currently on sale. The tread will allow you to quietly and comfortably drive from point A to point B without a hitch as well as offer enough space for water to flow between, which increases traction.

The stability of this product really is something to brag about. Radial tires are best known for long distance journeys but these tires also work just as well for small weekend trips in the summer. The five-rib design allows for great traction in any climate but seem to perform best on wet roads. They work well at both slow and fast speeds, something that these tires weren’t always known for.

Bottom Line

These are the best 19.5 inch tires you’ll find anywhere, they offer a unique ribbed design which is great for traction in dry and wet climates.

The radial tire has a great reinforced steel structure that allows you to support a vast amount of weight, like your RV and everything inside. These are great for both long and short journeys, which isn’t always the case with radial tires; they’re best known for longer journeys.

Again, radial tires aren’t known to travel at speeds over 65MPH. However, these can survive such speeds and more, which is a huge bonus for anyone thinking about buying them.

The only downside to these tires is that heat sometimes penetrates them and can damage the inside rubber; this isn’t usually the case, but for some reason these tires don’t have adequate heat protection.

Aspects to Consider When Buying New Tires

There are a few questions that you need to ask yourself and various considerations to be made before buying your new RV tires. The following section will discuss the different aspects that you need to take into account before buying.

What Type of Tire?

This is important to ask yourself when looking for new tires, as there are different tires for different kinds of RV. For example, special trailer tires are designed specifically for trailer position axles only. Another example could be regarding the length of your journey. Bias-ply tires are best suited for shorter journeys and radial tires are more suited to longer adventures.

Load Weight

The weight of your RV can also be a deciding factor. If you’re driving a large RV with plenty of appliances and people, you’ll need something that can survive the weight for long periods of time. You don’t want blown out tires if your overweight aunt climbs aboard; she’d be heartbroken. So, it’s important that you find the suitable tire to support the weight of your RV.

Weather and Terrain

Another consideration should be the environment and climate you’re planning on travelling through. What type of roads and weather will you be travelling in? There are special tires that should be used for more hazardous environments and you need to figure out what exactly you’re putting yourself, your family, and your RV through before plowing ahead.


The overall lesson here is that there are plenty of tires for multiple different situations, which should be considered when travelling throughout the US. Different RVs will require different tires and you need to know your RV inside out before you should be making upgrades. We hope that this article has helped increase your knowledge on the matter.

People Also Ask

This section will help all those who might be left with additional questions on the topic. We’ve compiled a list of common questions and answered them the best we can. We hope this helps you out.

How Long Do RV Tires Last?

Different tires will last various amounts of time, depending on what kind of travelling you’re doing. However, the common rule of thumb is to change them every 3-6 years. It’s not common for an RV tire to last this long but it does happen.

Should You Balance Travel Trailer Tires?

They do not need to be balanced. The reason for this is because a trailer tire's main role is to simply support the vertical load and not for steering and cornering.

How Many Wheels Does An RV Have?

This might seem like a really simple question, but you can get RVs that come with varying amounts of tires depending on the size and load. You can have RVs with three tires that connect to the back of your car (more like caravans) or you can have your standard four wheeled RVs. Larger RVs could have up to six wheels in total because of their weight and size.

Why Cover RV Tires?

You should cover your tires as this protects them from the harsh damage that the heat from the sun causes, which can penetrate inside the tire. You should also cover them from the wet environments, as sometimes they can degrade faster if they’re constantly wet. 

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