Choosing the Right RV Leveling Blocks: A Handy Guide

| Last Updated: January 31, 2024

Your Ultimate Guide to RV Leveling Blocks

Getting the best RV leveling blocks can make all the difference to your experience while camping out in the great outdoors.

Traveling around you’ll have experienced parking on uneven ground and what that can mean for certain appliances or even your comfort while parked on a slope.

This is where RV leveling blocks come in as they compensate for this uneven surface and actually level out your RV so there isn’t a slant anymore.

They’re great for parking on soft ground, and they also help destress your appliances as they won’t appreciate working on slanted ground.

Not forgetting your own personal comfort. Even the slightest of slants can be uncomfortable when you’re trying to get some sleep, so getting some leveling blocks for your RV is a necessity.

We have taken the work out of locating the best leveling blocks for RV life. As well as reviewing what we believe are the best products, we discuss the main features and different types of RV leveling blocks to buy.

And for anyone still left unsure, we have answered all the FAQs regarding leveling blocks for RVs, so make sure to read the whole article.

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RV leveling blocks

What Are RV Leveling Blocks?

RV leveling blocks are used to make the ground more even so you’re not parked on a slant. Parking on uneven ground can cause a few problems for your appliances and even your own comfort during the time you’re parked. Leveling blocks fix this problem by compensating for uneven ground to make the surface flat and stable again.

How to Choose Leveling Blocks for Your RV or Trailer

Like all products, there are various features to choose from that may or may not make it unique and better than the competitors. The following section discusses the various qualities to look for when buying leveling blocks for your RV.

Max Weight

Your RV leveling blocks will be taking on a lot of weight, so they should be able to survive even the heaviest of vehicles. There are different leveling blocks that can hold as little as 1,500lbs and as much as 40,000lbs, so understanding how much your RV weighs with everything inside is important.


The strength of the material used to make the leveling block is really important. If you’re using some that aren’t reliable and maybe cracks start to develop, your block could give way at any time and cause some serious harm. Make sure the reviews are positive and the material used in your RV leveling blocks is reliable.

Easy to Use

When you’re looking at your next RV leveling blocks, does it look like a two person job or do you feel as though you could do it alone? Being able to handle the setup yourself is an important factor and some leveling blocks will even come with extra pieces of kit to help with a one person setup. Keep your eye out for these.

Review of the Best RV Leveling Blocks

Tri-Lynx 00015 Lynx Levelers – 10 Pack

Tri-Lynx 00015 Lynx Levelers - 10 Pack , Orange

This ten pack of interlocking RV leveling blocks can withstand some of the heaviest RVs currently on the market. Using the durability and strength of all the blocks the platform becomes one stable structure and perfect for leveling up your RV.

The way these work is by making a pyramid shape, which you drive onto. The leveling blocks offer perfect traction so that your vehicle doesn’t slide when driving over them. You can choose which height you need your RV to be leveled at, so these blocks are great for accuracy and flexibility.

Bottom Line

These interlocking RV leveling blocks are known for their strong design as they use the strength of each block to increase the overall strength and durability. Another benefit is the multiple blocks layout, because you’ll be able to fully customize the size. This makes these RV leveling blocks super flexible and accurate, resulting in an easy set up.

All you need to do is lock them together like Lego bricks. Because of the Lego-like grooves at the top of each block, they’re also good for providing traction. 


  • Great Traction
  • Easy to Set Up
  • Accurate and Flexible Design


  • Need a Slope to Drive onto Them

Camco Drive On Super Tri-Leveler

Camco 44575 Super RV Tri-Leveler, Raises Your RV Up to 5' | Works on Any Tire (44575)

These ramp leveling blocks can increase the level position of your RV of up to five inches, or even the two smaller levels of two to three-and-a-half inches. The levelers have a load capacity of 10,000 lbs, which is a good amount and could support a small or medium-sized RV.

One of the biggest problems that RV owners face is actually getting the RV onto the ramps. That said, this ramp has a special non-slip resin that’ll help with traction. These ramps are also easy to carry with their own built-in handles.

Bottom Line

These RV leveling blocks have three separate heights to choose from and a special non-slip resin that will limit any poor traction when trying to drive up onto them – a common problem for RVs. The products can withstand up to 10,000 lbs of force, which will easily handle any small to medium RV.

The RV leveling blocks are also portable with the built-in handles. The only downside to these is that they’re messier and more time consuming than many of their competitors. 


  • Easily Portable
  • Special Non-Slip Resin
  • Three Different Levels
  • Can Withstand Up to 10,000 Lbs


  • Messy and Time-Consuming

Camco FasTen 2×2 Leveling Block For Single Tires

Camco FasTen 2x2 RV Leveling Block For Single Tires, Interlocking Design Allows Stacking To Desired Height, Includes Secure T-Handle Carrying System, Yellow (Pack of 10)

These interlocking RV leveling blocks come as a pack of ten and each block will add an inch of height to your vehicle. They come with a convenient handle that helps you carry around all ten like a box of Lego blocks.The most attractive feature of these blocks, however, is that they’re extremely strong and durable, thanks to the special resin material.

It’s not just the strength that the special resin ensures, however. It also ensures these RV leveling blocks have excellent traction, so you can be sure you won’t slip off these blocks in bad weather or by accident. They’re also UV protected which keeps the resin fresh for years.

Bottom Line

These leveling blocks allow for accurate construction of a stable structure that creates a smooth and level platform for your RV.

The durable material will survive the greatest of abuse from your RV and is great for traction because of the grooves at the top of each block, and the resin used. The resin also helps protect the blocks from UV and climate damage that could easily shatter a leveling block.

The only downside to these RV leveling blocks is that you’ll need some sort of ramp to help you drive your RV onto these blocks with ease.


  • Durable
  • UV Protected
  • Easy Carry Handle
  • Great Traction Due to Resin


  • Slope Needed

RhinoGear 11909ABMI RhinoRamps Vehicle Ramp

RhinoGear 11909ABMI RhinoRamps Vehicle Ramp - Pair (12,000lb. GVW Capacity)

These RV leveling ramps are probably the most professional-looking ramps on the market. The type of ramps that don’t need a review, because just  by looking at them you know they’re top quality.

These RV leveling ramps provide some of the best traction and non-slip surface with the CoreTRAC technology. And the 17-degree incline offers an easy way for RVs to drive onto the platform. The structural integrity of these leveling ramps is also really sound as they can withstand a weight of 12,000 lbs.

Bottom Line

The design of these ramps says it all, they mean business. These RV leveling blocks offer you some of the best traction out there with the rigid design that holds the tires in place and stops them from slipping.

The traction is a huge advantage, as you’ll soon discover this is the main problem for ramp blocks. They can withstand 12,000lbs of weight at any time, which is impressive.

Many times, RVs slip and push the ramp away because of the angle they were attempting to drive up. But with the 17-degree incline of these RV leveling ramps, you’ll easily be able to drive onto these platforms. The only downside to this product is you only get two ramps with every pack, so you’d be best getting 2 packs.


  • Great-Looking Design
  • 12,000 Lb Weight Limit
  • CoreTRAC Traction Technology
  • 17-Degree Incline for an Easy Setup Process


  • You Only Get Two Ramps

Camco Heavy-Duty RV Leveling Blocks

Camco Heavy-Duty Leveling Blocks | Compatible with Single Wheels, Double Wheels, Hydraulic Jacks, Tongue Jacks and More | Yellow | 10-pack (44510)

These heavy-duty interlocking RV leveling blocks come as a kit of ten separate units that stack to your desired height. The high-grade plastic that’s used to construct the blocks ensures you get an extremely strong structure.

A common problem with interlocking blocks would be that they tend to sink down into the soil or mud once the RV drives over them. These leveling blocks have a solid bottom, however, and this limits the amount that they can sink into soft ground. The blocks are stored in a zipped bag that’s included and used for carrying the blocks around.

Bottom Line

One of the main problems with interlocking blocks is that they often sink into the soft ground once your RV drives onto them. That’s not the case for this kit. The manufacturers have made sure that the bottoms of leveling blocks are solid so they’ll have a far less chance of sinking into the soft ground.

They’re also made from high-grade plastic which stops the RV from cracking the blocks. You’ll also find that it comes with a carry bag, which is great for portability as they’re quite light. The only problem with this product would be that it takes a lot longer to set up compared to other types.


  • Ten Blocks
  • High-Grade Plastic
  • Comes With a Carry Bag
  • Solid Bottom to Limit Sinking


  • Take Longer to Set Up

Andersen 2-Pack Camper Leveler

This leveler kit is slightly different from others in our review, and their design makes them super easy to use. In fact, the setup only takes around five minutes. The way it works is by driving onto the leveler ramp and then sticking the chock behind the wheel so it doesn’t roll back.

The unit can lift your RV up to four inches off the ground. And best of all is that this set of RV leveling blocks can support a vehicle of up to 30,000lbs. The leveler comes as a pair, as you’ll only need one leveler per axle.

Bottom Line

These RV leveling blocks are one of the strongest products on the market. The ramps don’t look as though they can handle 30,000 lbs of force, but never judge a book by its cover.

Another great benefit is that you’ll only need one unit for every axle, meaning you won’t need to fork out for four different blocks. They also come with chocks to stop the wheels from rolling backward and keep the RV stationary.

The only downside with this product is the traction is almost non-existent. These ramps don’t have many ridges or any special resin to increase traction for the wheel to easily drive over the ramp.


  • 30,000 Lbs of Weight
  • Only Needs One Per Axle
  • Lifts Rigs Up to Four Inches Off the Ground


  • Poor Traction

Beech Lane Camper Leveler

Beech Lane Camper Leveler (Two Pack)

This kit includes two levelers, two chocks, and two grip mats., and will effectively provide you with between ½-inch to 4 inches of height. Driving your RV onto the ramps and then putting the chocks behind them to stop any backwards movement keeps your rig secure.

The added grip mats are to help with the traction and make it easier for the RV to grip onto the ramp without sliding or pushing it off. The polymer levelers are built to survive weights of up to 35,000 lbs, which is the heaviest weight on this list.

Bottom Line

This full RV leveling blocks kit is incredible. It has everything you need to ensure that your RV is stable and on even ground. There are a few other benefits, such the leveling ramp withstanding weight of up to 35,000lbs thanks to the strong polymer structure.

The other added pieces of kit, like the chock and rubber mat, make the process so much simpler. However, because there’s so much kit and steps to follow, you’ll need more than one person to help you set this up.


  • Full Leveler Kit
  • Strong Polymer Structure
  • Rubber Mats for Incredible Grip
  • Can Withstand Incredible Weight


  • Time Consuming
  • Takes More Than One Person

OxGord RV Camper Leveler Ramps (Pack of 2)

OxGord RV Leveling Ramps - Camper or Trailer Leveler/Wheel Chocks for Stabilizing Uneven Ground and Parking - Set of 2 Blocks, Yellow

These RV leveler ramps come as a pack of two and will be able to raise your RV up to 3.8 inches. The strength of these ramps currently sits at 11,000 lbs, which is a decent amount for an RV.

A common problem that RV owners always face with most leveler ramps is that they easily slip around and can become a real problem to accurately position. However, this leveler gets around this problem with the rigid grips that create a stable and tractioned surface for any RV to drive onto with ease. You have the option to choose from three separate levels that all have small, cliff-like platforms where your tires will sit comfortably.

Bottom Line

These leveler ramps are extremely strong and durable for just some plastic ramps, with a weight tolerance of 11,000 lbs. These ramps can lift you almost four inches off the ground in order to give you stability and comfort, while doing the day to day tasks.

With levelers, the biggest problem was always getting onto the actual ramp and staying there on a certain level. Well, the rigid grip and amazing traction features of this product will ensure you’ll be staying put until you decide to move.

The only downsides to this RV leveling ramps are that it’s only a pack of two, while you’ll probably need four for full stability. Also, these ramps might have three separate levels, but you don’t get the flexibility that interlocking blocks give you.


  • Three Levels
  • Strong Levelers
  • Great Grip and Traction
  • Raises Your RV 3.8 Inches Higher


  • Pack of Two
  • Doesn’t Give You the Flexibility You Need

Types of RV Leveling Blocks

There are two main types of RV leveling blocks currently on offer, both of which are somewhat different, but do the same job at the end of the day.

Interlocking Blocks 

Interlocking blocks are comprised of plastic square tiles that resemble a Lego block.  They should be stacked to the level which you need the RV to sit at.

Ramp Blocks 

These blocks aren’t stacked but are already designed in a way that gives them mini shelves at different fixed-height levels. As you may realize, this method can be messy and time-consuming, as they commonly slip when you drive onto them. To combat this, you really need to use something with more friction (rubber) to help you get the wheels onto the ramp. 

There are other less common and more experimental types of RV levelers such as inflatable or electric models which sound quite promising. However, inflatable levelers might make your RV wobble and electric levelers require significant mechanical strength and are costly to have installed onto your RV.

People Also Ask – RV Leveling Blocks FAQs

You might have a few questions that still need answered. This section will help answer all of the most commonly asked questions relating to leveling blocks for RV life.

Are Leveling blocks necessary?

RV leveling blocks are critical for every RV owner. No matter what type of RV you own, it’s a good idea to carry RV leveling blocks wherever you travel, because they will ensure you’re on level ground. This makes your experience more comfortable and your appliances work better.

Are all Leveling Blocks the same?  

No, not all RV leveling blocks are the same. They’re all used for the same purpose, which is leveling out any uneven surface so your RV can be parked on a flat surface. However, what makes them different is how they do the job.

What are Leveling Blocks made from?

RV leveling blocks are made from a plastic called polyethylene, which is extremely durable and resistant to outdoor elements such as UV rays and poor weather, which can damage the leveling blocks.  

How to use Leveling Blocks?

There are different ways you can install these underneath your RV, it all depends on what type you go for. The most common types of RV leveling blocks allow you to simply drive onto them after adjusting them to the correct height.

How to store Leveling Blocks

You can easily store leveling blocks in the cupboard in your RV or even underneath the kitchen sink. As already mentioned, some even stack together like large Lego blocks. They’re relatively compact pieces of equipment.

RV Leveling Blocks – For Stable RV Life

There are a few options with various benefits and disadvantages to using RV leveling blocks. Like everything else, not all are made the same, so make sure you get the type you prefer.

Some people prefer ramps, whereas others prefer interlocking blocks. Whichever you go for, make sure they’re made out of strong material that can withstand the weight of your RV.

Personal, I prefer the interlocking blocks, but it’s personal choice. WHatever you do, follow our guidance and you should have no problems choosing the best RV leveling blocks for you.

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