Best Trailer Hitch Locks of 2020 – Ultimate Top 10 Picks

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Leaving your towing unit unattended is one of the biggest fears of anyone that has to tow valuable cargo. There could be thieves anywhere around you, just waiting for a chance to pounce on your trailer.

So what does one do? Invest in a trailer hitch lock.

These devices serve as the perfect solution to the safety issues you might have with your trailer. If you are not as familiar with them, this article will let you know everything that you need to.

Comparison of the Best Trailer Hitch Locks


Master Lock - Universal Size Fits 1-7/8", 2", and 2-5/16" Couplers

  • Best overall
  • Universal design that is meant to work with couplers of all sizes
  • Each unit features a unique design that can’t be unlocked with the same key
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Master Lock Trailer Hitch Lock, Fits 1-7/8 in., 2 in., and Most 2-5/16 in. Trailer Couplers

  • Runner Up
  • A heavy duty coupler lock that locks the coupler on the trailer
  • Features an advanced locking mechanism that prevents lock pickers from succeeding in their attempts
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REESE Towpower Universal Coupler Lock

  • Best for money
  • A universal model that features 11 different locking positions
  • A heavy duty unit that is designed out of aluminum and painted with steel
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Trimax SXT-5

  • Best Pin Lock
  • Ideal to fit for class III, IV and V receiver hitches
  • Receiver lock that will prevent the trailer from being unhitched from the towing vehicle
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Master Lock Receiver Lock, Fits 5/8 in. Receivers

  • Best receiver lock
  • Easy and convenient installation of the unit
  • Designed for a perfect fit on ⅝ inch receivers
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Tow Ready 'Gorilla Guard' Lock for 2" Couplers

  • Best coupler lock
  • Heavy-duty design that provides an extra mile of security
  • Designed to fit in the most commonly used 2-inch coupler.
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Blaylock TL-50 Gooseneck-Style Coupler Lock

  • Best gooseneck lock
  • Designed to fit ideal with a 2-5/16 inches coupler
  • Designed out of the highest grade aircraft aluminum
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Trimax UMAX100 Fits All Couplers

  • Best boat hitch lock
  • Designed for all sized couplers that is a perfect fit for all
  • Convenient use that allows easy installation and unlocking
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Trimax MAG10SC 10ft Combination Cable Lock

  • Best 8mm hitch lock
  • Combination lock with greater legibility for convenience
  • Braided Trimaflex cable that provides the unit with extra strength
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Master Lock Trailer Combo Pack

  • Best Combo Lock
  • Durable design that is meant to last long
  • Designed to fit for 1-⅞ inches, 2 inches, and 2’5/16 inches couplers
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What is a Trailer Hitch Lock?

Hitch locks are basically U-shaped devices that works to keep your trailer safe. It is placed over the coupler which is present on the trailer’s tongue. Since the lock is attached to the coupler, it prevents anyone else from attaching it to their vehicle.

These are perfect for ensuring complete safety of the towing unit, especially when your towing vehicle is decoupled from the trailer. So you no longer have to be worried about losing your valuable cargo the next time you have to park it somewhere and leave it unattended.

How to Choose a Trailer Hitch Lock

Hitch locks may seem like very simple devices, but they are a lot more than that. They have multiple aspects to them that one must consider in order to pick the right one. If you aren’t familiar with those, here are a few things that you need to look for when considering one for your trailer.

Hitch Receiver

Different types of hitch receivers present on the trailer require different types of hitch locks. Since these devices come in a number of different sizes, it is very easy to find one that would fit your trailer.


Budget is yet another important aspect when considering a unit since it defines what you can or can’t buy. You need to ensure that the product that you are looking at fits within your budget while featuring a good functionality in the least.


The product that you choose should be easy to use. Convenience plays a great role when looking at any product. If you pick a lock that is tricky to use, you will be spending most of your time wondering if you correctly locked it in place or not.


You need to ensure that the device you finally pick is made of good quality so that it can’t be tampered with. It is preferable to have a unit designed out of sturdy material such as steel, aluminum, or even rubber.

Review of the Best Trailer Hitch Locks

Now that you know what you need to look at while looking for a hitch lock, it is time you start considering your options. To make sure you know where to start, we made a list of the best trailer hitch locks that you can find, and for further ease of yours, reviewed them. All you need to do is find one that meets all your needs.

Master Lock - Universal Size Fits 1-7/8', 2', and 2-5/16' Couplers - Trailer Locks #389DAT


  • The Unit is Designed to Resist Rusting, Ensuring Great Durability
  • The Advanced Mechanism of the Lock Resists any Sort of Attempts at Picking or Prying
  • It Features a Very Simple Installation and Equally Easy Removal. Only With a Key Though
  • You do not have to Worry About the Compatibility of the Unit with Your Device Since it Works with all Sizes
  • The Bright Red Finish of the Unit Serves as a Great Discouraging Factor for any Thieves that Might want to Steal Your Trailer


  • In Colder Temperatures, the Lock will be Frozen and Hard to Take Apart, Even with a Key

This unit is designed exclusively for all those who seek to ensure the best security for their units. This universal lock will be sure to provide security for all sorts of trailers and the best of that too. With this unit, you simply never have to be worried about your trailer going anywhere.

This couple locker is designed to fit all sizes of the coupler, including the commonly used 1-⅞ inches, 2 inches, and 2-5/16 inches sized units. Its bright, red finish stands apart, very obviously, warning any possible thieves of complete security and discourages them from going ahead and doing anything.

The unit is designed with an advanced locking system that cannot be picked or pried, even by the most professional lock picks and thieves. What we love about it is that there are no two units that you will find being unlocked by the same key, because they are all designed uniquely to guarantee the best of security.

Bottom Line

This unit is designed to provide you with the highest degree of security. It will ensure that only, the one who holds the key will have access to hitching the trailer to a vehicle. Other than that, no one will be able to mess with your trailer. So, you can finally bid farewell to all your security concerns.


  • It is Designed to Resist Corrosion and all Sorts of Harsh Conditions
  • It Comes with a Set of Two Keys, Which is Perfect in Case you Misplace One of Them
  • The Lock Features Great Ease of Installation and Can be Removed Just as Easily with the Keys


  • Even Though the Brand Claims Otherwise, the Same Key can be Used to Open Different Locks

Two units by Master Lock, consecutively, and on the top of this list! This only goes to say how well these units work. So if you find the first unit incompatible with your unit, for any reason, then this one might be perfect for you. And you can trust Master Lock not to fail you.

To put into simple words, this hitch lock is versatile and considerably easy to use. These heavy duty locks are designed to stand all sorts of harsh conditions, staying immune to corrosion, weather, dust, dirt, or all that you think will affect your unit. It also features the same advanced mechanism that can’t be picked or pried, no matter how much one tries.

This unit will come with two keys, which will provide you with leniency if you ever lose or misplace one of them. It is also said to have resisted multiple attempts at thefts, with a number of tools, which would include hammers. What more assurance does one need?

Bottom Line

It is highly unlikely that anyone with a hitch lock key would go prying it into other locks. With that said, we can assure you that this unit will be able to stand through anything that it is put through and keep your trailer safe and secure till the end. Its heavy-duty design will put an end to all your worries.

REESE Towpower 72783 Universal Coupler Lock, Adjustable Storage Security, Heavy-Duty Steel, Yellow and Chrome


  • Easy Installation and Removal
  • The Bright Yellow Color Deters Thieves
  • Comes with a Spare Key, in Case You Lose One
  • An Advanced Locking System that Cannot be Picked, Pried or Even Drilled
  • The Unit can Fit into any Size Receiver, so you do not have to Worry About Finding the Right Fit for Your Trailer


  • The Unit can’t be Used with a Tongue Width that is Greater than 4 Inches

Looking for next level security but on a lower level price tag? You are looking at the absolute perfect product. This model by Reese plays the role of the perfect security keeper for your trailer, all the while ensuring that it does not weigh too heavy on your pocket. What more can we ask for?

This unit, being a universal design, will put an end to all your worries about finding the right one to fit your coupler. It will fit couplers of all sizes, and perfectly so. What we love about this unit is that it features a ratchet system that will serve to lock your trailer with 11 different locking positions.

Just like the first item on this list, this too features a bright color that serves as a great deterring factor for anyone with bad intentions around your trailer. But if that does not work, it is designed to resist any attempt at pick or prying, keeping your trailer ultimately saved from thieves and from factors like rusting and harsh environment.

Bottom Line

No other hitch lock can provide a greater value for your money than this unit. It is designed to be heavy on the trailer and light on your pocket. Its heavy-duty design will ensure that your unit is kept safe. It can withstand weather conditions and rust just as well as thieves.

Best Pin Lock:
Trimax SXT-5

Trimax SXT-5 Stainless Steel Receiver Lock


  • Equipped with 7 Pins, it is the Safest Unit you will Find on the Market
  • The Watertight Rubber Cap Plays a Protective Role and Keeps the Keyhole Guarded
  • The O-Ring Seal Keeps any Sort of Water, Dirt, and Grime out of the Locking Mechanism of the Unit
  • The 100 Percent Stainless Steel Design of the Unit Provides it with a Strength to Head Pull 5,800 Pounds


  • The Key can Easily Get Stuck in the Keyhole

Pin locks are known to provide great security with their special design that enables them to secure your towing unit efficiently. This model by Trimax is designed to provide you with the best pin lock security. It will be sure to provide you with a degree of security that will not disappoint you.

This unit is designed out of 100 percent stainless steel and is known to be one of the strongest hitch locks that you will find on the market. This ⅝-inch pin is designed to perfectly lock into class III, IV and V receiver hitches, allowing it to be compatible with a wide range of vehicles. Furthermore, the extended 3-½ inch span allows it to fit the wide receivers that one would find on Ford, Toyota, or any other truck.

The pin may not seem capable enough, but it is designed with the head pull strength of about 5,800 pounds. It also has an O-ring seal featured in its design. This seal keeps the locking vicinity free of water, dirt and even grime. And if that isn’t enough, it also has a watertight rubber cap that serves to protect the keyhole.

Bottom Line

Pin locks provide with enhanced security, preventing your towing vehicle being unhitched from the trailer. And no other pin lock will provide you with this function better than this model by Trimax; a functionality and design that will simply never let you down.

Master Lock Receiver Lock, Stainless Steel Barbell Receiver Lock, Fits 5/8 in. Receivers, 1469DAT


  • Heavy-Duty Design that can Bear Weights up to 10,000 Pounds
  • Using this Unit is as Simple as Pushing it in Place and Twisting a Key
  • The Unit Guarantees Durability, so you don't have to Worry about Replacing the Unit Soon


  • The Key May get Stuck in the Keyhole

Receiver locks work to ensure that when you leave your towing unit unattended, no one un-hitches it to connect their own. This can be a great saving factor for your valuable cargo loaded on the trailer. The best receiver model that we found was this unit by Master Lock, designed to provide you with the best of its function.

This unit is designed to fit perfectly with the ⅝ inch receiver, and it does so with great ease and convenience. All you need to do is push it into place to lock, and twist the key to unlock. It does not get any easier than this. Furthermore, it comes with two keys. So if you lose one, you do not need to worry about what to do.

What we love about this unit is that it has an extremely durable build that is designed to outlast tough weather conditions and resist rusting. It also features a watertight cap which will prevent any sort of moisture and dirt getting into the locking mechanism. This high strength material is design for a load of up to 10.000 pounds.

Bottom Line

This unit will be sure to provide you with all the qualities that one would expect from a receiver lock, and it will provide you with the best of them. This is the third product by Master Lock on this list, and just like all the other units, it will perform it's very best not to disappoint you.

Tow Ready (63228) 'Gorilla Guard' Coupler Lock for 2' Couplers


  • The Unit is Extremely Easy to Install and Use, Just as it is to Remove with a Key
  • The Spare Key Provided with the Unit will Allow you Leniency Even if you Lose One
  • The Model Comes with a One-Year Limited Warranty that will Ensure that you are Satisfied for a Long Time


  • The Unit is Considerably Heavy, Which Might Make it Hard to Handle

Coupler locks are one of the most commonly used units on the market, meaning there are a lot of these available. But there can be only one of the best, and that is this model by Tow Ready. This unit will ensure the best security of your trailer when left unattended and unhitched, so you no longer have to stress over its security.

You will find that this Gorilla Guard locker definitely lives up to its name. It will provide you with the simplest use that is still the most efficient coupler lock that you will find. It is designed to fit all of the 2-inch couplers with a heavy duty design that is perhaps the best anti-theft solution that one could opt for.

The unit may be heavy, but its weight provides an extra element of security to the design. What's more, is that this unit comes with a spare key to keep you calm even if you have lost one of them. It also comes with a year-long warranty to ensure customer satisfaction for all its users.

Bottom Line

Yes, the unit is heavy, but it helps provide more security to the unit, so it eventually helps with the main cause of the unit. With that said, you can rest assured that all of its features will provide you with the best of security and convenience. It is the best of what coupler locks have to offer. 

Blaylock TL-50 Gooseneck-Style Coupler Lock


  • The Unit is Lightweight and Quite Easy to Handle
  • The Top-Notch Construction Ensures it Provides the Best of Security
  • The Gooseneck Model is Ideally Designed so that it can't be Tampered With


  • The Gooseneck Model is Very Tricky to Install

Gooseneck locks are uniquely designed and provide great security for your trailers, especially when left unattended. This unit by Blaylock will provide you with the best gooseneck lock. Designed to fit with the most capable couplers, it will provide with security that you will find with no other gooseneck model.

This unit is designed to fit ideally with the 2-5/16 inches sized coupler. This size of the coupler allows the trailers to carry the highest amount of load, meaning there is more at stake to lose. But this unit will ensure that all your valuable cargo will be kept safe at all costs. Its patented design will be sure not to let you down.

The unit is designed out of very solid hardened steel and the highest grade aircraft aluminum that provides extra security, given that the lock can't be tampered with. No other gooseneck coupler lock will put your worries at rest like this model will.

Bottom Line

Getting the unit locked in might be a little hard, but once it is in place, it provides you with the best of security. It will be perfect for providing the highest grade of security for the highest capacity coupler. That is what we call a perfect fit. 

Best Boat Hitch Lock:
Trimax UMAX100 Fits All Couplers


  • It Features an Easy to Lock and Unlock System
  • Ideally Designed to Keep Your Boat Hitches Safe and Secure
  • With the Universal Design, you do not need to find the perfect fit for your trailer


  • The Unit Claims to be Universal, but may not be Compatible with a Few Trailers

Boats, as we all know, are precious and special vehicles that require special security, when in water as well as when attached to a trailer. To ensure the best of this security for your boat, invest in this model by Trimax that is designed to fit with all sizes of couplers, for a universal degree of security.

This universal coupler will provide an enhanced level of security for all sizes of couplers alike. So no matter what size of coupler you use for your boat hitch, the chances are that this hitch lock will be a perfect fit, providing with an ideal level of security. This security comes with a very easy and simple installation that presents with no hassles.

What provides this unit with added security is its design that is carved out of solid hardened steel. Such a construction can't be hammered or drilled to be taken apart. The only thing that can get this lock to open is its key. With that, the unit is extremely easy to unlock. So the unit provides you with great security and even greater convenience.

Bottom Line

If you are finding the best hitch lock to keep your boat secure, then you do not need to look any further than this. This design ensures more security for your boat hitch than any other model. And along with the security, you will also get the ease of use. What more do we need? 

Trimax MAG10SC 10ft Combination Cable Lock


  • The Digits on the Combination Lock are Extremely Easy to Read
  • There is no Fear of Losing Keys since there are None with this Unit
  • The Unit can be Used with all Sorts of Trailers Since it has no Specifics


  • The Unit can Resist Corrosion only up to a Certain Amount of Time and Starts Rusting After that

Trimax is known to provide the best of the products for its users. It has never compromised with the quality or functionality. And the same goes for this MAG10SC model. And that is why it is the best 8mm hitch lock model that you will find on the market.

This 8mm cable lock features a braided design that provides it with extra strength. This strength plays a great role in security as it cannot be simply pulled apart by thieves that try to get across this lock. And it ensures that you get this security for a longer period of time with its durable design that is capable of resisting corrosion for a longer span.

What we love about this is that it comes with a combination lock rather than keys. Keys are easy to misplace or lose, but a combination, once memorized, is almost never forgotten. So you will never be locked out of your own trailer. What's more, is that the numbers on the unit provide enhanced legibility for greater convenience.

Bottom Line

This unit will provide you the best of the cable security that you can expect from one such model. It is designed to withstand forces and harsh conditions. With no fear of thefts and losing keys, it will become a fast favorite of yours too just as it did for us.

Master Lock Trailer Lock, Trailer Coupler & Receiver Lock Combo Pack, 3794DAT


  • The Stainless Steel Design Provides it with Durability as well as Strength
  • It Features a Weather-Tough Seal and a Watertight Cap that Protects it from Water and Dirt
  • The Unit Provides you with a Convenient Use that will make Installation and Unlocking as Easy as Ever


  • A Couple of Pieces Included in the Kit are Made Out of Plastic, which is not the Best for a Lock

This is the fourth item by Master Lock on this list, and the only reason it’s the last one is because this is the end of the list. There is a lot more that Master Lock has to offer for the greatest security of your trailer, but this model definitely tops them all, hence earning a place on this list.

This unit provides with not only enhanced security but also an easy-to-use design that will serve you with nothing but convenience. All you need to do is push down the body until it is firmly locked in place and then remove the key. And just like that, your trailer is locked in with the highest level of security that you can ask for.

The unit is designed to fit into most of the commonly used sizes of couplers including 1-⅞ inches, 2 inches and most of the 2-5/16 inches models. So it is likely that whatever trailer you have, this will fit right into place and provide you with the ultimate security

Bottom Line

This unit might be the last one on the list, but it is in no way the least. Its efficiency and convenience are at par with all the other units on this list and are sure to provide you with complete satisfaction. With this, you can rest assured that you are getting nothing less than the best. 

Perks of Investing in a Quality Lock

The question that still stands is, why should one invest in a trailer hitch lock after all? Are these units good enough? They absolutely are.  Let us tell you a few perks on investing in a good hitch lock.

  • The greatest and the most obvious advantage of these units is that they prevent your trailer from being stolen
  • If someone were to look at your trailer with the intention of theft, then the sight of a lock would be sure to deter them.
  • They provide safety for your unit at a low cost
  • They are very convenient to use and provide the best of functionality
  • These are small and easily portable


Safety of your trailer has to be your number one concern, and nothing else would provide you with better security than these trailer hitch locks. Just look for the right features and pick what you think is the best for your unit. And you can bid farewell to all your security concerns while leaving your trailer unattended.

People Also Ask

This article is aimed at providing you with the complete knowledge of a trailer hitch lock that you might need while using one. To ensure that we cover everything that we need to, here are a few questions that people commonly ask regarding these devices.

How to Lock a Trailer Hitch?

Using these locks is pretty easy. It is a U-shaped device that is put around the coupler on your hitch. All you need to do is slide it down as far as it goes. Once it is fit into place, give it a good tug to check if it is locked in or not. The two ends of the unit may or may not stick out on the other end, depending on the coupler being used. And you are done!

How to Unlock/Remove a Trailer Hitch Lock?

Removing your hitch lock is just as easy as it is to set it in. Just put the key in the vicinity provided, and give it a twist. Your lock must have come undone. All you need to do is to pull the U-shaped component out of the lock. Your coupler is now free to be connected with a vehicle.

Do You Really Need a Trailer Hitch Lock?

If you are someone who often finds themselves towing away valuable cargo, and having to leave it unattended, then yes, you do need a trailer hitch lock. Misfortunes do not call beforehand to alert you of their arrival. You may have never had your trailer stolen before, but that does not mean it can’t happen. And we all know what they say, better safe than sorry.

Types of Trailer Hitch Locks - What Are They?

There are three types of hitch locks that you may find. These differ in the parts of the trailer that they lock. The three locks are as follows

Coupler Lock

These are the most commonly used and are used when the trailer is not hitched to the vehicle. These feature a U-shaped design that connects to the coupler of the trailer. Since the units occupy space, no other vehicle can be hitched to the trailer.

Receiver Hitch Lock

These units are used to secure the connection between a trailer and the vehicle. It attaches at the site of fastener hole which is present at the towing vehicle’s receiver. Once this unit has been set in place, no one can unhitch the vehicle from the trailer

Chock Lock

A chock lock is very similar to a tire lock that is used in vehicles to prevent them from moving. These devices function in the exact same way and are attached to the wheels on your trailer. Since the wheels are now unable to move, no one can steal your trailer from where it is parked.

How Does a Trailer Hitch Lock Work?

Trailer hitch locks are of multiple types and all work in different ways. They attach to different sites of the unit and impair different functions that prevent the trailer from being stolen. Some prevent the trailer from being hitched to a device, while others prevent them from being unhitched from the connected vehicle. Others, simply, function to prevent the trailer wheels from moving, rendering it to be stuck in one place.