Forest River Wildcat Review

| Last Updated: July 19, 2022

The Forest River Wildcat was introduced for RVers looking for a unit that provides them with a landing pad for luxury, comfort, and convenience. 

Boasting 14 different floor plans and sizes, the Forest River Wildcat series feature an innovative design, with many various luxurious features that make living in this trailer very convenient. 

The best part about the Wildcat series is that this unit is built with privacy in mind, so that you can enjoy your camping trip without having to worry about prying eyes. 

And, it's aesthetically pleasing and a comfortable option that allows you to fully enjoy your trips without worrying about anything. We look at the 333MKX - DSO model, but all other units boast similar features and amenities, just with differing floorplans.

Forest River Wildcat 333MKX - DSO

Forest River Wildcat travel trailer

Forest River Wildcat Specs and Dimensions 

Height: 13' 1"

Weight: 10,603 lbs

How Many Does it Sleep: 4-6

Chassis (basic info): Heavy Duty ‘I’ Beam Chassis

Exterior Material Used: Aluminum

Wildcat Layout 

On entering the Forest River Wildcat, you’ll notice the aesthetics completely change. The inside of the unit features pale-gray flooring and wooden cabinets. As soon as you enter, you’ll see a dining table with four chairs. Besides that is your entertainment setup, where you can set up your television. Moreover, you have a few cabinets and storage space surrounding the television setup, which allows you to store your things there.

Then, there’s a two-seater sofa surrounded by dominant windows. You can open them to let fresh air circulate inside, or you can close the blinds for some extra privacy. Right above the sofa, you have three more storage cabinets. Right across the entertainment setup, you have theatre seating as well. Also, the sofas are convertible, so you can use them to sit during the day and can convert them into a bed at night. 

Besides, the theatre seating is the refrigerator, cooking stove, microwave, and some storage options. Right between the dining table and the cooking area is a counter with two sinks and more storage space. 

On the right, you also have a large pantry where you can easily store all of your groceries for the entire trip. Across the entrance is the walk-through bathroom, which has a shower, a sink, two storage options, and a commode. Then comes the bedroom, which features a king-sized bed and lots of storage options as well. 

Forest River Wildcat floor plan

Does the Wildcat Come With Appliances?

The Forest River Wildcat comes equipped with a number of appliances to provide you with both comfort and convenience. Not only does this unit feature a very aesthetically-pleasing interior decor, but it also comes equipped with a number of stainless steel appliances for you to make use of. It comes with a refrigerator, and the kitchen is equipped with three oven burners and a microwave. 

It also features a heater and an air conditioning system that helps to ensure that you’ll be able to enjoy your trip, regardless of how the temperature outside might be like. This unit also features both interior and exterior speakers, along with a CD player that you can make use of. 

The travel trailer also comes with a TV that allows you to watch your favorite movies, shows, and enjoy your trip. You can make use of the theatre seating and have a movie night while you’re out on the road to make your trip even more memorable. 

Who is the Forest River Wildcat Best For? 

The Forest River Wildcat series was introduced for all those people who love spending most of their time out on the road. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway, a week-long vacation, or you intend to live in it full time, this unit is the one for you. This Forest River Wildcat unit offers you a wide variety of features that you can enjoy while you’re on the road. 

What's more, the Wildcat series is made for people who are new to trailer life and search for a unit that is easy to use, offers a variety of features, and is affordable. You can take this trailer out for any excursion that you have planned without worrying about anything. 

Popular Features 

The best part about this Forest River Wildcat model is its layout. This unit provides you with a spacious living area and a versatile kitchen. It also offers you a reclining theatre seating option and a large sofa that can be converted into a bed. It also features residential carpeting. All in all, it provides you with a lot of space to spread out and relax after a long day of traveling. 

In addition, the unit is equipped with premium residential furniture. It comes with a LED HD TV and other equipment, such as a fridge, a microwave, air conditioning, and heater system, etc. All of this helps give this unit a very homey feel. It also features a Bluetooth stereo along with both external and internal speakers that allow you to make your trip more memorable. 

travel trailer interior

Included Safety Features 

Here are some safety features that help make this Forest River Wildcat model worth purchasing. These features help in ensuring a safe journey so that you don't worry about anything.

Spare Tire and Carrier

This unit comes with a spare tire in case of any emergency. In case you end up with a flat tire in the middle of the road, while you’re nowhere near anyone who might be able to help, a spare tire is always helpful. Moreover, this unit comes with a carrier for your spare tire. This way, you won't have to keep it inside the trailer, thus saving space.

Heavy-Duty I-Beams Chassis 

The Forest River Wildcat features a chassis that is made using heavy-duty I-Beams. A chassis supports the construction of the trailer; therefore, having a chassis made of heavy-duty I-Beams ensures safety and promises sturdy construction. 

The fact that this unit features an I-Beams-shaped chassis means that it is capable of handling extreme weights. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the trailer not being able to withstand the weight. 

Heavy-Duty 15” Load Tires 

The Forest River Wildcat 322RLI features some heavy-duty 15” load tires. The best thing about them is that they ensure a better road grip, are ideal for driving off-road, are very helpful while cornering, and allow the trailer to carry a good amount of load. 

These heavy-duty tires help ensure that you’ll be able to drive safely no matter how much weight your trailer is carrying and no matter what the road conditions are like. 

Aspects to Improve

When you’re investing in any product, you need to know what features you are being offered. However, it is also important for you to know where this product lacks so that you do not face any sort of disappointment after you've already purchased the product. Therefore, we’ve listed some aspects where this unit requires some improvements. These mainly include some minor fixable issues; however, you are likely to experience them if you make the purchase. 

One of the issues is that the hose that this RV comes with tends to loosen up and leaks; therefore, you’ll have to tighten it every now and then. The shower door base doesn’t have any silicone coating, so the water leaks all over the place. The shower drain is also crooked at times, which can cause leaks. 

Forest River Wildcat

You might also find places where the edges aren’t smooth, so you’ll have to go over them and file them to prevent anyone from getting hurt. The bed and wallpaper can also go through minor tears. The drawers and cupboards might also be filled with sawdust and filings, so you’ll have to thoroughly inspect and clean the RV before embarking on your trip.

Comparison Overview 

When buying a trailer for all of your outdoor adventures, you are bound to have some questions about the unit you’re thinking of buying. However, you might likely be considering some other option as well, and you’re just not sure which one would be the better one for you. Here, we’ve drawn up some comparisons that will help you solve all of your queries. 

Forest River Wildcat vs. Keystone Cougar

Forest River Wildcat and Keystone Cougar are amongst some of the most reputable names in the RV industry. So, while you’re looking for options, these two names are bound to come up. So the question is, which one should you choose? Well, this answer is mainly dependent on what you’re looking for. Here is how the two compare to each other.


The Forest River Wildcat is made for RVers who want their trailer to have a homey feel to it. It features residential furnishing and loads of storage space. Meanwhile, the Keystone Cougar features an interior that has a more modern rustic design and features vintage furnishing instead. 


Both trailers are the best options for camping, as they both provide you with comfort and convenience while you’re out on the road. They also feature an aluminum body, which makes them very lightweight. Each offers a number of models for you to check out. 

travel trailer interior

Wildcat vs. Cherokee Forest River

Forest River has a vast option of RVs for you to choose from. The company offers you a variety of different categories that are further divided into different models. The Wildcat and Cherokee are two different types of RVs that the Forest River offers. So which one should you opt for? Again, this answer depends on what you’re looking for and your preference. Here is a comparison between the two:


The Forest River Wildcat and the Cherokee both offer a vast range of models that come with different features. However, the latter series is designed to offer both luxury and comfort, while the former inclines more towards offering comfort and convenience. Wildcat offers you fifth wheelers and travel trailers, whereas Cherokee offers you both you haulers and travel trailers. 


Both models feature similar construction. They are made using aluminum, which makes them lightweight. They both also offer you a wide variety of models to choose from. 

Forest River Wildcat FAQs

If you’re thinking of investing in a Forest River Wildcat, then you need to be fully aware of what you’re really investing in. Therefore, it is always better to know everything regarding the product and the features it offers. This way, you will know whether you’re opting for the right trailer or not. 

What Type of Wood Cabinets in the Forest River Wildcat Maxx?

The Forest River Wildcat Maxx series features a very residential look. The storage space in the bedroom and the cabinets in the kitchen are made using real wood. As a result, they give off a very homey feel and are aesthetically very pleasing as well. 

Where is the Battery Charger Located in Wildcat Maxx Travel Trailer?

Different models might have a different location for the battery charger. You can go through the manual to find out where it is located on the model you have. 

Where Are Wildcat Forest River Trailers Made?

Forest River has a number of manufacturing facilities throughout the US, where all different types of trailers are manufactured, including the Wildcat trailer.  

How to Reset the Power Stabilizer Jacks in a Forest River Wildcat

When you see the system, you’ll notice that there are two fuses in it. One is located in the main power center, and the other one is near the switch and might be difficult to spot. The one that is located closest to the switch is the auto-resetting switch. However, if your power stabilizer jack doesn’t reset on its own, then you might have a manual one, which means you’ll have to press the button on the side yourself. 

What Size Generator For My Forest River Wildcat 5th Wheel Camper?

If you're going to be using the AC, then you’re going to need a generator that can run a 15,000 BTU air conditioner. The most common generator option that most RVers opt for is a 2000-Watts generator, preferably by Honda or Yamaha. You can get a pair of 2000-watts Honda or Yamaha generators. They are both lightweight, easy to travel with, and can be used for your air conditioning system as well. 

Where is the Forest River Wildcat Camper 5th Wheel Hot Water Heater Located?

The Wildcat 5th wheel has different layouts and based on the model you have, the location of the hot water heater will vary. You can go through the manual to find out where it is located.

Bottom Line

The Forest River Wildcat is a trailer made for people who are outdoorsy yet want to experience a homey feeling. So if you’re someone who wants to spend their time on the road for a weekend getaway, or a long vacation, then this unit is made for you. It is not only a great unit for such outdoor activities, but it also provides you with a number of features that help in making this unit comfortable and give it a very cozy feel. 

Moreover, the unit is aesthetically very pleasing. It looks really stylish, and it comes with a plethora of appliances and features that make it a great unit. So if you're looking for comfort, convenience, and a whole lot of outdoorsy fun, then the Forest River Wildcat is the one you should consider.