Best Under 25 Foot Fifth Wheels

| Last Updated: July 8, 2022

Not everyone needs or can afford a big, luxurious camper. Under 25 foot fifth wheels are great for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors, but prefers to keep it compact. There are many benefits to such a camper.

RVs and trailers are very popular these days. People are renovating trucks and vans into liveable homes. Instead of going on an uncomfortable journey, however, you can take the comfort of your home with you in an under 25ft fifth wheel.

A fifth wheeler is a type of trailer that does not have its own engine but is rather towed with a truck. This frees up a lot of space inside the trailer and makes things more spacious. You can easily detach the trailer whenever you want to move around more easily, so 25 foot is more than ample for most people.

Fifth wheel trailers under 25 feet long still provide a lot of space and are reasonably priced. We are going to look at the best under 25-foot fifth wheels you can buy today.

under 25ft 5th wheel trailer

Escape 5.0 Fifth Wheel (Source)

What Makes a Great Under 25 Foot Fifth Wheel?

A fifth wheel is not just a vehicle, it’s a living space. You need to consider many living amenities like water, sewage, bed space, etc. before you invest in one. These basic things are what every trailer should offer. But if you want to have the best experience, then you need to look for something that stands out. 


One of the great things about a fifth wheel compared to a normal RV is the extra storage space. You get to add more furniture, maybe a sitting area, or you can clear the space out for moving around. Such vehicles can often feel like a small apartment, which is great for those who take their trailers on long journeys. 


High-quality, luxury fifth wheels can have luxury interiors with sofas, beds, a refrigerator, a full kitchen area, and multiple floor options like plywood. They also have comfortable baths and air conditioning. A small fireplace is often added to improve the ambiance of the space. 


The price of the fifth wheel or any regular motorhome varies according to the size and quality of the material inside. On average, though, a high-class fifth wheel costs much less than a motorhome. If you are working on a budget, but you need a comfortable space, fifth wheels are the way to go.

Review of the Best Under 25 ft Fifth Wheels

Now that we know what we are looking for and why it would be great for us, let's look at the best under 25-foot fifth wheels. These are our top picks.

Best Overall Under 25 Foot 5th Wheel:
KZ Sportsmen 231RK

Best Overall Under 25 Foot 5th Wheel: KZ Sportsmen 231RK


  • Has a 30,000 BTU furnace
  • Room for a full-sized fridge
  • There is good water capacity
  • Large overhead cabinets for storage
  • Comes with a 30” fireplace for good ambiance


  • Only has a limited two-year warranty

KZ Sportsmen 231RK Specs

GVWR: 7,500 lbs

Dry Weight: 6,150 lbs

Hitch Weight (Dry): 790 lbs

Exterior Length: 24’ 5”

Exterior Height: 11’ 11”

Interior Height: 75”

Freshwater capacity: 45 Gal

Gray water capacity: 85 Gal

Black water capacity: 53 Gal

KZ Sportsmen 231RK Floor Plan

KZ Sportsmen 231RK Layout

It has a 15” awning on the outside with foldable solid steps. There is a 42” space on the side for dining with brackets for LCD TV on the wall. The dining area has a table with two sofas on the side. There is a 36” storage area at the dining space as well.

On the other side, there is a 64” sofa for sitting. The trailer's back end has a full kitchen with a refrigerator, sink, stove, microwave, and an oven. The front of the trailer has a queen-sized bed with room on either side for lamps, etc.

There are two pass-through storages on either side of the trailer and a separate linen cabinet in front of the bed. It also has a bathtub, a sink, and a toilet. It has a grey water capacity of 85 gallons.

Who Is The KZ Sportsmen 231RK Best For?

The KZ Sportsmen has plenty of storage space, but there is only one sleeping area. So this trailer would be great for a couple or a single person. It has two separate pass-through storages so both people can keep their things in their own space.

Popular Features

There's plywood floor in the trailer with options for lake wood dark. Both are durable and aesthetically pleasing. It has LED lights in the storage, dining, sleeping, and kitchen area. There is also a fireplace inside, which increases the comfort level of the space. You have a tri-fold sofa that you can pull out whenever you have guests over.

Scamp 19′ Deluxe Trailers

Runner-up: Scamp 19′ Deluxe Trailers


  • Has a separate and big sleeping area
  • There are a lot of different storage options
  • Pull-out sofas make a second sleeping area
  • You can choose from oak and birch wood floors


  • Kitchen area might be cramped

Scamp 19’ Deluxe Trailer Specs

GVWR: 2,900 lbs

Dry Weight: 3,500 lbs

Hitch Weight (Dry): 400 lbs

Exterior Length: 19’

Exterior Height: 8’ 10”

Interior Height: 6’ 3”

Freshwater capacity: 12 Gal

Gray water capacity: 21 Gal

Black water capacity: 9 Gal

Scamp 19′ Deluxe Trailer Floor Plan

Scamp 19’ Deluxe Trailer Layout

The great thing about this under 25 foot 5th wheel trailer is the upper floor, which has a queen-size mattress and cushions. The separate bed means you will not get disturbed, and you get to relax in your own space. There are overhead cabinets around the upper and lower floor.

The ladder that go up also have small drawers along with the bottom of the countertops in the kitchen, so you are never out of space. The kitchen has a sink, full-sized refrigerator, stovetop with two stoves, and an oven.

At one side of the kitchen, there is a dining area with a small table. The two couches in the dining area can be pulled out to make a second bed. On the other side of the kitchen, next to the stairs, there is a bathroom with a shower. There is also a closet next to the shower area.

Who Is The Scamp 19’ Deluxe Trailer Best For?

This deluxe trailer can accommodate about four people for sleeping, so a small family can stay here. Since the trailer is not too heavy, it can be towed around easily. It also has a spare tire if needed. It is perfect for anyone looking to go out on the road for a family vacation.

Popular Features

One of the popular features of this trailer is that it is lightweight - much lighter than other small trailers. It has beige wooden cabinets that add to the style of the trailer. The trailer has R-15 super insulation that reduces heat loss and makes the space much more comfortable in winter.

Best for the Money:
Escape 5.0 Fifth Wheel

Best for the Money: Escape 5.0 Fifth Wheel


  • Dining area is very spacious
  • Has a stable and stiff fiberglass construction
  • Ceiling is very high for moving around easily
  • Comes with a solar panel and composting toilet


  • There is only one bed

Escape 5.0 Fifth Wheel Specs

GVWR: 5,500 lbs

Dry Weight: 3,910 lbs

Hitch Weight (Dry): 646 lbs 

Exterior Length: 21’2”

Exterior Height: 9’7”

Interior Height: 7’

Freshwater capacity: 28 Gal

Gray water capacity: 28 Gal

Black water capacity: 30 Gal

Escape 5.0 Fifth Wheel Floor Plan

Escape 5.0 Fifth Wheel Layout

In this under 25 foot 5th wheel there are overhead storage cabinets around the bed, kitchen area, and dining area. There is also a separate space for clothes and a cabinet for kitchen utensils. The dining area next to the kitchen is very spacious. It can accommodate up to four people at a time.

The queen-sized bed is separated from the rest of the living area through stairs. Next to the stairs is a full wet-bat with a tub, sink, and toilet. The kitchen has an oven, a stove, an exhaust, and a sink. 

There are drawers below the sitting area as well. There are windows in the bedroom and the sitting area for ventilation. 

Who Is The Escape 5.0 Fifth Wheel Best For?

This 5th wheel trailer can be used by people who live in one full time. It's spacious, has a full kitchen and bathroom. There is a solar panel with a charge controller for energy. There’s also a composting toilet, which saves a lot of water.

Popular Features 

Escape 5.0 has great fuel economy. It is very stable and does not sway while driving. It has lifetime durability, and it's a modern fifth wheel with renewable energy options and everything you will need in a home.

Editor's Pick:
Grand Design Reflection 220RK

Editor's Pick: Grand Design Reflection 220RK


  • Awning has LED lights
  • A skylight over the walk-in shower
  • King-sized wardrobe in the bedroom
  • A very spacious living area with an LCD
  • Roof and walls are laminated and insulated


  • None

Grand Design Reflection 220RK Specs

GVWR: 8,995 lbs

Dry Weight: 6,695 lbs

Hitch Weight (Dry): 1,131 lbs 

Exterior Length: 26’7”

Exterior Height: 11’9”

Interior Height: 8'

Freshwater capacity: 52 Gal

Gray water capacity: 71 Gal

Black water capacity: 39 Gal

Grand Design Reflection 220RK Floor Plan

Editor's Pick: Grand Design Reflection 220RK floorplan

Grand Design Reflection 220RK Layout

Across the living area through the steps, there is a bedroom with a queen-sized bed and side tables. Over the bed, there are cabinets for storage. In front of the bed, there is a small closet with mirrors.

Next to the bedroom, there is a bathroom. The bathroom has a sink with drawers for toiletries. Above it is a medicine cabinet with mirrors. There is also an electric outlet next to it. There is also a separate shower area, a toilet, and a towel hanging rod.

The living area starts with a chaise lounge sofa and a table for eating. In front of the dining area is a built-in cabinet with multiple drawers, which has an LCD screen over it. There are large overhead cabinets for storage.

The kitchen has a fridge, oven, and microwave oven. The countertop has a sink next to a large stove.

Who Is The Grand Design Reflection 220RK Best For?

This trailer has only one sleeping area with a queen bed, so it will be perfect for a couple or maybe a family with one kid. It has multiple storage areas, and the roof is very high, so it is not cramped. You can take it out for long trips.

Popular Features

One of the great selling points of this trailer is the interior design. It is very comfy and homey with hardwood cabinets and many windows for ventilation. It features Congoleum flooring, which is one of the premium flooring companies. It also has good water capacity.

Honorable Mention:
Allen Idle-Time 219 RKS

Honorable Mention: Allen Idle-Time 219 RKS


  • Has a fully carpeted interior
  • Large awning with a porch light
  • Windows are insulated and tinted
  • Decorative and durable glass doors
  • Smoke alarm and fire extinguisher for safety


  • Water capacity is less than that offered in other units

Allen Idle-Time 219 RKS Specs

GVWR: 7,700 lbs

Dry Weight: 5,000 lbs

Hitch Weight (Dry): 600 lbs 

Exterior Length: 24’ 10”

Exterior Height: 11’ 4”

Fresh water capacity: 36 Gal 

Gray water capacity: 38 Gal

Black water capacity: 38 Gal

Allen Idle-Time 219 RKS Floor Plan

Allen Idle-Time 219 RKS Layout

The separate bedroom in this under 25 ft fifth wheel has a queen-sized bed with overhead cabinets and two side closets. The bathroom next to it has a sink with a cabinet overhead and a mirror. There is also a separate tub and shower next to the toilet.

The living area has one large sofa on one side and a dining area on the other. There are overhead cabinets in the living area as well. Behind the living area, there is a fully functioning kitchen with a large fridge. The countertop has a large double-sink and stovetop. The overhead cabinet also has a microwave oven.

Who Is The Allen Idle-Time 219 RKS Best For?

A small family can comfortably live in this trailer. There is a freshwater system as well as grey and black water tanks. It is a fully functioning living space with insulation for winter and windows for ventilation.

Popular Features

There are many security features, including a fire alarm, fire extinguisher, and security lights on the porch area. It also has a water filter system. All the comforts have been taken care of, including a water heater.

Can You Really Find a Quality Fifth Wheel Under 25 Feet That’s Affordable?

The price of the fifth wheel depends on the amenities and accommodations provided. You can go all out and buy the most luxurious option with fancy furniture and equipment. But you can buy a more budget-friendly fifth wheel without all the frills but with high-quality construction and design. 

All you need for a good home on wheels is space for moving around, a fully working kitchen area, a comfortable sitting area, air conditioning, and a bathroom in working condition. You can get all this at the lower end of the price range. Just make sure to check the durability and warranty because price should not be a deterrent for quality. 

When Would a 5th Wheel Under 25 Feet Come in Handy?

Why would you want a 5th wheel that you would have to tow with another vehicle when you can buy the transport and living space all in one package? Here are some of the many reasons where a fifth wheel under 25 feet would be very useful. 

For Difficult Roads

When you drive a lot, you need to make sure that doing it with your trailer attached is easy and safe. Fifth wheels are considered safe to tow, given the location of the hitch. The hitches are mostly located at the back of the truck in a way that reduces the sway of the fifth wheel. This makes them more stable.  

under 25ft 5th wheel trailers

Grand Design Reflection 220RK (Source)

Long Road Trips

On long road trips, you need a trailer that you can detach and put aside. You need to be able to drive around with extra weight at the back of the truck. You can camp your trailer aside and travel the city freely. Because you will be away from home for a long time, having a spacious and comfortable space is a must.   

Full-Time Living

Because of the space and extra amenities included in fifth wheels, they are considered ideal for people looking for not just transportation but also a full-time living space

When you are staying in an area for a long time, you can easily detach the trailer from the truck. You can add things like large water tanks and air conditioners, etc. You won’t have to worry about the extra weight making the trailer difficult to drive.     

What Should I Look For When Buying an Under 25 Foot Fifth Wheel?

Because fifth wheels are not just for traveling but for living full-time, you need to look at a lot of different amenities. You should make sure that your stay and travels will be comfortable.


The size of the fifth wheel is important not just because you need storage space and free space to move around but also because you need to keep in mind that a separate vehicle will be towing it. If the fifth wheel is too heavy, you will need a large truck to tow it safely. You should keep in mind the truck you have and make sure that it can tow the fifth wheel.


There are some must-have things that you need for living like heating, cooling, bathroom, and kitchen. The bathroom will need a wastewater system. The kitchen and shower will need a freshwater tank as well. The stove should have an exhaust above it because it is such a small space that you don’t want fumes building up. Not all fifth wheels will have pre-installed air-conditioners, but you can install them yourself if you want.

Small living spaces such as these take advantage of every area to make room for storage. There are often drawers in the stairs and tables. You should check if the fifth wheel has electric ports. Some come with a small solar panel as well.

under 25 foot fifth wheel

KZ Sportsmen 231RK (Source)


Whatever is inside the fifth wheel will only work when the construction and exterior are durable. They are mostly made of fiberglass with insulation on the walls and roof. Fiberglass is just as strong as steel. It is sustainable, requires little maintenance, and is highly durable.  

Pros and Cons of a Fifth Wheel Under 25 Foot

As you might have guessed from the article so far, buying a fifth has many advantages over regular trailers. But it all depends on you and what you want to use it for. Here are some of the common pros and cons of owning a fifth wheel.


Out of the many reasons for buying a fifth wheel, these are usually at the top of every list.

Easy To Drive With

Fifth wheels are lighter than travel trailers, and hence they are easy to tow. They don’t sway so much, which is necessary when you are turning. This stability also makes them safe. You can hook them and detach them easily when you need to drive around the town with the extra weight.

under 25 foot 5th wheels

Lots Of Space

As we have seen, fifth wheels have a lot of room inside for a large bed, spacious dining area, and a full kitchen. They don’t feel very cramped and often have tall ceilings as well. This also makes lots of room for cabinets and storage.

More Accommodations

Since fifth wheels don’t need to worry about the motor and driving area, there are options for adding other equipment. There are many modern pieces of equipment like a full oven, a microwave, and a full-fridge. They will often have a large LCD screen in the living area. 

Many luxury fifth wheels will have hardwood cabinets and plywood floors. The sofas can often be pulled-out to convert into a separate bed and sleeping area.   


There are some cases in which a trailer works better, like short road trips. Not everything is perfect, and therefore there are some reasons for not choosing a fifth wheel.


Since the interior is large and there are many pieces of electric equipment, it will need a lot of maintenance. There are water tanks that you will have to fill and dispose of properly. You also need to keep the battery fully charged for using electricity, so you don’t fry your phone or other appliances accidentally due to unstable electricity. There are several options to get electricity in a fifth wheel, like a generator, a solar panel, and the vehicle’s engine. 

under 25 ft 5th wheels are great for life on the road

Grand Design Reflection 220RK (Source)

Needs a Big Truck

To tow the truck safely and stably, you will need a large pickup truck. There are hitches at the back of the pickup truck that are hooked to the fifth wheel. If you don’t have a large truck, you might have trouble towing it properly. 

Types of Under 25 Foot Fifth Wheels

Considering the size of the fifth wheel, there are different types that you can buy according to your needs. These can be divided based on how they can be towed. 

Towing Vehicle

You will need to look at the truck that can properly tow the fifth wheel. There are different types of hitches. Long bed trucks have eight-foot-long beds, while short bed trucks are about four to five feet long. The hitch is located on the top center of the bed. This makes towing more stable. 

Gooseneck Hitches

A gooseneck is another type of hitch you can use for towing. It is smaller than a fifth-wheel hitch. But gooseneck hitches are perfect for heavy-duty towing. If your fifth wheel is very large and heavy, you can opt for this one. 

Scamp vs Escape Small 5th Wheels - Comparison Overview

Escape and Scamp both have been making trailers for decades. They both make sustainable and comfortable fifth wheels. 

under 25ft fifth wheel campers

Scamp 19′ Deluxe Trailers (Source)


Scamp trailers started their business in 1975. They started off by upgrading and remodeling old damaged mobile homes. When the old business was shut down, they started making their own trailers and have improved their designs over the years. 

Escape trailers also started in the RV business by renovating fiberglass trailers. By 2002, they started making their own trailers. 


Escape trailers have a very luxurious look on the inside. They have wooden cabinets and comfortable sofas. There are custom wooden interiors. Meanwhile, Scamp trailers are more basic. They have all the amenities but are not the most modern looking. 

If you don’t want the extra fuss and just a working home, then Scamp trailers are good. Escape trailers also have the option of solar panels and a fiberglass-reinforced bathroom.  

Escape 5.0 Fifth Wheel

Escape 5.0 Fifth Wheel (Source)


Scamp trailers have a size range of 13 to 19 feet. On the other hand, Escape trailers are bigger and are in the range of 23 to 25 feet. This allows for more space inside the trailer and adds to their modern look. 

People Also Ask - Under 25ft 5th Wheels FAQs

If you have more questions about the type of fifth wheels you should buy, and what you need to look for, then you can read these frequently asked questions below.

How Much Does a 25 Foot Fifth Wheel Weigh?

The average dry weight of a fifth wheel is around 5,200 pounds. The water tanks and other gear add extra weight, but that is up to you.

What Does a 25 Foot 5th Wheel Cost?

The price depends on the materials used and the interior design. But on average, you can expect to pay $2,500 to $100,000 for a good fifth wheel.

KZ Sportsmen 231RK

KZ Sportsmen 231RK (Source)

What Size Truck To Pull 25 Foot Fifth Wheel?

For smaller fifth wheels, a half-ton truck will do. For larger trailers, you might need a three-quarter-ton truck. A Ram 1500 or a Chevy truck is the popular choice.   

What Is the Average Length Of a Fifth Wheel?

Fifth wheels can be as long as 45 feet, or they can be as small as 13 to 25 feet. 45-foot trailers are popular among those that have larger families, and they are also more luxurious. 

Are Small Fifth Wheel Trailers Easier To Tow Than Travel Trailers?

Fifth wheels are considered easier to tow than travel trailers mainly because of the location of the hitch. They are stable and have less sway. If your travel trailer is very small, then, of course, it will be easy to tow it, but generally, a fifth wheel is better. 

Do Fifth Wheels Under 25 Feet Have a Bathroom?

Yes, all fifth wheels have bathrooms. Some even have a bathtub.

How Many People Does an Under 25 Foot Fifth Wheel Hold?

Under 25-foot fifth wheels can hold anywhere from four to six people. But if you don’t want to get too cramped, four people are enough. 

The Best Under 25 Foot 5th Wheels 

Fifth-wheel trailers are the popular choice for people who use trailers for full-time living or long road trips. They are easier to tow than travel trailers, and because you can detach them when needed, they're much more accessible and versatile than motorhomes

All of the models on our list have been chosen for their comfort level and availability of basic amenities, and we recommend all of them. That said, it's important not to jump in and buy the first small 5th wheel trailer you see.

Make sure you consider everything before you buy. This includes your budget, who regularly travels with you, how much/little space you'd be comfortable with, and how often you'd be using it.

The best under 25 foot 5th wheels are ideal for most travelers, especially couples, and we're sure if you get one, you'll absolutely love yours.