Best Class A Motorhomes Under 35 Feet

| Last Updated: July 12, 2022

If you are in the market for a new Class A motorhome under 35 feet, you may be wondering where to start your search. There are so many different makes and models on the market, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you.

It's always hard to buy a new vehicle, let alone a motorhome that has far more details you need to inspect beforehand. In this blog post, we discuss some of the best Class A motorhomes under 35 feet. These motorhomes offer great features and amenities, and they are perfect for smaller families or couples.

As well as reviewing the best models on the market, we've also included a buyer's guide, advising on what to look for when shopping for one. We also compare the leading brands when it comes to Motorhomes, and what makes them stand out.

And of course, if you have any unanswered questions, we' end the article with an FAQ for everything Under 35 foot, Class A motorhomes. So if you are in the market for a new RV, read on for some of our top recommendations!

Class A motorhomes under 35 feet

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Why Did These Class A Motorhomes Under 35 Feet Make Our List?

Before selecting any of the RVs as the best Class A motorhomes available, there are several aspects to consider. These include the spacious living area, how well they drive, living options, and the overall product quality.

Floor Plan

Having a spacious interior is essential to any of the best Class A motorhomes as it ensures you'll be able to move around after setting up camp freely. Additionally, having plenty of sleeping options is a must if you're planning a family vacation. A poorly constructed floor plan can feel claustrophobic no matter where you are.


As you'll likely be spending many hours behind the wheel, having an RV that's powerful and handles well is a necessity. A smooth ride enhances safety and ensures you're not as tired before you're at your destination.


Many of the best Class A motorhomes have a few prebuilt entertainment options such as an outdoor TV and easily accessed USB ports for charging devices. Additionally, some options have wires preset for satellite dishes or DVD players.


None of the best Class A motorhomes can be poorly made and break down within 50,000 miles. This requirement limits the selection to RVs that can travel many miles without any issues or damage.

Review of the Best Class A Motorhomes Under 35 Feet

These are the five best Under 35 foot Class A motorhomes currently available. We've compared their pros, cons, layout, and popular features for you to consider before purchasing any of the models.

Best Overall Class A Motorhome Under 35 Feet:
Tiffin Allegro Breeze

Best Overall Class A Motorhome Under 35 Foot: Tiffin Allegro Breeze


  • Handcrafted cabinets
  • Access the inside of the RV while traveling
  • Digital dashboard adds to ease of life features
  • Compacted design that's expanded with slideout pieces on each side
  • Easy to drive and get used to operating as a first-time motorhome owner


  • One of the more pricey options
  • Size is limiting to where you can setup


The Tiffin Allegro Breeze's sleeping options feature a small sofa bed and either a king- or queen-sized main bed depending on your choice. While this limits the total sleeping areas, the RV is spacious enough to accommodate six people due to its large living room area.

class a florr plan

There's a large wardrobe near the main bed with a TV for anyone laying down to view in comfort. For eating, there's a small booth dinette near the front and cooking apparatuses nearby. Across from the kitchen is the full, spacious bathroom. 

Popular Features

One of the best features of the Tiffin Allegro Breeze is the size of the living room area. There's plenty of space to walk around or even bring in an extra chair or mattress. The entire living area is bright and comfortable, making it ideal for any vacation.

Additionally, there's the digital dashboard and VIP smart steering wheel that make driving the Tiffin Allegro a breeze. Along with this is the Powerglide chassis that makes the ride smooth and comfortable regardless of the distance. The independent front suspension ensures that speed bumps and debris don't affect your driving experience quality.

Winnebago Sunstar 31B

Runner-up: Winnebago Sunstar 31B


  • More affordable option
  • Sleeps up to seven people
  • Outdoor TV for enjoyable viewing
  • Slide-out floor plan extends the space available
  • USB ports placed in strategic areas for charging devices


  • Some aspects are cheaply made
  • Length limits available camping areas


This Under 35 foot Class A motorhome can easily sleep seven people due to the bunk beds, sofa bed, and the main queen bed. The small kitchen limits hallway space but doesn't take away from the overall spaciousness too much. The bathroom is next to the sleeping areas, but for the main bedroom, it's a bit of a stretch, which could be annoying at night.

Runner-up: Winnebago Sunstar 31B floor plan

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There are a sizable wardrobe and storage area opposite the queen-sized bed, which is also an ideal spot to mount a tv. The small pantry, refrigerator, and additional storage area are opposite the kitchen, allowing for easy meal preparation.

Popular Features

One of the most ingenious features that make the Winnebago Sunstar one of the best Under 35 foot Class A motorhomes is its furniture. The furniture within this RV can easily convert into a sleeping space that's comfortable and ideal for almost any situation. While this limits the available floor space, it's still easy enough to move around in when everyone's asleep.

The strategically placed USB ports make it easy to keep your mobile devices and other electronics charged. You can find these outlets near sleeping areas and the driving and passenger area. Additionally, there's the outdoor television that makes it easy to watch the big game while you're out on vacation.

Best Class A Motorhome Under 35 ft. for the Money:
Coachmen Pursuit

Best for the Money: Coachmen Pursuit


  • Easily cleanable floor in the cockpit
  • Length allows you to learn to drive it quickly
  • Pre-wired for a satellite dish and Blu-ray players
  • Affordable without sacrificing too many features
  • Easily set up sleeping areas for the rest of the family


  • Loud when driving
  • Main sleeping area can feel claustrophobic


The Coachmen Pursuit 27DS sleeps up to six people, with the main bed being a king. The rest of the sleeping options near the front of the motorhome are easily set up. The dinette is decently sized and suitable for any meal you and your family prepare.

Best for the Money: Coachmen Pursuit floor plan

Unlike many of the other best Class A motorhomes under 35 feet, the kitchen area is minimal. This site does, however, still fit a stove, microwave, and all the main necessities. There's a small pantry and storage space with the refrigerator located opposite the cooking area for easy access.

Popular Features

While the Coachmen Pursuit 27DS isn't the most expensive of our motorhome choices, it still offers many features. For sleeping, there's a manual drop-down front bunk that's ideal for kids. Additionally, the cockpit floor is easy to clean in case there's any mess when driving.

The RV is pre-wired to accept a satellite dish or a Blu-ray DVD player, making family entertainment easy when you're on vacation. There is an easily accessible station for charging your devices and an external cable TV jack. The king-sized bed is a favorite after a long day of driving.

Best Class A Motorhome Under 30 Feet:
Newmar Bay Star Sport

Best Class A Motorhome Under 30 Feet: Newmar Bay Star Sport


  • Powerful V-8 engine
  • Sleeps up to six people
  • Pleasing interior color palettes
  • Compact yet efficient kitchen area
  • Slide-out living space expands the internal area


  • Limited wardrobe space
  • Uncomfortable main bed


The main sleeping area slides out to give a larger space to walk through and change in before and after sleeping. There's a small wardrobe for clothes opposite the bed and a smaller area for a television. The main bed is located right at the back of the motorhome.

Best Class A Motorhome Under 30 Feet: Newmar Bay Star Sport floor plan

However, the RV features a comfortable dinette near the galley and a 74" sofa. The sofa is easily adjusted into a sleeping area that fits two adults. The total sleeping capacity for the RV is six people, with other spots including the dinette seats.

Popular Features

The V-8 engine is one of the most popular features that put this RV as one of the best Class A motorhomes under 35 feet currently available. The Newmar Bay Star Sport drives smooth thanks to the engine and its 6-speed automatic transmission. Additionally, the cruise control also aids your driving experience.

The interior has many popular features, such as the comfortable main bed with a smooth-top mattress. Another prime quality is the compact galley that's still enjoyable to cook with even in the limited space.  

Editor's Pick:
Forest River FR3 30DS

Editor's Pick: Forest River FR3 30DS


  • King-sized bed
  • Spacious design
  • Passenger workstation
  • Plenty of wardrobe space
  • Shower and toilet are separated, making it easier to share the bathroom


  • Unappealing exterior design
  • As the shower is separated, it's easier to get the floor wet


The Forest River FR3 30DS can sleep up to seven people as it offers a king-sized bed, hideaway sofa, and more. The couch and the main bed are connected to slide outs, with the dinette on the same slide out as the sofa.

Editor's Pick: Forest River FR3 30DS floor plan

The shower is opposite the bathroom that contains the toilet and sink. The three wardrobes opposite the main bed make it easy to get dressed after your morning routine. This layout makes the RV's back end almost a real bedroom, separated from the kitchen's dining area.

Popular Features

The split bathroom is ideal for any family as it makes the morning procedure much faster. As this is directly next to the comfortable king-sized bed, it makes a perfect bedroom if you're traveling alone or with a partner. The three wardrobes allow for plenty of storage of any clothing with ample room to spare.

The wrap-around booth dinette is a great place to enjoy your meals. There's an outdoor TV that's ideal for evening entertainment or catching the big game while you're on vacation. Additionally, if you need an extra sleeping area, you can adjust the hideaway sofa.

Can You Find an Affordable Class A Motorhome Under 35 Feet?

It's possible to find many of the best Class A motorhomes for an affordable price if you're willing to shop around. While these options may not offer all the fancy features that premium models do, they're still an excellent choice for any vacation despite the length of stay. 

When picking which motorhome you want while working with a budget, you'll need to select which features are a must and which ones are optional. Doing this will help you balance price against features.

However, cheap motorhome can be a bad idea at times due to poor craftsmanship or materials, so always check the reviews and do some homework, especially if you're buying a cheaper model.

Affordable Class A Motorhome Under 35 Feet

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Advantages of a Class A Motorhome Under 35 Feet

There are many reasons to pick a Class A RV over any other type of motorhome. There are especially many as these are often the more luxurious of the RV variety.

Underbelly Storage

Class A motorhomes offer a lot more storage than other Class B and Class C motorhomes. This difference is due to the height above ground that Class A has over the others, making it ideal for vacations, and of course living full time.

Advantages of Class A Motorhomes Under 35 Feet

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Any of the best Class A motorhomes have an excellent weatherproofing standard that can withstand the elements no matter what season it is. The quality of construction and amenities makes them perfect for traveling year round.

Living Area

As Class A motorhomes are large, they often have a big living area for you to enjoy. Additionally, none of the space within one of these RVs is wasted. One such example is the driving seats, which often spin around to provide a comfortable seating arrangement.

Ride Smoothness

As the vehicle itself is of higher quality with a better engine, the Class A motorhome offers a smoother ride than any other option. This quality makes your trip comfortable and long drives less irritating.

class a motorhomes under 35 foot

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How Do Class A Motorhomes Compare?

There are a few differences and similarities between the best Class A motorhomes you should consider before purchasing. 

Newmar vs Tiffin

Tiffin is a more expensive RV brand as it contains more luxury elements, such as larger wardrobe space. However, Newmar motorhomes are more ideally suited to a family vacation and are more affordable. The Newmar vehicles also lack a few features, such as the ride quality, even though it has a powerful engine.

Forest River vs Winnebago

Winnebago is an excellent standard to compare against Forest River as they're a well-known RV manufacturer. However, Forest River motorhomes have a decently sized living space that's comfortable for an extended vacation. However, both produce a similar level of quality for their price.

Winnebago vs Tiffin

The Winnebago motorhomes are more affordable than those from Tiffin. Additionally, they often have better sleeping arrangements that make it an ideal choice for camping with the family. However, as both RV sizes are large, it limits the areas where these can camp.

Winnebago vs Thor

Both Winnebago and Thor offer motorhomes at an entry to a high level, making it easy to find one in your price range. As their floor plans differ, it can be hard to match the options against each other. However, Thor motorhomes are often of a higher quality for the price you're paying.

enjoying a campfire with friends

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People Also Ask - Under 35 Foot Class A Motorhomes FAQs

What is a Class A Motorhome?

A Class A motorhome is a medium to large RV typically described as the "bus-shaped models." These options can span from a design similar to the previous motorhome classes to more extensive and more fanciful vehicles called diesel-pushers.

What is a High Mileage for a Class A Motorhome?

Class A motorhomes are expensive and can be costly. Fortunately, most of these RVs can easily reach 200,000 miles if you take proper care of the vehicle. With the correct maintenance, it's possible to get double or even triple the average miles.

Is a Class A Motorhome Hard to Drive?

The driving difficulty of any RV is a frequent question. Fortunately, most motorhomes are easy to drive once you get used to them. The Class A models are a bit more difficult as they're among the more sizeable, but Under 35 foot Class A motorhomes are generally easier to drive than the larger ones.

under 35 foot class a motorhomes with slideouts

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How Tall is a Class A Motorhome?

A Class A motorhome is among the tallest of all the types of RVs. The average height for one of these models is 13’ and 6", but additions such as a satellite dish or air-conditioning unit can make the vehicle taller.

How Wide is a Class A Motorhome?

Width is another major factor playing into the area of your motorhome. An RV's standard width is eight and a half feet, which is the maximum breadth allowed legally in many states. However, specific states have a legal cap of eight feet.

How Long Does a Class A Motorhome Last?

While any vehicle can last ages without being driven, active use with proper maintenance will see your Class A RV lasting around 200,000 miles. However, it's possible to extend this further with adequate care and maintenance. If you don't look after the Rv, it'll fail to last as far as 200,000 miles. 

What Driver's License Do I Need for a Class A Motorhome?

For most of the best Class A motorhomes, you don't need any particular driver's license as many of them weigh between 13,000 and 30,000 pounds. As many states have an upper limit of 26,000 pounds before you need a special license, you can often drive an RV without issues.

How Much Does a Class A Motorhome Weigh?

Class A motorhomes can weigh anywhere between 13,000 and 30,000 pounds. This factor depends on many aspects, such as the size of the RV and its facilities. Additionally, this can make it harder to determine if you need a special license or not.

The Best Class Motorhomes Under 35 Feet 

Getting the best Class A motorhome whether it's a large one or under 35 feet doesn't have to be stressful. Sure, there's a lot to take onboard, but as long as you do plenty of research, you will get it right.

they are expensive, but if you really want one and one that lasts, it's better not to go for the cheap options. They're cheap for a reason, and you will be paying for repairs sooner than you had anticipated. So, it's always better to strecth your budget if you can.

With the above guidelines and considering the features you truly want, you can find the ideal match for your budget. As Class A motorhomes are often the largest, we hope this guide helps you pick the best option for your next vacation.