Best Small 5th Wheel Trailers

| Last Updated: July 8, 2022

Ready to start your outdoor camping life, but want to travel light? Fifth-wheel trailers do not always have to be big, and small 5th wheel trailers could be your answer.

These lightweight campers mean you can camp in luxury without breaking the bank, and you have a home from home that's relatively easy to tow.

Not everyone can afford or needs a big, luxury 5th wheel, and today, small 5th wheel trailers, with many under 25 foot, and are available in a huge range of styles and sizes to meet your certain needs. 

We have reviewed the best small fifth wheel campers for you, and have compared some of the best fifth wheel manufacturers. We also discuss the pros and cons of owning a small 5th wheel trailer, so you'll be better equipped to make a more informed decision when shopping for one.

Ready to know all about the best small 5th wheel trailers that are perfect for everything from weekend camping to full-time living? Read on...

Smallest 5th Wheel Trailers

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Are All Small 5th Wheel Trailers The Same?

It is not right to say that all small 5th wheel trailers are the same. Different brands offer their modified version of these trailers. Though all of them feature a compact and lightweight design, they're not exactly the same.

Different models have varying floor plans as well as multiple amenities and important accessories. While some of them have vinyl flooring, others feature laminated wooden flooring. Similarly, depending on the number of appliances, trailers can vary in their weights as well. You will also see a difference in their sleeping capacities. While some of them are designed for small families, others are specifically for couples. 

What is a Small 5th Wheel Best Used For?

The introduction of a small 5th wheel has revolutionized the RV industry. They have become the go-to choice of many adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts. In this section, we'll be discussing the top uses of these types of trailers. 

Take Road Trips

What’s better than a road trip with your family? A small 5th trailer saves the cost of a hotel as you can stay with your family in the RV. They're also much easier to tow than larger fifth wheels, so you'll feel much safer on the road.

Full-time Use

A small 5th wheel trailer can be used by anyone who loves to live on roads. You can actually keep your essentials in the trailer and enjoy a full-time stay.

forest river small 5th wheel trailer

Forest River Rockwood Ultra Lite (Source

Go Camping

Apart from being a suitable choice for road trips, small 5th wheel trailers are also a perfect solution for your camping needs. Due to their small size, they can easily access small spaces, thereby allowing a luxurious stay in the woods. Build a campfire nearby, make memories with your friends and family, and then re-enter the trailer to enjoy a comfortable living.

A Home In a Trailer

With a small 5th wheel trailer on board, you won’t miss home. The entire space is efficiently used to accommodate essential amenities of luxury and comfort. 

Who Makes Small Fifth Wheel Travel Trailers?

Whenever you're in the market to get a new small 5th wheel trailer, you'll come across a range of options. Different models feature certain characteristics peculiar to each brand. Some brands have a proven history of providing reliable products. To save your time and energy, we have listed down the top-of-the-line small 5th wheel trailers brands to opt for. 

Grand Design

Grand Design is a well-known brand in the RV industry that is known for combining luxury with modern construction in its floorplans. All the trailers feature superior build and comfortable interior, making them a good option for your next vacation.

Forest River

Another renowned name in the industry is Forest River and has been in business for over two decades now. With a wide selection of floor plans and impeccable features, you can't go wrong with their small fifth-wheel trailers.

forest river small 5th wheel trailers

Forest River Rockwood Ultra Lite (Source)


Looking for a mid-luxury fifth-wheel trailer with a wide spectrum of affordable models? Keystone has everything for you. Founded in 1996, the company knows the RV business and continuously strives to create reliable trailers.


You can’t miss Jayco while listing the top fifth-wheel trailer brands. Established in 1968, the company has marked its individual position on the market. Their trailers have set a standard for comfort in the industry. 

Review of the Best Small 5th Wheel Trailers

Small 5th wheel trailers are quite popular among those who value stability and, of course, comfort. Moving on, we present you with some of the best options that will always keep you smiling.  

Best Overall Small 5th Wheel Trailer:
Forest River Rockwood Ultra Lite

Best Overall Small 5th Wheel Trailer: Forest River Rockwood Ultra Lite


  • Various floor plans available
  • Comes with a fully equipped kitchen
  • Appealing design with beautiful interior
  • Lightweight and therefore, easy to tow around
  • Superior construction makes it durable and reliable


  • Insulation is mediocre
  • Slide-out sections need improvements

Forest River Rockwood Ultra Lite 2622RK Floor Plan

What recent buyers report

Users find this small fifth wheel trailer extremely compact and lightweight. They appreciate the high-quality build that is complemented by a high-gloss finish. The best thing is the availability of multiple floor plans that helps you enjoy a highly customized travel experience. And, since it comes with all the necessary amenities, you're assured maximum comfort.

Why it stands out to us

Forest River is internationally acclaimed for manufacturing some of the best small 5th wheel trailers in the industry. Built with top-notch construction materials, this trailer features a fiberglass exterior and a high gloss finish.

It comes with a modest kitchen with the latest appliances and multiple storage spaces. You'll find a double-door fridge freezer and a comfortable dinette in order to enjoy hearty meals at the end of the day with your friends and family.

It sleeps around four to six people easily, and the master suite includes a king-sized bed where you can enjoy a sound sleep. As for ventilation, the trailer has an exceptional air venting system to keep the air moving.

Bottom Line

Packed with the latest amenities, this Forest River 5th wheel trailer is built to last in the long run. Its high-end build with the incorporation of superior features makes it the best small 5th wheel trailer currently available on the market.

Best Small 5th Wheel Trailer for the Money:
Coachmen Chaparral 298RLS

Best Small 5th Wheel Trailer for the Money: Coachmen Chaparral 298RLS


  • Woodwork is exceptional
  • Compact and lightweight model
  • An outdoor kitchen with a refrigerator
  • Elegant interior to make you feel at home
  • Features all necessary equipment for a comfortable trip


  • A few concerns over quality
  • No information about any warranty

Coachmen Chaparral 298RLS Floor Plan

What recent buyers report

User-friendly, comfortable, and lightweight are the three words for this small trailer used most frequently by customers. Users are happy with this small fifth wheel trailer as it is not only durable but also equipped with some high-end appliances to help you make the most of your road trip. Moreover, you get to enjoy all these features at a very competitive price.

Why it stands out to us

Not everyone can afford to spend a fortune on a small 5th wheel trailer, but Coachmen has solved this problem by introducing this model. It comes with residential features and luxurious interiors, just like the one at home.

The master bedroom is located at the front with a queen-sized bed. It also has double wardrobes, a dresser, and a washer. Similarly, the large bathroom comes with an oversized shower. The living quarter has a kitchen island and a dinette area.

You'll find an entertainment center at the rear of the RV with a tri-fold sofa, HD television, radio, and CD player. Finally, the exterior area of the trailer also features an outdoor kitchen and a refrigerator.

Bottom Line

All in all, if you are looking for a small fifth-wheel trailer within a tight budget, this model is just the ideal choice for you. This small trailer covers everything for you, from high-end build to splendid interiors and from quality appliances to enough sleeping capacity.

Best Small 5th Wheel from Montana:
Montana High Country 280CK

Best Small 5th Wheel Toy Hauler: Montana High Country 280CK Toy Hauler


  • Vinyl flooring for an appealing look
  • Multiple dressers for your convenience
  • Aluminum framed walls can take abuse
  • An entertainment center with various options
  • Kitchen is equipped with an under-mount sink


  • Relatively heavier than other models

Montana High Country 280CK Floor Plan

What recent buyers report

A very well-reviewed small 5th wheel trailer, this model received appreciation for its exceptional design and phenomenal features. What users really like about this small trailer is the storage area it offers. There are also various charging ports available. Moreover, the fully-equipped kitchen with a big entertainment center takes your overall experience to a whole new level.

Why it stands out to us

Presenting you next is one of the highly recommended small fifth wheel from Montana. Made from heavy-duty aluminum, the trailer's frames exhibit a glossy finish to offer an appealing look. There is a large bedroom that can easily accommodate a king-sized bed.

The living area has a nice ceiling with vinyl flooring to maintain quality standards. The kitchen is equipped with a refrigerator and an under-mount sink. There is a big entertainment center with HD LED TV and speakers, where you can relax at the end of an adventurous day.

The entire RV is incorporated with LED lighting for your convenience. One of the best things is its amazing sleeping capacity of seven people.

Bottom Line

An extraordinary camper, this model embodies quality, durability, and versatility. From a glossy exterior to a luxurious interior, this model is an all-round performer. So, if you are looking for a reliable small fifth-wheel trailer to invest in, this is just the right option for you.

Editor's Pick:
KZ Sportsmen Fifth Wheel

Editor's Pick: KZ Sportsmen Fifth Wheel


  • Small, lightweight, and durable model
  • Fiberglass exterior offers an attractive look
  • Incorporates a comfortable theater seating
  • Comes with a limited warranty to mark reliability
  • An affordable trailer that helps you travel in style


  • Not suitable for large families
  • Sleeping capacity is relatively less

KZ Sportsmen Fifth Wheel Floor Plan

What recent buyers report

This small fifth-wheel trailer has caught the attention of many new customers with its space-efficient floor plans. Users rave about the quality amenities and availability of various storage spaces. You also get to enjoy a warranty in case of any damage, thereby saving the additional maintenance and repair expenditures.

Why it stands out to us

The KZ Sportsmen fifth-wheel trailer mainly stands out to us for its white fiberglass exterior and contemporary interior. This model is specially designed to let you travel in style and comfort. It comes with a big bedroom that boasts a king-sized bed to enjoy a sound sleep, and there's an attached bathroom as well.

The other end of the RV has a kitchen with solid countertops and a refrigerator. You can cook delicious meals here and enjoy them in the dinette. Finally, the main living area has a nice theater seating to allow a wide range of recreational activities.

Bottom Line

Pick this trailer for enjoying all essential amenities to make your journey as amazing as the destination. This model is both durable and comfortable. Though designed for small families, it offers a one of a lifetime experience.

Honorable Mention:
Jayco Eagle Fifth Wheel

Honorable Mention: Jayco Eagle Fifth Wheel


  • Offers a ton of extra storage
  • Highly recommended for couples
  • Various USB charging ports available
  • Innovative and modern design with LED lighting
  • Comes with a fireplace as well for additional comfort


  • Woodwork is not good
  • Sleeping capacity is relatively less

Jayco Eagle Fifth Wheel Floor Plan

What recent buyers report

The Jayco Eagle fifth-wheel trailer has received lots of positive feedback from customers. Users are generally happy with the construction of the trailer and the quality of amenities incorporated in it. They appreciate the remarkable endurance and laminated wood floorings that make the cleaning much easier. Finally, what’s better than relaxing near a fireplace?

Why it stands out to us

This list would be incomplete without this amazing small 5th wheel trailer from Jayco. The company takes pride in modern styling and innovative designs. This model, too, has a high-quality construction that is beautifully complemented by an exclusive interior, unlike anything else on the market.

It has laminated wooden flooring to facilitate quick cleaning. The kitchen is equipped with an oven, a burner cooktop, as well as a microwave so you can prepare delicious and romantic meals with your dinnerware set during your trip. Additionally, the storage space is unmatched. One of the best features is the incorporation of a sensitive carbon monoxide detector that keeps you aware of potential risks.

Bottom Line

An excellent small fifth wheel trailer, this model is a perfect fit for couple-travelers. It offers the comfort of home. All in all, with this trailer, you are likely to have an unforgettable traveling experience.

Cautious Considerations to Keep in Mind

While a small 5th wheel trailer can be a great investment, you also need to consider a few cautious considerations before making a final choice. This is important in many ways and can help you make an informed decision. 

Limited amenities

Small 5th wheel trailers, as the name suggests, are not as big as other fifth-wheel trailers. They come with limited space, so you can't expect to get all the luxury amenities you would find in a travel trailer or giant fifth-wheel trailer. However, all the necessary appliances are available to make your trip comfortable. 

Suitable for small families

These types of trailers are generally designed for small families and couple travelers. A small fifth trailer can generally sleep around four to six people, albeit a bit cramped. Similarly, it usually has only one bathroom, that too, attached to the bedroom. 


Fifth-wheel trailers are pricey! Fine craftsmanship incorporating the latest features makes them fall on the higher end of the spectrum. So, it's suggested to set your budget first and then look for a model that easily falls within the range. Additionally, you have to spend money on regular maintenance to keep the trailer good on the road all the time. 

KZ Sportsmen Fifth Wheel

KZ Sportsmen Fifth Wheel (Source)

Pros and Cons of Small 5th Wheel Trailers

Small 5th wheel trailers are all the rage these days, and they're known for being lightweight and nimble. Now, the question that arises here is whether you should go for one or not. This section lists down the major pros and cons of a small 5th wheel trailer to help you make a wise decision. 


Small size

The first and foremost plus point of a small 5th wheel trailer is its compact and lightweight design. This size is more manageable when towing, thereby offering convenience to the user. 


Thanks to the shorter length and overall compact design, these trailers can be used on more camping spaces. You can enjoy your trip without any inconvenience.


Another good thing about small 5th wheel trailers is their space efficiency. They utilize clever storage ideas that can help you accommodate your accessories and personal belongings during a road trip.


Limited sleeping capacity

Small 5th wheel trailers are not a good option for large families. Since they have a limited sleeping capacity of four to six people, you can't squeeze too many people in it.   

Small Size

While its small size is a pro, it's also a con for some. Of course, a small 5th wheel trailer's size has its benefits, but it doesn't suit everyone. it's not just the sleeping areas, the smaller the RV the smaller the overall space. it sounds obvious, but it's important to factor the size into your ideas before buying a 5th wheel.

bedroom in a small 5th wheel trailer can be tight

KZ Sportsmen Fifth Wheel (Source)

Types of Small 5th Wheel Trailers

As mentioned above, small 5th wheel trailers are available in various designs and sizes. Generally, they are categorized on the basis of price and capacity.


Like any other product, small 5th wheel trailers are available in a range of prices.


Trailers within this range are generally considered to be the most budget-friendly option. They're equipped with essential amenities. However, they are not as durable as the mid-range and expensive ones. 


Trailers in this category are neither too cheap nor too expensive. Moreover, their quality and performance are reliable.


With a hefty price tag, such small trailers fall on the higher end of the spectrum. They are idealized for their appealing appearance and luxurious comfort. 


Small 5th wheel trailers are designed with varying floor plans and certain capacities.

Small 5th wheel trailers floor plan

Coachmen Chaparral 298RLS (Source)

Single person

While most small trailers have enough capacity to accommodate three to four persons, there are a few that can be used by a person for full-time living or road trips. 


This type of trailer is specially designed for couple-travelers. They have limited space with a large suite and a fully-equipped kitchen. You can enjoy comfortable living while camping with your loved one in any of these trailers. 


Suitable for four to six persons, these trailers are just the right choice for small families. Their easy maneuverability and luxurious offerings allow you to have quality time with your family. 

Travel Trailer vs a Small Fifth Wheel - Comparison Overview

5th Wheel manufacturers consistently introduce new RVs to improve the lifestyle of people. However, the availability of so many options can confuse you, and you might end up getting the wrong model. To save you any regret in the future, we have drawn a detailed comparison between a travel trailer and a small fifth-wheel trailer.

fifth wheel by Jayco

Jayco Eagle Fifth Wheel (Source)


Firstly, let’s discuss how these RVs are similar to each other.

Use of space

You will find both types of model extremely spacious. They offer enough space to move around and give you a residential feel even on roads.

Luxury amenities

Another thing you will find common in both types of RVs is the availability of luxury and quality amenities. They have a nice living area with entertainment seating and a fully-equipped kitchen. In short, they are ideally designed to make you feel at home.


Let’s now see how these recreational vehicles differ from each other.


While a travel trailer has a longer length, a small fifth travel trailer has a relatively shorter length. This makes the overall area more compact, thereby allowing you to travel around easily.

Ease of towing

A small fifth-wheel trailer clearly wins this debate. Their small size and lightweight design make towing much stable and secure.

Montana High Country 381TH Toy Hauler Towing

Montana High Country 381TH Toy Hauler Towing (Source)


Though smaller in size, the storage capacity of a small fifth-wheel trailer is surprisingly amazing. The exterior storage under the living area and in various other compartments allows you to keep all your necessities. Contrary to this, a travel trailer has relatively less storage.


A travel trailer is relatively more expensive than a small 5th wheel trailer.  

People Also Ask - Small 5th Wheel Trailer FAQs

You can make your road trip even more convenient with small 5th wheel trailers. However, you are bound to have certain questions raised in your mind before making a purchase, especially due to the availability of tons of options. This section presents answers to some of the frequently asked queries of people. Read on to make a wise decision. 

How Much Are Small Fifth Wheel Trailers?

Small fifth-wheel trailers come with a more budget-friendly price tag as compared to fifth-wheel RVs. Depending on the brand and the model, these trailers usually range from $45k to $100k. All you need to decide is what you want and need and then look for a model according to your budget.

Which Is Better For a Small Family Fulltime, a Travel Trailer Or 5th Wheel?

If you have a small family, our money is on a small 5th wheel trailer. A full-time trailer can be an unnecessary investment. Similarly, a travel trailer can be difficult to tow around. Therefore, you should look for a small one from a reliable brand to meet your needs.  

How Much Do Scamp Trailers Cost?

Scamp trailers come in various sizes. Depending on their size and the brand they come from, they can cost you from $10k to $25k. You can easily get a durable and lightweight scamp trailer within this range. They have an easy setup, making them perfect for camping and other needs. 

Jayco Eagle Fifth Wheel

Jayco Eagle Fifth Wheel (Source)

What Is the Shortest 5th Wheel Camper Made?

Scamps are known to be the smallest 5th wheel trailers. The 19-foot standard scamp is the shortest 5th wheel camper. It is not only lightweight but also quite affordable. It comes with a price tag of $20k, making it a suitable option for those on a tight budget. 

How Tall Are 5th Wheel Campers?

The average height of a 5th wheel trailer is from eight to ten feet from the top of the roof to the ground. However, the hitch height and fifth wheel profile can alter this measurement to some extent. The maximum height is around 14 feet for a trailer in most states. 

What is the Best Way To Pull a Small 5th Wheel Trailer?

Unlike massive 5th wheel trailers, small 5th wheel trailers do not require a big truck or vehicle attached to pull them. They are relatively easier to maneuver even with a car. However, you are recommended to do this with a small truck or an SUV for stable and secure towing. 

Can Towing A Small Fifth Wheel Be Easier Than a Travel Trailer?

Of course, a small fifth wheel is much easier to maneuver as compared to a travel trailer. This is due to the location of the hitch point. Moreover, a small fifth wheel is considered safer to tow. All you need is a little bit of practice, and you are good to go.

5th Wheel Trailers Don't Have to Be Big to Be Luxurious

Not all fifth-wheel trailers are huge or require massive vehicles for towing. The market is now filled with small 5th wheel trailers that are designed to be compact and lightweight to make your travel experience more comfortable.

Each of the above 5th wheel campers are recommended, but there are many others on the market that also didn't make our list. it's important to do as much homework as you can before splashing out, as it will hopefully be a one off thing, and something you get to enjoy for the rest of your years.

Whichever model you go for, and as long as you don't travel in large groups, we're sure that your small 5th wheel trailer will bring you plenty of happiness and be art of your future memories. Happy traveling!