Best Mid Bunk Fifth Wheels

| Last Updated: July 7, 2022

Are you looking for a great camping experience? If so, you need to consider investing in a mid bunk fifth wheel! These amazing vehicles provide the perfect blend of comfort and convenience, making them the perfect choice for your next outdoor getaway.

Mid bunk fifth wheels offer a variety of luxury amenities and residential appliances ensuring you get all the creature comforts you need while on the road.

They're spacious enough to accommodate a large family or a group of travelers who plan on traveling full-time or on regular weekend getaways. However, with so many models on the market, choosing the best one could be tough.

In this blog post, we will discuss the best mid bunk fifth wheels on the market today. Each one on our list has been selected carefully based on their features and specifications.

In this article, you will get to know everything about mid-bunk fifth wheels, enabling you to make the right purchase decision. So, let’s dive in! 

Mid Bunk Fifth Wheels

A mid-bunk is a versatile floor plan having a bunk room in the middle of the coach, instead of the rear. Usually, people who want to have a separate office space or entertainment area prefer a mid-bunk fifth wheel.

They offer varying features, with many offering a removable bunk, that can slide out of the way when not in use. People who frequently go camping with their families look for bunkhouses as they are spacious and can house more people than other designs.

Mid bunks are usually found in trailers that are more than thirty feet in length. So, due to the size limitations, they are usually offered in a fifth wheel, although you can find them in travel trailers, too.

That said, a mid-bunk fifth wheel is easier to tow than their travel trailer counterparts as the design of a 5th wheel design makes it much more stable and secure.

Are All Mid Bunk Fifth Wheels The Same?

All mid-bunk fifth wheels have common features such as private bunkhouses, master bedrooms, storage space, kitchen appliances, and a power awning with LED lights. You will find these features common among the models on our list.

Mid Bunk Fifth Wheels

Jayco 355MBQS (Source

However, the products vary in weight, size, and sleeping capacity. Most models have a sleeping capacity of up to eight people, while some are not spacious enough to accommodate large families. They have limited rooms and beds to house a large group of travelers. They have a sleeping capacity of up to five people only. 

Also, the models vary in their storage capacity. Some have more storage compartments than others. So, mid-bunk fifth wheel models vary in their luxury interior and overall living space. 

Review of the Best Mid Bunk Fifth Wheels

This section takes you through the list of top mid-bunk fifth wheels. Their features and specifications are described in detail. Thus, you would have a clearer idea about the best models available on the market. Let’s have a look at them.

Best Overall Mid Bunk Fifth Wheel:
Jayco 355MBQS

Best Overall Mid Bunk Fifth Wheel: Jayco 355MBQS


  • Consists of a standard LED fireplace
  • Features a dual-whisper quiet air conditioner
  • Offers an optional 13.5 cubic feet electric or gas refrigerator
  • Features second awning, electric auto-leveling, and smart RV system
  • Comes with a 21 cubic feet residential fridge along with a 1200W inverter


  • Furnace may underperform

Jayco 355MBQS Specs

GVWR: 14,995 lbs

Dry Weight: 13,250 lbs

Hitch Weight (Dry): 2,280 lbs

Exterior Length: 41’0”

Exterior Height: 12’11”

Interior Height: 8’7”

Fresh water capacity: 75 gals

Gray water capacity: 50 gals

Black water capacity: 50 gals

Jayco 355MBQS Floor Plan

Jayco 355MBQS Layout

It is better to have a mid-bunk that offers plenty of compartments and storage capacity. This will allow you to accommodate all your family members if you have a larger family.

The Jayco 355MBQS has a sleeping capacity of around eight to eleven people. It consists of five outside storage compartments, making it easy for you to store your items. The standard dinette consists of freestanding chairs and a table. The stylish wooden table hinges and opens to divulge a storage area. Also, the furnace has 35,000 BTU heating power.

Moreover, the tank capacities are sufficient enough for an RV user.

Who Is The Jayco 355MBQS Best For?

The Jayco 355MBQS comes with ample living space along with various luxury amenities. It is ideal for people who go on long trips with their families. Since it has a sleeping capacity for around eight to eleven people, it can accommodate a large family.

Popular Features

Given this model's advanced features, it is ideal for those looking for a spacious mid-bunk fifth wheel. It offers plentiful storage and living space. It is fully equipped with residential appliances such as a refrigerator, king-size bed, standard dinette, and others.

Best Mid Bunk Fifth Wheel from Grand Design:
Grand Design Reflection 31MB

Grand Design Reflection 31MB


  • Features three cooktop burners
  • Equipped with a power awning along a LED light strip
  • Includes a kitchen island, which provides more counter space
  • Good sized water tanks, makes it ideal for large groups


  • Sleeping space is limited compared with some others

Grand Design Reflection 31MB Specs

GVWR: 11,995 lbs

Dry Weight: 9,906 lbs

Hitch Weight (Dry): 1,893 lbs

Exterior Length: 36’ 2”

Exterior Height: 12’ 3”

Fresh water capacity: 74 gal

Gray water capacity: 75 gal

Black water capacity: 43 gal

Grand Design Reflection 31MB Floor Plan

Grand Design Reflection 31MB Layout

The Grand Design Reflection 31MB layout is perfect for any family. The main bedroom features a roomy queen size bed, with plenty of overhead storage. There's kind of a semi-private en-suite bathroom, but this will be shared with the bunkhouse, who will have a bit further to walk.

The bunkhouse has two good size bunk beds, with plenty of storage and a dresser. This is next to the living and kitchen area, which is pretty spacious for a mid bunk fifth wheel. The kitchen comes with all the amenities you'd need and a kitchen island makes one feel at home.

We really like the dinette, which has that diner feel. There's also all the entertainment facilities you might expect from a luxury fifth wheel, including a nice 5000 BTU fireplace, 40" TV, which is next to the dinette and lounge sofas.

Who Is The Grand Design Reflection 31MB Best For?

The Grand Design Reflection 31MB is ideal for families and a group of campers. It comes with all the luxury amenities and facilities that make it suitable for long trips as well. Therefore, campers, couples, or families could consider this model for their outdoor adventures.

Popular Features

This model offers plenty of living and sleeping space. It has a private bedroom and a bunkhouse that can accommodate eight to nine people. Moreover, it is well-lit with LED lighting throughout. There's plenty of cooking space and entertainment facilities to keep the children entertained.

Best for the Money:
Coachmen Chaparral 373MBRB

Best for the Money: Coachmen Chaparral 373MBRB


  • Consists of two private bunkhouses
  • Aluminum tires with high tow ability
  • Suitable for those on a limited budget
  • Interior has five slides to give everyone their own private space
  • Features a master bedroom to provide ample storage and sleeping space


  • Fewer storage compartments

Coachmen Chaparral 373MBRB Specs

GVWR: 15,000 lbs

Dry Weight: 13,030 lbs

Hitch Weight (Dry): 2,219 lbs

Exterior Length: 41’9”

Exterior Height: 12’6”

Interior Height: N/A

Fresh water capacity: 48 gal

Gray water capacity: 120 gal

Black water capacity: 75 gal

Coachmen Chaparral 373MBRB Floor Plan

Coachmen Chaparral 373MBRB Layout

The unique Coachmen Chaparral 373MBRB model includes two private bunkhouses. One has double bunk beds located near the main entrance, while the second one comes with a tri-fold sofa situated in the rear corner. Moreover, there is a master bedroom that consists of a queen bed and ample storage space. It has a sliding wardrobe to provide sufficient clothing storage and floor space.

Also, it comes with two bathrooms having a shower with a seat. The kitchen has three cooktop burners for easy cooking, along with a stainless steel 30-inch residential microwave. It makes cooking easy and convenient.

Besides, there is a four-chair free-standing table in the living room, which is ideal for playing games or sharing a meal.

Who Is The Coachmen Chaparral 373MBRB Best For?

If you are planning to go on a vacation, then this lightweight mid-bunk fifth wheel model is the best option for you. It can accommodate around six people. So, those traveling with their friends or partner must consider this model.

Popular Features

The Coachmen Chaparral 373MBRB is a lightweight aluminum unit. It comes with complete bath, sleeping, and kitchen accommodations to make your camping trip comfortable and enjoyable. Also, sufficient storage space keeps your belongings safe in one place.

Editor's Pick:
KZ Durango Gold G382MBQ

KZ Durango Gold G382MBQ


  • Features two electric power awnings
  • Has a master suite with a king-sized bed
  • Private bunkhouse with a flip bunk and sofa
  • Consists of a rear kitchen with an eight cubic foot refrigerator
  • Free-standing table with chairs allows you to enjoy meals and snacks with your family


  • Does not come with enough slides

KZ Durango Gold G382MBQ Specs

GVWR: 16,000 lbs

Dry Weight: 11,290 lbs

Hitch Weight (Dry): 2,220 lbs

Exterior Length: 42' 5”

Exterior Height: 13' 6”

Interior Height: 80"

Fresh water capacity: 76 gal

Gray water capacity: 90 gal

Black water capacity: 50 gal

KZ Durango Gold G382MBQ Floor Plan

KZ Durango Gold G382MBQ Layout

The KZ Durango Gold G382MBQ has a unique layout. The master bedroom boasts a queen or king sized electric tilt bed. Nice! There's plenty of storage, but room is a bit tight, although there is an en-suite bathroom for the master bedroom.

The mid bunk in this fifth wheel isn't the biggest, but it sleeps 2 comfortably and there's enough room for the children. In the living area, there are a couple of hide-a-bed sofas, ensuring this 5th wheel sleeps at least 6 people.

The kitchen boasts an island unit, and a large 18 cu. ft refrigerator. The kitchen appliances are as you'd epxect for a modern, luxury mid bunk 5th wheel, asis the entertainment area, which boasts plenty of seating area and a dinette.

What we really like about the KZ Durango Gold G382MBQ, however, is the patio decking at the back of the trailer. Opening up from patio doors, the patio area is perfect for those late summer nights where you can chill, while the kids play.

Who Is The KZ Durango Gold G382MBQ Best For?

This model is best for people who prefer traveling with their families. It is capable of accommodating at least 6 people, and boasts all the luxuries you'd expect from a modern trailer.

Popular Features

You may consider KZ Durango Gold G382MBQ for fulfilling all your luxury requirements. The model comes with all the luxury amenities. It offers a master suite, private bunkhouse, sleeper sofa, and rear pati decking. This is perfect for chilling out with a glass of wine, while the sun is going down.

Honorable Mention:
Highland Ridge Silverstar Limited SF295BHS

Honorable Mention: Highland Ridge Silverstar Limited SF295BHS


  • Consists of a master suite
  • Features electric awning with LED lights
  • Includes a 39” LED TV and theatre seats to relax inside
  • Has an outdoor kitchen along with complete indoor kitchen amenities
  • Comes with a private bunkhouse having double-size bunk beds, sliding door, and storage capacity


  • Has less storage space

Highland Ridge Silverstar Limited SF295BHS Specs

GVWR: 9,995 lbs

Dry Weight: 8,085 lbs

Hitch Weight (Dry): 1,315 lbs

Exterior Length: 34’ 9”

Exterior Height: 12’ 6”

Interior Height: 8’

Fresh water capacity: 51 gal

Gray water capacity: 58 gal

Black water capacity: 29 gal

Highland Ridge Silverstar Limited SF295BHS Floor Plan

Highland Ridge Silverstar Limited SF295BHS Layout

This model has a private bunkhouse with double-size bunk beds. The master suite consists of a queen bed, two closets, two nightstands, and a dresser.

Moreover, the unit has complete kitchen amenities, including an eight cubic feet fridge, microwave, and full-out pet dishes. It has an outdoor kitchen that allows you to watch the kids playing on the campsite while you work.

The bathroom has dual entry, which increases space for the bedroom slide-out. There is storage space provided along the exterior for outdoor activities.

Moreover, the living area includes theatre seats, a dinette, and a 39" LED TV with a fireplace. There is a 21ft power awning with LED lights as well.

Who Is The Highland Ridge Silverstar Limited SF295BHS Best For?

The Highland Ridge Silverstar Limited SF295BHS is a great option for people who are full-time RVers and like to travel with their families. The lightweight model can accommodate up to eight people and provide them ease and comfort with its outstanding features.

Popular Features

The unit comes with a master suite and private bunkhouse to provide ample sleeping space. The frameless windows give the unit a sleek appearance. Moreover, the unit offers an entertainment center with a 39” LED TV and theatre seats. The kitchen is well-equipped with concrete surface countertops and stainless steel appliances.

Why Did These Mid Bunk Fifth Wheels Make Our List? 

When choosing any product, you must first look into its features and specifications that make it ideal for use. This is also how we selected the models on our list. All the aforementioned models offer outstanding features that make them the best among others on the market. These include:

Storage Capacity

All mid bunk 5th wheels on our list offer ample storage capacity for travelers. It is imperative to have sufficient storage space for campers as they carry various camping items and other personal belongings. 

The models on our list offer pass-through storage that makes carrying camping items easy, with many of them offering plenty of overhead storage.

Luxury Amenities

Various models offer luxury amenities for high-end needs. Some feature a fully equipped outdoor kitchen, which is convenient for people who want to watch their kids playing on the campsite while working in the kitchen.

Mid-bunk fifth wheels come with a complete kitchen having a refrigerator, cooktop burners, solid countertops, and microwave. You can prepare delicious meals and enjoy them with your family.

mid bunk fifth wheel

Keystone Cougar 31MBS (Source)

You will find each model boast slide-outs and up to two bathrooms. Brands offer a large living area that consists of an LED TV, theater seats, and a freestanding table, and of course outdoor patio areas.. All these features make an RV ideal for large families and full-time travelers.

Sleeping Space

Most models have enough sleeping space to accommodate large families or a group of campers. A master bedroom consisting of a king or queen-size bed, private bunkhouses with a flip bunk. Some models come with a tri-fold sleeper sofa that provides extra sleeping space, in case you have friends over for the night.

Pros and Cons of a Mid Bunk Fifth Wheel

Like every product, mid-bunk fifth wheels also have their pros and cons. Here’s a breakdown of the two to help you determine if they are the right pick. 


A mid-bunk fifth wheel offers various benefits. It provides private space for everyone and, in turn, the ultimate traveling experience and maximum comfort and ease while on long trips. We have further elaborated these benefits below:

Coachmen Chaparral 373MBRB

Coachmen Chaparral 373MBRB

Private Space For Everyone

A mid-bunk fifth wheel comes with plenty of living space. It provides extra sleeping space, which makes it easy for large families to travel on long trips.

If you have small kids with you, then a mid-bunk fifth wheel ensures that everyone has their own private space. The bunk beds are ideal for kids to use. And, the bunkhouses provide double bunk beds, which gives kids their own space. Many models have dual entry to the bathrooms as well. 

So, with a mid-bunk fifth wheel, you don't have to worry about your privacy, especially if you plan on living full time with your family.

Offers An Ultimate Traveling Experience

Most models come with all the residential and kitchen appliances. They boast a master suite, private bedrooms, and a tri-fold sleeper sofa to provide sleeping space for up to eleven people. These rooms also have enough storage capacity, allowing you to store items safely in one place. 

The kitchen is complete with three cooktop burners, a refrigerator, countertop, and cabinets. All of this makes it possible for people to spend long periods on an RV. The luxury amenities fulfil the high-end requirements. For instance, models offer a pull-out outdoor kitchen, two or more slide-out rooms, two bathrooms, and an entertainment center.

Comfort And Ease

Mid-bunk fifth wheels provide large floor space, which gives sufficient living area. People who go camping frequently prefer having an RV that gives a homelike feeling.  

With a spacious living area, sleeping space, and storage capacity, these models provide maximum comfort and ease. It gives an atmosphere similar to one's own home, making camping and other outdoor activities enjoyable.

Jayco 355MBQS mid bunk fifth wheel

Jayco 355MBQS (Source)


The con of having a mid-bunk fifth wheel is discussed below:


Mid-bunk fifth wheels are typically heavier than their counterparts. Due to their weight, they require a larger pickup truck for towing purposes. This could cause inconvenience while towing the RV.  


As mid bunks are designed to accommodate more people, space could be a premium, especially with shorter 5th wheels. There's also no room to take your SUV along - anyone wanting this feature should look at a Toy Hauler.


Because the bedrooms are next to each other, mid bunks aren't as private as other 2 bedroom 5th wheels. if privacy is something you really need, you should look at front living room campers, maybe.

Rear Bunk vs Mid Bunk in Fifth Wheel - Comparison Overview 

You must have come across rear bunk and mid-bunk options while looking for a bunkhouse for your outdoor adventure. But which one should you go for? This section provides a comparison between the two to help you determine just that. 


Both come with master and private bedrooms and provide ample space for sleeping. They can accommodate large families or groups of travelers going on long adventures.

Highland Ridge Silverstar Limited

Highland Ridge Silverstar Limited (Source)

People traveling with kids will find both models ideal as they provide separate bedrooms and a living area. There is sufficient space for kids to have their personal space. Also, both models offer storage options, such as closets in master bedrooms or pass-through storage.


Mid-bunk units offer an outdoor kitchen, while rear bunk models do not. The former comes with a larger living area. On the contrary, the latter comes with more bathrooms and offers spacious bedrooms; therefore, they have more sleeping space.

The kids can have more private space in the rear bunks due to the private bedrooms. However, there is limited space in the living area. Rear bunks also usually lack entertaining space, which is present in most mid-bunk models.

The Best Mid Bunk 5th Wheel  

Buying a fifth wheel is never a straightforward decision. You need to make your buying decision based on your requirements, preferences, and budget.

Be mindful of the main features that we have described in detail while reviewing the best mid-bunk fifth wheels on our list. The mid-bunk that you choose should offer sufficient sleeping space, a living area, luxury amenities, and storage capacity.

That said, we're sure, whichever model you go for, it will upgrade your every road trip going forward. Enjoy and happy camping!