Forest River Wildwood Review

| Last Updated: July 20, 2022

The Forest River Wildwood series is one of the company's most successful travel trailers, and once you step inside and get the feel of one, you quickly realise why. 

If you have an undying love for outdoor activities and adventures, and love to get out on the road, you've no doubt heard of Forest River. A a US-based manufacturer of recreational vehicles, as well as cargo trailers, boats, and buses that continues to grow its presence and reputation.

But what is it that makes the Forest River Wildwood one of its most popular trailers? In this article, we review the 31KQBTS - one of 13 different floor plans, and show you why it's a great choice.

As well as detailing its features, we also do a comparison overview of some similar sized trailers, so you get the feel of the whys and whats.

We've also included a section on what could be improved. Nothing is perfect, and we have taken any common complaints and highlighted them, just so you can be aware of any slight blemishes.

To round up the review, we've also included an FAQ section dedicated to all things Forest River Wildwood, so you should be well equipped with all the info you need when looking for one of these beauties.

Wildwood 31KQBTS

Forest River Wildwood

Forest River Wildwood Specs and Dimensions 

Height: 11’3”

Weight: 8573 lbs

How Many Does it Sleep: 10

Exterior Materials Used: Wood and aluminum

Towing Capacity: 1292 lbs

Forest River Wildwood Layout 

Other than technical features, the Wildwood has multiple features and aspects that contribute to its overall structure. Let’s take a look at some important parts of its layout. 


This RV trailer has a total of three slideouts. As a result, space will be in abundance, especially as there's an outside kitchen as well.

Prewired Essentials

You will be pleased to learn that this trailer comes with most electric essentials prewired. This means that TV connections and wiring for phones, battery power converters, heating systems, and air conditioning is pre-done. 

Smoke and Other Hazard Detectors

The Forest River trailer comes with a smoke detector. This can be a very important feature when you are camping out in the wild where an accident can occur. It also has a carbon monoxide detector, a propane alarm, and an impressive emergency exit design. 


The rooms and living area of the trailer are carpeted or made of vinyl, and you can request whichever suits you.

Pre-Installed Speakers

If you are a fan of radio or any kind of audio entertainment, then this trailer has speakers pre-installed for you.

Construction and Finish

It has wheels made up of steel. The rest of the vehicle is constructed with wood and aluminum parts. The one-piece roof ensures absolute protection from any downpours, and the Powder Coated I-Beam Frame and Cambered Chassis ensures you have a travel trailer ready for the outdoors. And, it also has a wood-finished interior, with ornate wallpapers in rooms and the living area. 

Panoramic Windows

For nature lovers, the large panoramic windows will be of great value. These windows welcome lots of natural light, so your energy consumption will be minimal during the day time. 

Does The Wildwood Come With Appliances?

The Forest River Wildwood comes with a limited number of appliances pre-installed for its users. However, it does offer enough room that can accommodate appliances that you may wish to add to it. Some appliances that the Wildwood comes along with are:

  • One radio
  • Speakers
  • Standard fireplace
  • Mid-size refrigerator
  • Standard microwave oven
  • Overhead fans
  • Three oven burners
  • Heater and air conditioner

If you wish to use other appliances such as phones, TV, and kitchen appliances, the vehicle comes pre-wired to accommodate those, too.

Who is the Forest River Wildwood Best For? 

Many people bought this vehicle and used it for various purposes and occasions. The Forest River Wildwood was used by couples for traveling and road trips purposes, but it's a bunkhouse trailer and sleeps up to 10 people.

So, whether you're a couple who likes to entertain friends from time to time, or a large family, the Forest River Wildwood is prefect, especially with three slide outs. 

Popular Features 

This trailer is packed with incredible and versatile features that make it suitable for various purposes. It is a full-size RV trailer with a luxurious interior. In fact, other than its great capacity, build quality, and good price point, the interior of this unit is noteworthy. Here are some popular features of this vehicle’s interior that might interest you:

Wooden Finish

If you want a luxurious feeling in your RV trailer, then the wooden flooring will surely enhance the whole experience. The whole living space has a wooden finish, which gives it a very home-like feeling.

Spacious Bedrooms

Since comfort is of utmost importance, the spacious master bedroom of this vehicle is an outstanding feature. But of course, it's not just about you! Your children or guest have plenty of space to get their heads down in this very spacious 2 bedroom RV

LED Accents and Lavish Kitchen

One of the most notable features of this vehicle is its kitchen interior. It has built-in microwave ovens and stoves, with LED accents and luxurious finishing. Lots of spacious cupboards and shelves also make the kitchen very welcoming.

Included Safety Features 

Since you will be out and away from home in your RV trailer, it is crucial to have some features and functions that you can rely on. In this vehicle, you will get the following safety features:

Propane Alarm

Since you will be using several kitchen appliances and heating units, there will be lots of propane gas involved. This, if leaked, can be hazardous to the health and the environment too. The propane alarm in this vehicle ensures that propane levels don’t exceed a certain amount. 

Smoke Detection

To keep your vehicle clean and tidy from smoke, the smoke detector works by notifying you when the smoke level is high. Whether you have something overcooking in the kitchen or a small fire has started in one of your appliances, the detector will play a significant role in your protection. 

Emergency Exit 

This large-sized RV has a standard emergency exit. It is crucial to understand how the exit works and have everyone on the trailer learn how to use it. This emergency exit is very important in unpredictable situations.

Aspects to Improve

Even though the Forest River Wildwood is very popular and a consumer-favorite, it lacks some features. And we believe if these were included, the vehicle would have been a complete package. 

Number of Appliances Included

The appliances that come in this vehicle are limited. It only includes basic heating and air conditioning units and basic necessities like fans. The only valuable appliance you get is the refrigerator and the microwave oven. If appliances like an electric heater, kitchen appliances like blenders and other accessories were included, you wouldn’t have to spend extra buying additional appliances. 

Warranty and Support

The warranty and support of this vehicle are very unspecific. This leaves buyers with lots of unanswered queries and concerns about the longevity of their investment in the vehicle. 


While some people might enjoy the large, panoramic windows, it can be a huge problem for privacy and heat in the summer. The large windows are great if you like well-lit living spaces with lots of sunlight coming in. However, for most people, the large windows compel them to install large blackout curtains so that they have good privacy and to lessent he heat from the sunshine.

Storage Space 

The majority of the cabinets and shelves you will find in this vehicle are in the kitchen area. Storage capabilities, such as drawers under the bed or spacious cupboards, are missing in the vehicle. As a result, storing clothes, shoes, and other such belongings may become troublesome. 

Comparison Overview 

There are lots of other alternatives available on the market. We have compared some well-known trailers and recreational vehicles to help you determine if the Wildwood is the right pick. 

Wildwood Forest River vs. Coachmen SBX

Here is how the Wildwood Forest River compares to the Coachmen SBX: 

  1. The Coachmen vehicle has a dry weight of about 5273 lbs., while the Forest River vehicle has 8573 lbs of dry weight. 

  2. Both units have aluminum sidewalls. However, the Coachman vehicle has fiberglass construction compared to Wildwood’s wooden construction. 

  3. The two vehicles do not have electrically sliding doors. 

  4. Wildwood has three slideouts, while Coachmen only has one. 

  5. Their kitchen layout is very similar. Both have U-shaped Dinette and carpeted/vinyl flooring. 

Verdict: The interior of these two vehicles is very similar. However, the dimensions and weight of the two are significantly different from one another. The construction material and quality are also different. Overall, both vehicles are good choices for families or groups of four to five people. 

Forest River Wildwood vs. Jayco SLX 8

Jayco is a leading brand in the US travel trailers industry. We have compared some significant features between the SLX8 and the Wildwood model. 

  1. Both of these vehicles have wooden and aluminum construction. 

  2. A generous two-year limited warranty backs the Jayco RV trailer. Meanwhile, the Forest River vehicle is not backed by a specific warranty. 

  3. With three slide outs, the Forest River trailer has a lead over the Jayco trailer that has two slide outs. 

  4. In terms of exterior, the LED lighting of the Jayco trailer has the upper hand. Wildwood comes with a basic and simple exterior.

Verdict: To conclude, the Jayco trailer is very impressive in terms of its design and exterior features. Meanwhile, the Wildwood is a simple vehicle with a luxurious interior and full-sized capacity. The Wildwood trailer is more suitable for larger groups of people or families. It is also more suited for traveling longer distances. 

How to Winterize a Wildwood Travel Trailer

You might have to winterize your travel trailer once the nights start to become longer and colder. However, people get professional help for winterizing their trailers, which costs a lot.

The good news is, you can do it yourself, too. The following are the steps to winterizing a Wildwood travel trailer. 

  1. Before you winterize, make sure to check and read through the instruction manual that comes with your travel trailer.

  2. Drain away all the water from the drainage pipes of the vehicle. 

  3. Clean or drain out the gray and black holding tank. 

  4. Drain the water heaters. 

  5. To finally drain out all amounts of water in the vehicle, spot the low-point drain lines, and drain all the water from the vehicle. You might require a water pump for this. 

  6. Once all components are drained off, put the cap back on all the faucets. 

  7. Connect a water pump to pressurize the anti-freeze into the system/faucet of the trailer.

  8. We recommend using a siphon hose to connect the antifreeze with the water pump. Turn the water pump pressure on and keep it on till the antifreeze appears in the pipe. 

  9. Once the pump is on, and antifreeze is pushed throughout the pipes, turn the faucet on and let the antifreeze run through.

Running this process, including the pressure pump and the anti-freeze kit through several faucets and pipes of your trailer, will winterize your trailer. 

A video is also added below to further demonstrate how the process will take place. 

Forest River Wildwood FAQs

We have answered some queries regarding the Wildwood camper. If you are interested in buying one for yourself, it is good to have all queries and confusion solved. 

Is Forest River Wildwood a Good Camper?

Considering the expert-designed floor planning and incredible brand reliability, Forest River campers and trailers are really popular. The Wildwood camper is also of great quality and is bound to add lots of value to your money. 

What is the Difference Between Forest River Wildwood and Salem?

Forest River is the manufacturer, while Wildwood and Salem are the brands of campers. Salem is much older than Wildwood, but both have equally high quality and excellent floorplans, which makes them both popular on the market. 

Who Makes the Wildwood Camper?

Forest River RV makes the Wildwood camper. 

How Much Gap is There Between the Ceiling and Roof in a Wildwood Travel Trailer?

The gap between the ceiling and roof of any travel trailer is different and varies from one vehicle to another. Therefore, check your trailer’s manual to find out the specific gap between the ceiling and the roof. 

How To Turn Off the Inverter on a Wildwood Travel Trailer

An instruction manual comes along with all Wildwood trailers. You should look in your respective trailer’s manual and find the section where they explain the vehicle's built-in appliances. All inverters in different trailers need to be operated differently. 

How Long Should a Battery Last in a Forest River Wildwood Travel Trailer?

It is highly recommended to replace the batteries every two years.

The Forest River Wildwood - A Leader and a Trailer

To conclude, the Forest River Wildwood is an incredible choice for long road trips and camping. It is loved by all camping and RV enthusiasts across the US. It is a high-rated, successful trailer that can total up to ten people, making it great for large families and groups. 

The most prominent features of this trailer are its robust construction and long-lasting, corrosion-resistant aluminum components. It has an elite, luxurious interior with carpeted and vinyl floors. 

Overall, it is a great full-sized trailer with a spacious interior that is suitable for long miles of travel.