Top 5 Best Travel Trailer Brands – Comprehensive Review

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Taking to the great outdoors in pursuit of some peace and quiet is not only popular but is also Instagram-worthy. The lavish sunsets, rejuvenating sunrises and nights spent under millions of brilliant stars are all a prelude to an unforgettable adventure.

If you want to enjoy nature, see the most amazing and breathtaking views of the country up close, and create some unforgettable lifelong memories, then a travel trailer is the best way to experience the RV lifestyle.

Travel trailers help to bring the amenities and convenience of modern life into camping grounds, thus ensuring comfort, luxury, and relaxation while you are on vacation.

How Did We Select These Brands? 

We do not list down the best RV brands randomly. There is a whole procedure that goes on in order to pick the few very best ones and bring them to you. Here is how we selected these brands:

Market Research 

The market is home to numerous brands. For this reason, to select these brands, we look thoroughly at the market and do our research on the position of all the brands. 

Which brand is perceived how in the market, what the sellers and the retailers have to say about each brand, and which brand has the largest or the smallest market share are all ways of our research. 

Authentic Customer Reviews

Our most relied-upon source of brand information is real customers. Authentic customer reviews from people who have bought and used the actual products from a particular brand help draw a true picture of the brand and its products. These reviews are available online on all platforms and are, therefore, easily accessible and hugely helpful. 

Features & Amenities

To select a brand, we see their products. The versatility of the range of products they offer, the kind of features they offer, and the quality of their services all matter when making the selection.

What Makes a Top Travel Trailer Brand? 

Certain brands have the edge over the others. So, the big question is, how do these brands become more competitive and better than others in the market? here are a few things that make these the top travel trailer brands:

Customer Care

For any brand, their customers should be the top priority. The top trailer brands keep their customers first and offer outstanding after-sale customer service. This helps the user to have a better experience with the product and also develops customer loyalty. 


The products of the brand should be reliable. A brand ensures reliability when they offer policies like money-back guarantees and lifetime warranties. Plus, by manufacturing their products by the best quality of materials, the top brands achieve product reliability. 

Market Reputation

We think that for a brand to make it to the list of “top” brands, their market reputation is important to maintain. A successful, top trailer brand will have a good image in the market, where not only the customers but also the sellers and retailers will be satisfied with the brand’s operations. 

What Happens If I Choose a Poor Brand? 

Choosing a suitable brand for your travel trailer can be a challenging and risky task to do. This is because currently, the market is packed with diverse brands, and it’s becoming almost impossible to tell which one is better than who because of all the rigorous advertising. 

Therefore, choosing a poor brand can be a common issue. If you choose to buy from a poor company, you are more likely to face the consequences in terms of extra costs and huge inconvenience as the user of the trailer. Such brands offer very limited and sometimes no warranty at all. This later adds on to your repair and maintenance costs. 

Moreover, such brands also have poor customer service and care, which can cause a huge inconvenience, especially if you are a first-time buyer.

Reviews of the Best Travel Trailer Brands

But how can you choose the best travel trailer? Well, we have chosen some of the best and most popular brands to help you choose your home away from home. Read on and see which one is perfect for you.

Best Travel Trailer Brand Overall:

When we talk about luxury campers, the first name that comes to mind is Airstream. They have been producing recreational vehicles for almost eight decades, and these models have become the icons of RV travel and modern design.

They are high-priced, but the value of money that they provide the users is well worth the price. Some of their legendary models include the Classic, Tony Bahama, Globetrotter, Flying Cloud, International Serenity, and several others.

The various benefits of Airstream include higher resale value, lower maintenance cost, and the lowest cost of ownership as compared to the other trailers available.

Moreover, their aerodynamic shape helps you save on gas by providing a 20% better fuel economy. 

Each Airstream is built by true craftspeople by hand using only high-quality materials with meticulous attention to detail. These high standards have been maintained ever since the first Airstream was produced. An average RV lifespan is 15 years while Airstreams are created to last a lifetime. In fact, you can find many old models still on the road.  

Airstreams are easily recognizable due to their shiny silver color, which is also visible in the above picture. There are nine different travel trailers available on the market.

From the structural frame that supports each trailer to the durable and luxurious fabrics for the seats, all items are selected on the basis of their quality. All these models have several floorplans which are customizable to an extent, thus allowing you to prepare a perfect home for your family.

These travel trailers are not only suitable for longer trips but are perfect for full-time living. They have all the comforts of a home which you may want – plus some amenities which you didn’t even know that you needed.

These amenities include high-end kitchen appliances, ultra-leather seating, memory foam mattress, quiet stream climate control, retractable awning, roller blinds, rear-view monitoring system, handcrafted cabinetry, and much more.

With these trailers, you can hit the road knowing that you will spend each day surrounded by features that will change your road trip into a true gateway. 

For a complete overview of our favorite model, the 2020 Airstream Flying Cloud, be sure to check out this video below. 


Airstream Frequently Asked Questions

People have numerous questions about most brands they are not aware of. Therefore, people who are interested in buying from Airstream should make use of this section as it answers important questions regarding the brand.  

How Much Is An Airstream? 

The price for an Airstream can range on the basis of size and comfort and features, varying from about $36,900 to $222,000. An Airstream flying cloud can cost you from $66,400 to $80,000.

How Much Does An Airstream Weigh?

A classic Airstream can weigh about 7,788 lbs. Generally, the weight varies between 2000 pounds to 10,000 pounds. The 2020 flying cloud can weigh up to 4000 lbs. 

How Tall Is An Airstream Trailer?

The external height for the 2020 flying cloud is 9 feet and 9 inches while the internal height is 6 feet and 8 inches. Generally, an Airstream trailer can measure up to 8 to almost 10 feet tall. 

Where Are Airstream Trailers Made?

Airstream today manufactures its recreational trailers in Ohio, USA. 

Why Buy An Airstream?

Currently, Airstream stands in the market as one of the oldest travel trailers manufacturers. They have a wide range of products that each cater to the different needs of the buyers. As a result, the brand is one of the most reliable and versatile in the market, with the best quality trailers available at different price ranges too.

Best Luxury Travel Trailer Brand:
Grand Design

Grand Design RV manufactures high-quality towable travel trailers and fifth wheels. This company was started by three long-time veterans of the RV industry in 2012.

This company was formed with a unique culture that desires a long term and personal relationship with customers, employees, and dealers. They value customer relationships over everything else, which ensures that their top priority is customer satisfaction. They want their customers to get more features and superior value for their dollar.    

Grand Design travel trailers are backed by a three-year structural warranty, which is a significantly longer period than the average warranty of such products. Their business model of always doing the right thing has helped them achieve unparalleled growth in recent years.

The Senior Management and CEO work actively with the production personnel to develop products that are customer-friendly and reliable. Their team of experienced workers has been hand-picked and has an excellent reputation, which is second-to-none.      

Another great thing about Grand Design products is that they are passed through a series of quality inspection tests during the manufacturing process.

A final inspection is carried out once the product is completed, but before shipping it to the dealer for retail sale, these travel trailers are shipped to PDI or the Pre-Delivery inspection area. Here these coaches are put through a 288 plus point inspection checklist. They are shipped to the dealer after they receive the PDI certification.   

Grand Design has produced a number of models such as Transcend, Reflection, Solitude, Imagine, and Illumentum with one goal- to create quality products while improving the customer’s RV experience before, during, and after the sale.​

For instance, the Imagine travel trailer has innovative floorplans starting at 5000-pounds, which are designed while keeping in mind the needs of the customers. This lightweight travel trailer is perfect for towing with medium-duty trucks and SUVs.

Grand Design is a luxury brand; theref​ore, they are a bit more expensive than other brands. However, they are easy to contact in case of a problem, and they are really dedicated to taking care of their customers.

To see a complete walk-through of the 2020 Grand Design Reflection, watch the video review from Bullyan RV.


Grand Design Frequently Asked Questions  

Grand Design is a 25-year-old company that has been creating the best RV trailers. However, if you are buying from them for the first time, it is important to know some extra few things about the brand. 

Who Owns Grand Design RV?

The brand was founded by a group of friends, Don Clark, Ron Fenech, and Bill Fenech, 25 years ago. It is a privately owned company. 

Who Makes Grand Design RV?

The company is owned by another larger company called the Winnebago Industries. Winnebago bought Grand Design in 2016, and since then have joint manufacturing. 

Best Travel Trailer Brand for Families:

If you love and care about the outdoors, then Jayco is the perfect brand for you. These trailers are one of the most common trailers, and you must have passed one on the road. The company was created by Lloyd J. Bontrager in 1968 and is the biggest family-owned RV maker today.   

Joyce has mastered the technique of designing great travel trailers – modern amenities, versatile and space-saving design, and quality craftsmanship all come together to make travel trailers that will last a long time. 

With their full line of comfortable, diverse, and innovative RVs, Jayco is considered one of the leaders of the travel trailer market.

Whether you want something modest for private getaways or you prefer lots of beds for the whole family, there are many models to choose from.

These include the Jayco Hummingbird, Jayco Flight (pictured above), Jayco Whitehawk, Jayco Eagle, and many more. For instance, the highly towable Jay Feather features hybrid models, Murphy bed models, bunkhouses, and couples coaches.

All Jayco trailers are constructed with Magnum Truss Roof System with added weatherproof bolsters and Climate-Shield which keeps the trailer safe from extreme cold and heat.

These trailers provide a luxury environment to the users with beautifully constructed furniture and spacious floor plans while the Sting Foundation frames ensure durability.

They come with all the amenities that you find in a home including a deep stainless steel sink, brushed nickel faucets, residential-grade carpeting, LED TV, marine-grade speakers, comfortable sofas, king or queen beds, and much more.

Jayco is also invested in preserving the environment and reducing their carbon footprint. Their ‘Jayco eco-advantage’ campaign has carried on their commitment to being the leading brand in eco-friendly fun.

They are always devising new ways to cut down energy consumption and waste. They are also committed to continually improving fuel efficiency not only to benefit the planet but also to benefit their customers.

Jayco has been America’s bestselling travel trailer for 14 consecutive years. It also has the best-limited warranty covering two full camping seasons which is twice as long as the industry standard. However, the 2020 models will carry three years of structural coverage, thus providing you with complete peace of mind.

To see the 2020 Jay Flight in all it's glory, be sure to watch this quick overview below. Compliments of Jayco.


Jayco Frequently Asked Questions  

Established 50 years ago, Jayco is a most-trusted brand in the market today. If you are considering buying from them, here is what you will need to know:

Who Owns Jayco?

Jayco was acquired by the Thor industries in 2016 after Jayco had operated as a successful brand for 48 years. The CEO of Jayco at the time was Derald Bontrager. 

Where Are Jayco Trailers Made?

Jayco has a network of about 300 dealers across the US and manufactures their recreational vehicles in Indiana. 

Where is the Vin Number on a Jayco Pop Up Camper?

A VIN number is a 17-digit long number that you will find on the road-side sidewall of a Jayco towable product. For Jayco's motorized products, the VIN will be located on the door jamb on the driver’s side. Another way to achieve the VIN number is to check it on the sales papers of the vehicle or inquire the seller about it. 

Best Lightweight Toy Hauler Brand:
Gulf Stream

Innovation, quality, and value are the core values that drive the team of Gulf Stream into delivering travel trailers that are simply one of the best on the market. Gulf Stream was founded in 1971 in Nappanee, Indiana by Jim Shea. He built the company from scratch, and his sons joined him to help in the day to day running of the business.

Today Gulf Stream is the leading family-owned and family-operated RV manufacturer with 22 brands on the market and more than 140 different models. This was accomplished because of the efforts of more than 1,500 experienced and dedicated associates.

All the Gulf Stream travel trailers created are detail-oriented with special emphasis on quality and durability.

Some trailers such as the Vintage Cruiser, Cabin Cruiser, Streamlite, Gulf Breeze, ENVISION, and Matrix feature welded aluminum skeleton frames and vacuum-bonded fiberglass walls, thus making them strong and lightweight.

On the other hand, the Innsbruck, Conquest, Kingsport, and Trailmaster are designed with aluminum siding and spun fiberglass insulation, ensuring economy and durability. But if you want to travel to the countryside in luxury, style, and with a few toys, then the Track & Trail shown in the picture above is perfect for you. Below is a quick peek inside.

Gulf Stream trailers are very popular among users and can be easily found at every RV dealership. They are a lot more economical than the other brands, and they have the best customer service. If there is a problem with your travel trailer, you can be sure that the issue will be resolved quickly and efficiently.

For a closer look at the Gulf Stream Track and Trail, be sure to check out this video review of the 2018 model, thanks to Camping World. 


Gulf Stream Frequently Asked Questions  

Gulf Stream was founded in Indiana in 1971. Since then, they have manufactured the best of RV products. Before you buy from them for the first time, here are a few important things you should know: 

Who Makes Gulfstream RV?

The company was founded by the Shea Family. They belonged to a community in Nappanee, Indiana, and were already in the manufacturing business of houses and other craftsmanship work. They later developed RV products and towable vehicles and set up a large-scale business. 

Who Owns Gulfstream RV?

The Shea family in Indiana owns the company. 

Best Practical Travel Trailer Brand:

Another popular RV brand, Coachmen, has produced many travel trailers that you commonly see on the road. These trailers are built on the simple principle of enriching the lives of their customers by providing them with a long term value product.

Their focus is on providing a superior value product and backing it through excellent service and support. All Coachmen products are backed by superior warranty support, thus ensuring their position as the Leader to the Great Outdoors for 55 years. 

Coachmen were launched in 1964, and since then it has gained the trust of many. It has a very wide range of travel trailers with 12 different models, and each model has different floorplans.

Three of these models have won the award for the best travel trailers in shows including the Apex Ultra-Lite shown in the picture above.

Coachmen have a big line up of large travel trailers as well as lightweight trailers. They are dedicated to providing various options to cater to the customers of different lifestyles so that more and more people can travel and enjoy nature. It is very easy to find what you need on the Coachmen website.

Coachmen are very popular with users because they know how to design and build a travel trailer with dependable design, exceptional value, practical innovations, and all the comforts and features of a home. Their name is synonymous with trust and genuine commitment to their customers, which ensures that their RV experience is an enjoyable and unforgettable one.   

The Coachmen products are great as they have combined detailed design and reliability with various customer-friendly features. With simplicity, functionality, efficient living designs, and safety, Coachmen has been able to grow and build an ever-increasing loyal customer following.  

If the Apex Lite sparks your interest, take a look at the entire trailer, inside and out, thanks to Guaranty RV Super Centers. 


Coachmen Frequently Asked Questions  

From camping trailers to fifth-wheel vehicles, Coachmen is a well-known brand. However, the following section tells you a little about the company’s ownership and operations. 

Who Makes Coachmen RV?

Coachmen RV is an Indiana-based company. They have been building and selling RV products for 50 years. The company used Amish craftsmanship skills to build recreational products, but also recruits designers and workers from other communities who can contribute with their skills. 

Who Owns Coachmen RV?

The company started as a brand founded by three friends in Indiana. Now, the company is a sub-brand of a Berkshire Hathaway company called Forest Rivers Inc. Their headquarters is in Middlebury.

Brand Comparison 

In this section, we aim to help you out in selecting the best, most suitable brand for yourself. Therefore, a thorough comparison has been made between the brands, including Airstream, Jayco, Coachmen, and Grand Design. 

Coachmen vs Jayco and Jayco vs Grand Design

Jayco and Coachmen are both US-based brands that have their main operations set in Indiana. Coachmen seems to have a better customer service before, during, and after-sale compared to Jayco. However, they both seem to be at the same level in terms of product durability and eco-friendliness. Both of them are owned by a larger company. ​

Grand design has a more customer-centered approach where they focus on creating easily accessible networks between customers and the company. They are also highly focused on creating thoroughly screened and checked durable products. Meanwhile, Jayco makes more family-centric products that are all meant to be more responsible for the environment. 


  • The company is owned by Forest Rivers Inc.

  • Their headquarters is in Middlebury

  • They offer a toll-free customer care service

  • Use of recyclable and recycled material for environmentally responsible manufacturing is practiced

  • Their RVs have Green Certification

  • “How to” videos are made by them to help buyers


  • Jayco is owned by Thor Industries
  • They offer factory tours to their customers

  • Their dealerships are with 300 dealers across the nation

  • Tow guides are offered by the company

  • EcoAdvantage is a project and an approach used by Jayco to keep their manufacturing and their products environmentally friendly

  • They have lighter weighted products 

  • Their products are family-centric

  • A bestselling award was won by Jayco

Grand Design:

  • They are known for producing a versatile product range, catering to luxurious, towing, and budget-friendly needs

  • Gold award winner in three categories

  • Known for making lightweight products

  • Have vehicles with extended living room areas

  • Offer exceptional quality gears and appearance products to go with the RVs

  • Easy to buy and use replacement parts with generous warranties

  • All their products are backed by a 3-year warranty

  • Actively support and keep in touch with customers through digital platforms like Facebook

Airstream vs Other Travel Trailers

Airstream is a world-known, market-leading brand known for manufacturing RVs for years now. Their most outstanding features are:

  • Their high-grade aluminum trailers are known for being durable across generations
  • All their RVs are crafted by hand

  • Safest and most comfortable towing

  • All their vehicles are updated with time and therefore have a modern design
  • Their RVs are insulated with recycled glass, remaining environmentally friendly

  • Their headquarters is in Ohio, where all parts of the RV are manufactured and assembled

  • Known for lower maintenance costs, with aerodynamic shapes of the RVs that ensure better fuel economy

  • Conclusion

    When you are buying a travel trailer, it is always best to go with a well-trusted brand which completely understands the customers’ requirements and is committed to providing the best support and care. We hope that this article will comprehensively educate you about the various brands and help you find one that is perfect for you.

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