Road Trip Ready: A Curated Collection of RV Gadgets

| Last Updated: May 18, 2023

Looking for some cool RV gadgets and gizmos? There’s a plethora of accessories that will add to your road journeys and make life that bit better when away from home.

There are literally thousands of RV gadgets out there, some are really useful, some pointless, and we have put together our experience, and scoured the Internet for all the latest stuff.

Some things are useful for one but irrelevant for others, so please bear with us if you don’t understand why we have added certain RV gadgets and gizmos.

Whatever it is you’re looking for, we hope this article will help you discover all the best and most helpful RV gadgets currently on the market. And we can assure you, they’re not just any gadgets that you will likely throw away after a couple of uses.

We’ve also included a buyer’s guide after the review. If you prefer, you can jump straight to the RV Gadgets Buyer’s Guide by clicking the link…

Review of the Most Essential RV Gadgets

This section is the most important part of this article. We discuss in greater detail the various features, pros, and cons of all the necessary and cool RV gadgets and gizmos currently on the market.

Camco RV Fridge Brace

Camco RV Fridge Brace -Holds Food and Drinks in Place During Travel, Prevents Messy Spills Perfect For RVs, Boats, Camping and More - (2 Pack) (44033),Blue

This fridge brace is without a doubt one of the most helpful RV gadgets you’ll have the pleasure of using. You simply use these two brackets to hold your food in place so that it doesn’t fall around and spill while you’re driving.

These cool RV gadgets are like bookends, but for food and drinks in your RV. You’ve probably had to clean up your fair share of spills over the past few years while driving in your RV. Not anymore with this useful product as it stops all the spilling and keeps your RV refrigerator clean.

Bottom Line

These fridge braces really are cool RV gadgets and are very helpful for anyone travelling around in their RV. No more spilling over as the fridge braces keep your food firmly in place and stops liquid from spilling all over your fridge. What else could you want? These brackets come in a pack of two and are made from plastic, which isn’t a problem.

However, like all great products, sometimes even these fail, especially if you overload them. They’re great for keeping food and drinks in place, but if you overload them, they are known to fail and your food could slip. Regardless of the occasional spillage, these brackets are a great idea and work really well, especially if you don’t overdo them.


  • Small and compact
  • Keeps food in place
  • Stops liquids from spilling


  • Sometimes they just don’t work

Bearifi BearExtender High Power Wi-Fi Extender

Bearifi BearExtender Outdoor RV & Marine High Power USB Wi-Fi Extender Antenna for PCs

Want a really cool RV gadget? How about a WiFi booster? Of course, WiFi is really important for anyone who travels around on their RV. it’s crucial for working remotely, a growing demographic of RV owners are doing this. This RV gadget works by enhancing the WiFi signal of your laptop or computer once it’s plugged into your device. It offers a 2.4 GHz boost that is long range with a 16ft USB cable.

The WiFi booster is also IP65 waterproof and dust resistant with an anti-UV and anti-corrosion protective coating. You also have a few mounting features like the detachable tabletop tripod, adjustable metal stand, and velcro strap, making it ideal for life on the road. This product can be used on any Windows laptop.

Bottom Line

A WiFi booster is a great idea for anyone that needs a better signal while travelling around in their RV. Thankfully, with this device you receive a 2.4GHz boost. You can find the best spot for the device and sit comfortably by using the 16ft cable, you could even sit outside and enjoy the sun while your booster gets the best signal. It’s also waterproof and dust resistant, which can be great if you only travel during the summer months.

The only downside to this product is that this model isn’t compatible with Mac IOS or any tablet devices. That said, a WiFi Booster is definitely one of the best RV gadgets.


  • 16ft cable
  • 2.4 GHz Boost
  • Waterproof and dust resistant


  • Not compatible with Mac or modern tablets

Lasko Heating Space Heater

Lasko 755320 Ceramic Space Tower Heater, 8.5″L x 7.25″W x 23″H, Silver

Travelling throughout the winter months can be a freezing experience, so a portable heater can make all the difference, a very necessary and cool RV gadget. This heater boasts an adjustable thermostat with an easy to read digital display that allows you to play around with the temperature you want for your RV.

The heater can also be controlled from the remote control. Features such as the built-in timer allow you to easily set up heating times of up to 8 hours with 1 hour intervals. For anyone cautious about these RV gadgets, they have built-in safety features that will protect your device from overheating and will never burn your hand with the cool touch exterior.

Bottom Line

This product is great for ensuring the conditions of your RV are comfortable. It has an adjustable thermostat that you can play around with for the perfect temperature, and the digital display makes it easy to monitor and customize. The timer can also be set to have the heater work for up to 8 hours with 1 hour intervals in between.

All of this can be controlled from the remote control, which is really convenient for any RV owner on the road. One downside to this product is that it’s only 1500W, which means it can only cover a small area within your RV.


  • Built-in timer
  • Digital display
  • Remote controlled
  • Adjustable thermostat


  • 1500 Watt

X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer

X-Chock Wheel Stabilizer - Pair - One Handle - 28012

There aren’t any more necessary RV gadgets than wheel chocks, as they make sure your RV doesn’t drive away without you. These particular chocks are of a different design to the standard blocks of wood you might see being used. This model works by applying force to both tires at the same time, locking them in place.

This chock uses the tires’ natural movement rather than opposing that force, making them more secure. These chocks can retract to a tiny 1⅜ inches and extend to over 12 inches. They’re also great at staying clean with their rust protective coating.

Bottom Line

These RV wheel chocks are an entirely different design from your traditional wooden block chocks. By using the opposing natural force of each tire, you’re really minimizing the strain felt on these chocks, which ensures they last far longer. They can also retract into the smallest of spaces and extend up to 12 inches away, making them really flexible and great to work with.

Without a doubt, these chocks will be in used during a storm or rain shower at some point in their life, and the rust protector will help protect the gadgets from the elements at all times. The only potential problem with these devices is that because they rely on two tires being within 12 inches of each other, you can only really use them on RVs that have 6 wheels or more. That said, they are one of the most useful RV gadgets and gizmos and will come in handy for many people.


  • Rust protector
  • Effective retract and extend
  • Uses opposing natural force


  • Can only be used RVs with 6 wheels or more

Noopel Home Security Magnetic Sensor Burglar Anti-theft 120DB Alarm

Door Window Alarm 2 Pack Noopel Home Security Magnetic Sensor Burglar Anti-theft 120DB Alarm with Batteries included - DIY Easy to Install (2)

This RV security system is a magnetic window alarm sensor that boasts an alarm, loud enough as the same noise level as a thunderclap. This terrifying alarm will prevent your children from leaving the RV without you noticing and will stop anyone from entering your house unexpectedly.

The super thin security system is easy to set up as there’s no wires needed to hook up. All it takes is to stick on to your door or window with double sided tape. The alarm is extremely sensitive so you’ll be assured that it’ll catch everything that moves within its range, making it one of the coolest RV gadgets on the market.

Bottom Line

This RV security system would be perfect for your RV. It’s small, compact and really easy to set up. The super sensitive alarm will produce 120 dBA of sound, the equivalent of a thunderclap. With no wiring or screws needed, you just have to use the double sided sticky tape and apply to your door or window. It really is that simple.

One major downside to this product is that if you know where the on/off switch is, it can be disarmed fairly easy. If you’re not using it as a security system, however, you could place it on the fridge to alarm you when your partner is raiding the fridge, again!


  • Really loud
  • Super sensitive
  • Easy installation


  • Can be easily disarmed

Garmin RV 770 NA LMT-S RV Dedicated GPS Navigator

Garmin RV 770 NA LMT-S RV Dedicated GPS Navigator Essential Camping Accessory Bundle includes Car Charger, Cleaning Cloth, Screen Protectors, Hardshell Case and Bamboo Stylus Mini

A GPS is an incredible device and is really important for many RV lovers out there that can’t read a paper map. This product is one of the easiest to use GPS units currently on the market, and of course, it’s really one of the most useful RV gadgets on the market.

Not only is the UX top notch, you also get a 12V car charger, a pocketpro hardshell case, a bamboo stylus mini, microfiber cleaning cloth, and three LCD screen protectors. You can access a range of features built into your GPS like all known RV campsites, service stations, and multiple different categories that you can choose from.

Bottom Line

This is one of the most useful RV gadgets on the market. It’s one of the most accessible GPS devices, and you can access a plethora of features that wouldn’t be available on your standard GPS, including various US RV campsites.

This device comes as part of a kit that includes various items to help maintain the GPS, such as a microfiber cleaning cloth and screen protectors. You’ll need to update these products regularly to compensate for new roads or areas being constructed, but that’s to be expected with any GPS system.


  • Easy to use
  • Comes as a kit
  • Plenty of features


  • You’ll need to update it regularly

Magma Products Stainless Steel Cookware Set

MAGMA Products, A10-360L-IND, 10 Piece Gourmet Nesting Stainless Steel Cookware Set, Induction Cooktops, Silver

Cookware is something all RV owners should have plenty of. You never know when you might need bigger pots to accommodate the neighbors. You should always have a decent, reliable set of cooking equipment and there’s nothing better this a stainless steel set.

This kit comes with three saucepans: 1½, 2, and 3 quart, with interchangeable lids, a 5 quart stock pot, a sautee/frying pan 9½ inches in diameter with two removable handles, and a storage cord. They also feature triple-clad bottoms for even heat distribution, ensuring you get a good, even cook. And to save on space, these pots and pans can be stored within each other like Russian dolls. 

Bottom Line

The benefits of this set of cookware is without question. A stainless steel set of pots and pans will last you a long time if cared for and looked after. You receive various pieces of kit, which is more or less everything you’ll need to cook.

What really makes these one of the most useful RV gadgets, however, is the triple-clad bottoms that will evenly distribute the heat throughout the pan, and of course, you’ll save on space with the Russian Doll style storage.


  • Plenty of kit
  • Stainless steel
  • Triple-clad bottom


  • Handles can come loose

YOO.MEE High Pressure Handheld Shower Head

High Pressure Handheld Shower Head with Powerful Shower Spray against Low Pressure Water Supply Pipeline, Multi-functions, w/ 79'' Hose, Bracket, Flow Regulator, Brushed Nickel Finish

Shower heads are crucial in making sure you have a clean and comfortable experience when showering. This high pressure handheld shower head has a brushed nickel finish, which retains its design for years after. It turns low pressure pipe into a powerful spray by using internal components to increase the water pressure.

The turbocharging shower head mixes both oxygen and water to both increase the water pressure and limit the wastage. The Silicone rubber nozzles prevents any build-up of grime and bacteria, but if you do spot any particles you can easily clean it off. The actual body of the shower head is constructed from durable ABS plastic, which is used in many types of high quality products.

Bottom Line

This shower head will offer a great range of benefits, from high water pressure to a strong durable ABS plastic that limits any damage. It’s great for conserving water, a main priority for many RV owners that don’t want to use up all their water within the first few days.

This product also maintains itself thanks to the silicone and rubber nozzles that limit any bacteria buildup. The material used to construct the shower head is mainly ABS plastic, a durable material that ensure you’ll get years of continuous use. Be advised that the stainless steel handle might rust after a few weeks if not taken care of.


  • Easy clean
  • High pressure
  • Water conserving
  • Durable ABS plastic
  • Silicone and rubber nozzles


  • Stainless steel handle can rust

Viair Automatic Function Portable Compressor

VIAIR 450P - 45043 Automatic Function Portable Compressor, Tire Pump, Truck/SUV Tire Inflator, For up to 42 Inch Tires

This tire inflator is great for using on any RV. It’s a 12V device that you can easily plug into your dashboard to operate. The pump offers 150 PSI max working pressure, and it comes with an air hose length of 35 ft with a CFM of 1.80 that will supply a constant, steady flow of air.

The whole process is fairly simple thanks to the easy to use inflation gun, which includes an automatic shutoff function for emergencies. The quick connect inflation hose and pressure gauge make the whole process easy, and it’s really effortless to begin and monitor the whole process. The device also comes with a smart carry bag and an anti-vibration tray that limits the noise and damage caused because of the vibrations.

Bottom Line

This is truly a top of the line tire inflator and one of the coolest RV gadgets and gizmos. It can produce up to 150 PSI at a rate of 1.80 CFM, which is a great rate to pump up your tire, and you’ll be done in no time. The PSI makes it possible to inflate even some of the biggest RV tires on the market. The 35 ft hose also helps with any larger RV’s.

By controlling the rate at which the air flows into the tire with the inflation gun, it makes the whole process more accurate. The anti-vibration tray also limits the damage caused by the constant rattling from the device.

The only problem is that if you ever knock the gauge off something by accident or even go over a pothole and the gauge isn’t protected, it could mess with the internal components.


  • 150 PSI
  • 1.80 CFM
  • 35 ft air hose
  • Anti-vibration tray
  • Easy to use inflation gun


  • Pressure gauges inaccurate

Meguiar’s Flagship Premium Marine Wax

Meguiar's Flagship Premium Marine Wax, Boat Wax and Polish, 32 Fl. Oz

Ensuring your RV is protected from the elements of nature is a necessity, so this RV gadget is a must. The special formula of this RV wax helps protect your RV from UV rays and other extreme elements. The long lasting polymer formula offers protection and deep gloss finish to fiberglass and gel coat surfaces, which so happens to be the material that the majority of RVs are made from.

This secret blend will help you retain your RV’s brand new look. It can even remove light oxidation and scratches by acting as a protective layer. The wax will enhance the color and shine of your RV, making it as good as when it first came off the factory line.

Bottom Line

This RV gadget uses a polymer blend that acts as a great protection against UV rays and scratches. The benefit of polymer is that it effectively fights tooth and nail to remove light oxidation and scratches. The secret blend can help enhance the color and shine of your RV, making it look just as good as the day it came off the factory line.

This RV wax is also waterproof, meaning no amount of water will be able to remove it for weeks on end. This product comes with a health warning from the state of California, which claims it can cause cancer and reproductive harm, so you might want to take some precautionary steps before using this formula.


  • Polymer
  • UV protection
  • Enhances color and shine
  • Removes light oxidation and scratches


  • Dangerous fumes

Buyer’s Guide for RV Gadgets

Here you can find out more information on RV gadgets, including all the information and any FAQ that might be left unanswered…

How to Choose Cool RV Gadgets

This section will discuss what sort of things you should be looking for when finding these helpful and cool RV gadgets. It will help you distinguish between what is useful and what’s just there to steal your money.

Do You Need It?

Something that impulse buyers often struggle with asking themselves is ‘Do I really need this?’ If you think this RV gadget can genuinely offer you a great service, fix something around your RV, or even save you time and effort, you should get it. However, if it’s something you think is just cool but isn’t a necessity, it might be better letting it go.

Are There Good Reviews?

Most of the time people go ahead and buy something out of interest and then end up regretting it once it arrives. Very quickly all those bad reviews on Amazon start to make sense. Always keep a cautious eye out for products that don’t have raving reviews left on their website.

Check The Price of All RV Gadgets

You should always check the price of the gadget on multiple sites and see if there are any deals or special discounts that you could benefit from. There’s also going to be multiple different models of the same RV gadgets that could also impact price.

Types of RV Gadgets and Gizmos

There are thousands of different types of gadgets that you can buy for your RV, and i would be impossible to list them all. However, we’ll mention some of the most important and popular currently on the market.


High quality wax is essential for your RV to be looking constantly brand new for years on end. The way it works is by adding a protective layer between your RV and the elements. Constant sun exposure can be damaging to your RV by discoloring the roof and external areas, which then makes it look old and damaged. Wax will work to slow this kind of damage.

Shower Heads

Shower heads are something we use (should) on a daily basis. These RV gadgets help us get clean and enjoy ourselves during the process. The best ones will ensure you get a power shower, which you should be able control the flow of water, which ultimately dictates how much water you waste. A decent shower head is a great investment.

WiFi Boosters

Another important and a very cool RV gadgets is a WiFi booster. Imagine not having WiFi? You’d be lost, you’d have no way of communicating other than your phone.

And of course, if you work on the go, you’d have no way to do your digital work. It’s critical to have the best WiFi possible and from anywhere within your RV, so a WiFi booster is important in order to have a strong signal. No more glitchy Skype calls or prolonged YouTube loading.

Getting The Best RV Gadgets and Gizmos

It’s safe to say that there are thousands of RV gadgets out there all doing useful and not so useful things. However, only a handful of these RV gadgets actually work well and only a small minority are actually useful. The list we’ve provided here are a handful of those gadgets that every serious RVer should consider buying, as they make life a lot easier while on the road. 

Whatever it is you need, or want, we hope we’ve inspired you to upgrade your RV gadgets and make life on the road more fluid for you and your family.

Have we missed any of the cool RV gadgets and gizmos? Of course, there are more produced every day, so if there are any you think we should review, make sure to send us an email.

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