Best Bunkhouse Travel Trailers Under 30 Ft

| Last Updated: July 14, 2022

Looking for a bunkhouse travel trailer under 30 ft? They're surprisingly spacious, comfortable and best of all they're a great base for road trips.

All adventurers love camping and road trips, and if you have a family it is much better, especially if you have a bunkhouse travel trailer. They come in all sizes, and under 30 ft trailers are quickly becoming the most popular RVs on the market.

Of course, you have to give up on space when compared to the larger bunkhouse trailers, but the best under 30 ft bunkhouse travel trailers offer everything you'd expect from a quality trailer.

Albeit, a little tighter, they still offer privacy, comfort and luxury amenities necessary for you and the children to enjoy your every road trip. They're also cheaper, more economical to run and you will be welcomed into pretty much any RV park across America.

But which under 30 ft bunkhouse travel trailer to get? We have reviewed some of the best ones on the market to help you in your research. As well as offering our opinion on certain trailers, we've also included a guide on what else you should know before buying one.

Bunkhouse travel trailer interior

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What is a Bunkhouse Trailer?

Before we get going it's a good idea to know exactly what a bunkhouse trailer is. Basically, a bunkhouse floor plan is a design with a master bedroom, a bunkhouse, and a living/kitchen area.

Because bunkhouse travel trailers under 30 ft. are tighter on space, the master bedroom will typically be at one end and the bunkhouse at the other end, and usually with only 2 bunk beds max. Although it does depend on the floorplan. 

The luxury and accessories depends on the price you pay, but even with a smaller bunkhouse trailer, you do get certain things you'd need such as a decent sized refrigerator, TV and entertainment area and a dinette.

Review of the Best Bunkhouse Travel Trailers Under 30 Ft

To have the best vacationing experience, you need to have all the right equipment. And if you're looking for a bunkhouse travel trailers under 30 ft, here's our choices... 

Best Overall Bunkhouse Travel Trailer Under 30 Ft:
Winnebago HIKE

Best Overall Bunkhouse Travel Trailer Under 30 Ft: Winnebago HIKE

What we love

  • Rugged exoskeleton for storing bikes
  • Has a water heater capacity of 6 gallons
  • Comes with an interior height of 12 feet
  • Innovative and stylish furnishings of the interior
  • Higher weight-bearing capacity with 7,400 lbs GVWR

Quick Specs

  • Sleeps: 3-4 people
  • Number of Floorplans: 5
  • Number of Slide-Outs: 1
  • Length: 25 feet ½ inch
  • Width: 7 feet 9 inches
  • Weight: 4,360 pounds

Our Review

This Winnebago HIKE bunkhouse travel trailer is one of the best ones on the market. It has a very stylish and unique interior design with luxury furnishings. These make you feel at home even when you are out on the roads. 

In addition, the weight-bearing capacity of this travel trailer is quite high at 7,400 lbs GVWR. This enables you to carry along all the essentials without having to worry about exceeding the weight capacity

Another cool feature is that it has 5 floorplans, which are all open to customization. Depending on the floorplan you choose, it will sleep between 3-4 people.

It also boasts a slide-out compartment, which makes the living area more spacious. With a family of four it would be a tight fit, but you could do it, especially if you enjoy grilling the steaks and dining outside with the family.

Coachmen Clipper Ultra Lite

Runner-up: Coachmen Clipper Ultra Lite

What we love

  • Fully equipped kitchen space
  • Higher freshwater storage capacity
  • An optional murphy bed and sofa available
  • Large bathroom space with modern facilities
  • Has a gross vehicle weight rating of 6,525 lbs.

Quick Specs

  • Sleeps:  4 people
  • Number of Floorplans: 2
  • Length: 27 feet
  • Width: 90 inches
  • Weight: 4,468 pounds

Our Review

The Coachman Clipper is one of the most liked under 30 ft. bunkhouse travel trailers as it feels quite roomy. The gross vehicle weight rating is quite high, at 6,525 lbs. which lets you load up your luggage without having to leave behind any essentials. 

There's a high capacity for storing freshwater, which helps the users go about their daily living with comfort. The trailer has two bunk beds and a queen-sized bed, although the bunkhouse is rather tight. 

In addition to these, there is an optional Murphy bed and sofa set slide-out compartment, so if you choose to invite a couple of friends along the odd time you can accommodate them, at a squeeze.

This bunkhouse travel trailer under 30 ft has a large bathroom with state of the art facilities. This, along with a fully equipped kitchen, makes this trailer a must-have for road tripping. 

Best Bunkhouse Trailer Under 30 Feet for the Money:
Lance 2185

Best Bunkhouse Trailer Under 30 Feet for the Money: Lance 2185

What we love

  • The dinette seats 5 people
  • Modern kitchen space and windows
  • 3 adult-sized bunks with a queen bed
  • Reconfiguration of bunks as a garage for bikes
  • Bike door to park the bike comfortably in the trailer

Quick Specs

  • Sleeps: 4 people
  • Number of Floorplans: 1
  • Weight: 4,565 pounds

Our Review

We have found this Lance bunkhouse travel trailer to be highly competitive, among other options in the market. The fold up bunk beds is at one end of the trailer along with the bathroom and some storage. The bunk beds can be reconfigured into a bike stand easily for which there is a bike door too. So, if you have an adventurous soul, you can park your bike inside your trailer too while you hit the roads. 

Depending on the floorplan you go for, there's a queen sized bed in the main bedroom, although one option is a queen sized sofa bed. The master bedroom is parted by a privacy curtain, which might not be ideal for those who demand privacy, but for an under 30 ft bunkhouse, you have to give on certain things.

There are many windows on the walls which help in maintaining a pleasant environment inside it. So, overall, this is a fantastic bunkhouse travel trailer to go for if you want to stay in a strict budget.

4. Jayco Jay Flight SLX 7

ayco Jay Flight SLX 7

What we love

  • Sofa dinette for added comfort
  • Large tub-cum-shower in bathroom
  • Spacious pantry and oven in the kitchen 
  • Solid steps for easy mount on the travel trailer
  • 3 sleeps including a queen bed and two bunks

Quick Specs

  • Sleeps:  3
  • Number of Floorplans: 1

Our Review

After comparing it with other bunkhouse travel trailers under 30 ft, we have started to fall for this one even more. At just over 20 ft. this Jayco Jay trailer is one of the smaller bunkhouse trailers, but a worthy companion for long-distance travel as it has a practical and comfortable layout. 

There are two bunker beds in it along with a queen-sized bed, which is ample for a small family. There are foldable solid steps to get into and out of the trailer too. They make it easy for the kids and elderly to mount the trailer as well.

There's also a large pantry which lets you store all your rations within easy access. There is a large bathtub inside the bathroom, which serves as a shower too. Furthermore, the dinette has sofa seats which work as regular sitting space too. 

5. Venture RV Sonic Lite SL169VBH

Sonic Venture bunkhouse travel trailer under 30 ft

What we love

  • 7 cubic feet refrigerator
  • 1 murphy bed and two bunks
  • 15-inch tires for better support
  • Flip-up solid steps for easier entry
  • Pass through storage to keep things clear inside 

Quick Specs

  • Sleeps: up to 4 people
  • Number of Floorplans: 5
  • Length: 21 feet 4 inches
  • Width: 90 inches 
  • Weight: 3,210 pounds

Our Review

This bunkhouse travel trailer has made it to our list with its 3 sleeps. There is a murphy bed along with two bunker beds that cater to the needs of a large family easily. It also has a 7 cubic feet refrigerator in it, which lets you store all the fresh food items. This and the pantry make things quite simple and easy for the vacationers. 

Furthermore, there are 3 foldable solid steps that help you get into the trailer easily. In addition to these, there are two pass-through storage spaces at the sides of the trailer. They keep all the necessities in easy reach of users. 

What Do I Need to Know Before Buying?

Well, it is no secret that you need to be careful when it comes to buying a bunkhouse. This is why we have jotted down some aspects that will help you make the right purchase. 

Number of Bunks

The number of bunks is a primary consideration when you are buying a bunkhouse travel trailer, especially an under 30 ft model. Most of them have two bunkers, which are enough for an average family, but you can choose a three bunker trailer too if you have more people vacationing with you.


The length of these travel trailers is very important because they have to be large enough to fit everything in them. Of course for anything under 30 ft, your trailer is going to be restrictive, so always make sure you are comfortable with the length and space available.

Living Space

The living area space matters a lot, too, when you are buying a travel trailer. This is the place where your family spends the most time, so it should be spacious and comfortable. Also, aim to get as much entertainment accessories as possible.

Best Bunkhouse Travel Trailer Under 30 Ft FAQs

Can you find a quality bunkhouse travel trailer under 30 ft?

Well, finding a quality bunkhouse travel trailer under 30 ft. is restrictive, but yes, it is possible to land a deal that offers an amazing travel trailer at a surprisingly low price. Although smaller, all the above trailers are highly recommended, but of course if you can afford and you need something bigger, you should get a larger travel trailer.

What is the best travel trailer brand?

There are several quality brands that boast quality travel trailers, whether it's larger luxury rigs, or smaller trailers under 30 ft. For a more in depth look, take a look at this article to find out which we believe to be the best.

What is the shortest travel trailer with a bunkhouse?

At 20 ft and 9 in the KZ RV Sportsmen Classic 180BHSE is the shortest bunkhouse travel trailer on the market.

What is the most popular travel trailer length?

The most popular trailer length is between 12 feet and 35 feet. Of course, the shorter it is, the fewer people can comfortable stay in it. A trailer at around 12 ft is designed for solo or couples only, whereas a trailer up to 35 ft. can accommodate at least 4-6 people, depending on the layout.

Is a 30 ft travel trailer too short?

It depends. As you know from the question above the most popular trailers are under 35 ft. And no doubt this is down to cost, but if you go for a travel trailer under 30 ft and there's no more than four of you that travel, it should be more than comfortable.

Bunkhouse Travel Trailer Under 30 Ft - Small But Spacious

If you're looking for a bunkhouse travel trailer under 30 ft, we're sure you'll build many sweet memories. No doubt, the space can be tight, especially if you max it out with guests. But short trips with a small group and you will have a comfortable base for your road trips.

We recommend all of the above bunkhouse trailers and are sure you'll enjoy any of them. That said, don't let this be your only research. Getting a travel trailer is a big investment, and most people stretch their budgets, so make sure you get exactly what you're comfortable with. After all, you will be spending a lot of time in it.

Happy camping!

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