Best Travel Trailer Batteries – 2022 Review

| Last Updated: May 10, 2022

Could you imagine getting ready to embark on your trailer trip, only to find that you've run out of power?

In fact, this is the last thing that anyone would like to experience. You can’t even visualize the inconvenience of not being able to use your mobile devices because you can’t recharge them.

You can prevent these problems with the aid of a travel trailer battery that can supply constant power to your RV electronics without any worry. However, among so many batteries, which one to choose? Leave that to us. 

Comparison of the Best Travel Trailer Batteries

  • AGM (Absorbent Gas Mat) type battery
  • Heavy-duty plates and ABS plastic covering
  • It is rated best overall on our list and comes with a 12 volt and 100 Ah capacity
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  • 12V and 100AH capacity
  • It is the runner-up in the list.
  • AGM technology and has a sealed design
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  • AGM technology
  • Sealed design and versatile
  • Best for money as you get excellent features for a lower price
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  • AGM technology
  • High-quality plates
  • Heavy-duty grids and tough tank
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  • Sturdy plastic body
  • Leak and spill-proof
  • 12 volts and 100 AH hours capacity
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  • Lithium-ion type
  • A lifespan of 7000 cycles
  • 12 Volt and 100Ah capacity
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  • Spiral-cell design
  • 12 Volts charging capacity
  • Shock and vibration resistant and spill-proof
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What Size Battery Does My Trailer Need?

The size of your battery is crucial, but there is no specific answer to this question. It totally depends on the power requirements in your rig, plus the hours you are running each appliance or electronic on board. A larger battery will store and provide more power. Another thing to consider is the space and weight carrying capacity you have available.

The amp hour rating of most batteries helps a user to estimate the amount of power a battery contains. Therefore, you should first determine the power needed and compare the different options available before making a purchase.

When Is It Time to Replace My Travel Trailer Battery?

If a deep-cycle battery is properly maintained, then it can last for more than six years. However, some RVers replace their RV’s batteries every one or two years. You’ll need to replace your battery if it reads 0 volts, as it can be a sign of a short circuit. If the battery is unable to reach higher than 10.5V when it’s being charged, then it has a dead cell and needs to be replaced.

Lastly, if you have a fully charged battery, but have a voltage of 12.5 or less, then the battery is sulfated, and it’s better to install a new one.

How to Choose a Battery For Your Travel Trailer

You will find a huge variety of batteries available on the market, each having its own positives and negatives. Choosing the right battery is important to ensure that your vehicle continues to run as efficiently as you have hoped for. Make your way through this buying guide to select the right product for you.


The capacity of a battery is rated in Ampere-hours (Ah), and it helps to determine how much current the battery can deliver over time. Choosing a high capacity battery is ideal as it can serve longer and store more power.

Depth of Discharge

This is normally expressed in percentage and refers to the amount of power discharged by the battery. It is recommended to look for a deep cycle battery with a depth of discharge that, when followed, optimizes its life cycle.

Power Requirements

Another critical element to consider is the power requirement. It is important to look at the CA (Cranking Amps) and CAA (Cold-Cranking Amps) to access its tendency to start engines at variable temperatures.


Travel trailer batteries are categorized into low maintenance and maintenance-free. Maintenance-free batteries are sealed with an electrolyte flowing through them on its own. Conversely, their low maintenance counterparts have unsealed caps which are used for water filling.


This factor refers to the electric potential difference, which is typically 12V for a starter, as well as deep cycle batteries. Some users combine 6V batteries to construct a 12V battery for RV use.  Similarly, some solar kits and other chargers can also work with 24V batteries. You might need a power converter to convert DC to AC current in order to perfectly fit your battery.

Review of the Best Travel Trailer Batteries

Now that you know the things to look for in a battery, let’s examine the top models available. Investing in one of these high-quality options should grant you greater peace of mind.

WindyNation 100 amp-Hour 100AH 12V 12 Volt AGM Deep Cycle Sealed Lead Acid Battery - Solar RV UPS Off-Grid (1 pc 100 amp-Hour)


  • Offers quick charging
  • Requires the least maintenance
  • Ideal for off-grid applications
  • Resistant to shock and vibrations
  • Safe for all types of terrain
  • Full seal guarantees that it will not spill or leak
  • Suitable for recreational vehicles and solar charging
  • Features heavy-duty plates to provide work without any interruption


  • Features short hub terminals
  • Not completely corrosion-proof
  • Some risk of ABS plastic breakage in time

If you are looking for a deep cycle battery for recreational vehicles, you should not miss this WindyNation deep cycle battery for its superior performance and durability. What we love most about this battery is that it’s fully sealed and thus perfect for many applications including marine, airports, healthcare facilities, and many more.

This battery provides 100 amp hours at a rate of 10 hours and is perfectly suited for all off-grid power supplies in case of emergency or extended use. The durability is guaranteed by ABS plastic material of high-quality, which ensures that the battery performs under the toughest conditions.

Moreover, the voltage for charging is about 12 volts and operates at temperatures between roughly 25 degrees Celsius and 50 degrees Celsius.

Additionally, this battery features heavy-duty plates to make it suitable for longer run times, these plates can be easily discharged. The lead used to lower the discharge rate is pure virgin lead, thus guaranteeing durability and efficiency.

Bottom Line

Competitively priced, this WindyNation battery is specifically designed to offer excellent deep-cycle performance. This versatile and ideal battery ensures the most value of your investment.

12V 100AH Battery for Solar Wind DEEP Cycle VRLA 12V 24V 48V


  • Requires very little maintenance
  • Holds high battery reserve capacity
  • Available at a reasonable price
  • Being completely sealed, it is spill-free and leak-free
  • Many applications on water, land, and sea
  • Able to withstand tough outdoor conditions and changing temperatures


  • Offers a short warranty of one year
  • Does not come with mounting wire and harness accessories

One of the best 12-volt deep cycle batteries, the Mighty Max battery is well-known for its versatility and top-notch performance. The most admirable thing is that it can be used as storage for solar or wind energy. Apart from its applications in electric vehicles, golf carts, and medical mobility, it is ideal for access control devices, emergency lighting, and portable tools.

This battery has a sealed design that makes it spill-proof and leak-proof regardless of its mounting position. There is no worry of adding water or checking of an electrolyte by virtue of AGM technology. It can be operated at all temperatures, one thing you must be looking for.

It can perform well, no matter the tough conditions. It is, therefore, certified safe for use in many types of terrain, including water, land, and sea. This battery is a better choice than a flooded wet cell battery that needs time to time fluid addition.

Bottom Line

This heavy-duty battery can be used anywhere you need 12V power. Whether it’s for recreational vehicles or boats, you can totally depend on its sealed design, solid performance, and long lifespan.

Interstate Batteries 12V 35Ah Deep Cycle Battery (DCM0035) Rechargeable Replacement Mobility Battery SLA AGM (Insert Terminal) Wheelchair, Trolling Motor, Scooter, RV


  • There is no risk of leak and spill
  • Able to withstand extreme conditions
  • Requires the least maintenance
  • Available at a competitive price
  • The sealed design guarantees reliability and durability
  • Offers versatility in operations and has many applications
  • Can be a reliable source for your electronics and appliances


  • Not suitable to use in a golf cart

This Interstate battery is a dependable source capable of working for a long time without breaking and therefore should not be missed. It offers reliable power needed for lighting, agriculture, and medical mobility.

This sealed battery is easy to install without any worry of a specific position. The sealed covering will save the risk of spill and any leak. Even under tough conditions, this battery will keep working as intended. Additionally, you can get a top-quality battery at a competitive price.

As mentioned above, this deep cycle battery can deal with extreme temperature and all types of weather and will keep its top performance. There is no need for adding water to check for specific gravity during its float life. All in all, this battery is versatile and acts as power storage that provides constant power to your electronics and appliances onboard.

Bottom Line

With this Interstate battery, you don’t have to worry about its performance even in snow. It is impressive for its versatility and is ideal for all types of transport, including on water, air, or ground.

VMAX857 AGM Battery 12 Volt 35AH Marine Deep Cycle HI Performance Battery ideal for boats and 18-35lb minn kota, minnkota, cobra, sevylor and other trolling motor (12V 35AH, GROUP U1)


  • Able to resist shock and vibrations
  • Boasts of its maintenance-free operation
  • Top-quality grids enhance its performance
  • Tank is impressively tough to protect the plates
  • Recovers quickly even after repeated deep discharges
  • Battery is non-hazardous and non-spilling, thanks to AGM technology
  • Features specifically manufactured and treated plates to offer top performance


  • Does not work for chargers other than VMAX chargers
  • Unable to hold the charge longer than other deep cycle batteries
  • Comes with a heavy weight that makes it hard to carry around

The small and standard size makes VMAXTANKS VMAX batteries a great choice for recreational vehicles. The remarkable thing about this is the chemical and physical structure of its plates, which are more reliable and higher in quality than others.

What we love most about this is the absorbed glass matt or AGM between the plates. This design maximizes its ability to resist any vibration or shock. The sealed tank is tightly packed with the inner plates, reducing the chances of spilling.

This battery boasts of its long lifespan. Plus, it is specifically designed for cyclic applications which make it capable of recovering fast even after doing repeated deep discharges. Another feature to highlight is the heavy-duty grids that offer improved performance and better service life, whether you use it for cyclic or float applications.

Bottom Line

This small-sized battery works with heavy-duty purposes and allows users to enjoy uninterrupted power supply. Safe from the hassles of maintenance, this is an excellent choice to provide the promised output.

Best Trailer Deep Cycle Batteries:
Universal Power Group 12V

Universal Power Group 12V 100Ah Solar Wind AGM SLA DEEP Cycle VRLA Battery 12V 24V 48V


  • No risk of any spill or leakage
  • Sturdy plastic body ensures durability
  • Sealed and requires no regular maintenance
  • Offers a multi-purpose power source
  • Comes with a valve to regulate the performance
  • High level of versatility
  • AGM technology makes it resistant to shock and vibration


  • Battery is quite heavy
  • Holds short stainless steel hardware
  • Usually takes a long time to recharge

One of the top-rated batteries in stores, the Universal Power Battery is well-known for its solid performance and heavy-duty build. Its flexibility gives you the opportunity of mounting it in various positions. The versatility of this battery can be easily noticed as it is a multi-purpose source of power that can be used in recreational vehicles in addition to boats, golf carts, scooters, and other gadgets that require such a battery.

With a simple design, this battery uses 12 volts to charge and gives output of rates up to 100 AH hours. Additionally, it is specifically manufactured to recharge and discharge without compromising the durability of the plates.

Based on AGM technology, this battery is resistant to shock and vibration, no matter the position. Plus, you have the opportunity to control and regulate the performance by virtue of a valve. Another impressive thing is its ability to store energy very well.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a versatile and flexible battery for your recreational vehicles, then you should not miss this Universal Power group battery. You can have peace of mind throughout its lifespan, as the rugged design and strong exterior makes it more durable.

Renogy 12V 100Ah LiFePO4 Deep Cycle Lithium Battery, over 4000 Cycles, Built-in BMS, Backup Power for RV, Marine, Off-Grid System, Maintenance-Free


  • Charges really fast
  • Robust build makes it highly durable
  • Lasts longer than other wet deep cycle models
  • Features reduced weight compared to other models
  • Does not require much maintenance
  • Ideal for use as backup power or for daily use
  • Sturdy exterior makes it spill-proof and leak-proof
  • Gives top performance even after many cycles
  • Compatible with plenty of charge controllers and smart chargers


  • Bulky to carry around

This Renogy battery is our top choice for a Lithium-ion model. Available at a premium price, this battery lasts 10X longer than a regular wet lead-acid deep cycle model. Its low weight and compact design make it a great option to build a power back with several batteries in parallel.

This deep cycle battery features a built-in battery protection system, ensuring that it runs at peak performance. Additionally, the short circuit protection and an internal cell fuse make this model truly plug-and-play. The sturdy exterior embodies fire retardant additives and an explosion-proof stainless steel case.

The battery won’t destroy even with repeated 100% depth of discharge. Plus, it is also a great option to replace old flooded AGM gel batteries.

Bottom Line

You will not regret investing in this unit as it is more lightweight than other models, robust, and incredibly durable. Plus, it charges really fast, so you’ll have no major issues with it.

Optima OPT8016-103 Batteries D34M BlueTop Starting and Deep Cycle Marine Battery


  • Quick recharge time
  • Excellent starting power
  • Comes with a lightweight and unique design
  • Made waterproof to guarantee durability
  • Strength of the battery is resistant to shock and vibration
  • 120 minutes of constant power supply makes it highly efficient
  • Serves two purposes, including deep cycle battery and as a starting one
  • Boasts high reserve capacity of up to 120 minutes for constant performance


  • Housing is prone to damage when hit
  • Does not have an efficient output system

If you are looking for solid performance and a true deep cycle battery to rely on, then get your hands on this Optima deep cycle battery. What is really impressive about this is its dual service. Besides functioning as a deep cycle unit, it also operates as a starting battery.

The 12-volt charging capacity makes it safe and suitable for daily use. It can be used to start an engine, plus it acts as a great power supplier for uninterrupted supply. The design of this model allows for operation in all positions without worrying about the strength of the job needing to be done.

It is able to provide optimum performance, thanks to a distinctive Spiral-Cell design together with continuous lead plates. This battery is 15 times more resistant to various forms of vibration compared to other marine batteries. It is versatile enough for applications such as dry camping, boondocking, and other outdoor adventures.

Bottom Line

Ideal for RV, boats, and motorhomes, this battery is a fantastic source of power even in harsh conditions. With durable and solid features, you can rely on this battery to maximize your investment.

Odyssey PC925 Automotive and LTV Battery


  • Boasts considerable power
  • Quick recharge efficiency
  • Can withstand harsh conditions
  • 70% longer lifespan compared to other deep cycle models
  • Ideal for many applications, including RVs and travel trailers
  • Features more plate surface area to ensure more power
  • Offers resistance to shock and vibration, thanks to its non-spilling design
  • Can be mounted at any position without any compromise on its performance


  • Heavy to carry around
  • Slightly expensive for those on a tight budget

To get the most value for your purchase, this Odyssey PC925 is strongly recommended for its superb performance and superior functions. With this battery, you will have peace of mind that you can rely on, and a steady power supply for your appliances and electronics in your rig. It offers 15% more when it comes to the plate surface area, which ensures more power storage.

The massive starting power of this battery cannot be compared with other traditional batteries available on the market. Designed in a sturdy manner, it is able to withstand any shock and vibration. This battery is highly powerful and comes with a longer lifespan, which is 70 percent longer than other models. Plus, you can mount it in any position thanks to its ability to tolerate even the most extreme conditions.

The most striking feature of this battery is that it can supply 330 cold cranking amps, therefore giving you great ease in starting your vehicle or appliance. It is an efficient option to offer up to 400 cycles and at an 80% discharge depth. Finally, it is highly recommended for its quick charging and good warranty of 4 years.

Bottom Line

Built with a sturdy design, this Odyssey battery is ideal for daily or emergency use, which is able to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. You should not miss this battery for its ultimate versatility and durability.

Best 12 Volt Trailer Battery:
Renogy Deep Cycle AGM Battery 12 Volt

Renogy Deep Cycle AGM Battery 12 Volt 100Ah for RV, Solar Marine and Off-grid Applications, Gray


  • Battery serves multiple purposes
  • Spill-proof and leak-proof
  • Guaranteed to be maintenance-free
  • Capable of resisting shock and vibration
  • Requires only 14.4 to 14.5 volts to be charged
  • Ideal for use as backup power or for daily use
  • Highly efficient when handling solar energy storage applications
  • Has the ability to connect to another deep cycle battery through a simple wire


  • Quite heavy and bulky
  • Does not have an overcharging safety lock

Whether you are looking for a battery specifically designed to offer backup power or daily use, this Renogy battery serves its purpose well. It is suggested to potential users, and it is highly favorable to work as a general-purpose deep cycle battery. This means it can serve many functions.

The most impressive thing about this battery is that it works well when it comes to dealing with solar energy storage applications. Moreover, the sturdy design makes it maintenance-free, spill-proof, and leak-proof. This battery is highly suited for a steady temperature of 25 degrees Celsius. Apart from being highly efficient, this battery is tough for handling impact as well.

Another advantage provided by this battery is that it can prevent the risk of over-discharging batteries. Plus, you can interconnect this battery to another deep cycle battery by employing interlinking cables. It is, therefore, an ideal option for off-grid applications and recreational vehicles.

Bottom Line

With a robust design, this Renogy battery guarantees full and safe recharge. It is a suitable option for a flexible battery for the recreational vehicle. You can totally rely on this battery for many applications, meaning more value of your investment.

Best Trailer Breakaway Battery:
Mighty Max Battery ML5-12 - 12V

Mighty Max Battery ML5-12 - 12V 5AH Electric Trailer Brakes Breakaway Kit Rechargeable Battery Brand Product


  • Can be easily mounted in all positions
  • Backed by a 1-year warranty and 30-day refund policy
  • AGM/SLA spill-proof design that resists vibration and shock
  • Ensures exceptional performance in both low and high temperatures
  • Wide operating temperatures, deep discharge recover, and high discharge rate


  • Does not come with a wire harness or any mounting accessories

What Recent Buyers Report

Most buyers stated that this unit offered the great value of money and perfectly matched the connections and size of the factory battery. Users loved the fact that it came fully charged and stated that it held a charge for a long time.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Providing power whenever you need it, this unit boasts a calcium-alloy, heavy-duty grid that offers outstanding service life and performance in both cyclic and float applications. The model further features a valve regulated design and AGM technology, enabling use in indoor environments without having users worry about maintenance or leakage.

Bottom Line

This Mighty Max model is, undoubtedly, one of the best travel trailer batteries because of its top performance and versatility. With its long lifespan and sealed design, the ML5-12 is perfect for people looking for a high-quality and heavy-duty RV battery.

Are Travel Trailer Batteries Universal?

Yes, travel trailer batteries are universal. Along with providing power for RVs, these batteries can be used with smaller vehicles, like electric wheelchairs, bikes, boats, and scooters. However, since travel trailers consume more power than passenger cars and small vans, it’s advisable to choose a deep cycle battery that’s specifically designed for travel trailers.

A good travel trailer battery should be lightweight and compact and should have enough power to handle all your electrical needs. These batteries are an excellent backup power source for portable generators and solar applications as well.

What Are The Different Types of Batteries?

A single battery type is not suitable for all trailers.

Flooded or wet RV batteries are quite famous for their low price, and are usable as long as their internal fluid lasts. The most common type of batteries used in RVs is deep cycle batteries because of their longer lifespan and durability.

Another type is the Lithium-ion battery, which is lightweight, highly reliable, and maintenance free. Moreover, VLRA batteries are equipped with regulated lead acid and safety valves.

Is There a Difference Between a Deep Cycle And Marine Battery?  

A marine battery is a combination of deep cycle and starting batteries. However, the main difference between a marine and a deep cycle battery is the plates. Deep cycle batteries are designed with solid lead batteries, while marine batteries feature lead sponge plates that are thinner than deep cycle battery plates.

How to Install a Travel Trailer Battery

Installing a travel trailer battery can be a difficult task, but after some instruction and practice, it should become easier. Following are the steps you can follow when installing a new battery:

  1. Switch off the power draw, including all accessories and lights. Make sure the negative cable does not spark during removal.

  2. Remember the battery’s position in the tray regarding the polarity.

  3. Disconnect the negative cable and then the positive cable.

  4. Remove the old unit and ensure that the hold-down hardware and carrier are corrosion-free.

  5. If you’re not installing a maintenance-free battery, then make sure that the new battery has the right amount of electrolytes. To increase electrolyte levels, you just need to add distilled water until you reach the correct volume.

  6. Use a wire brush to thoroughly clean both terminal posts.

  7. Install the new battery in the same position for polarity as the previous unit.

  8. Connect cables to the new battery.

  9. Screw in the hold-down hardware.

  10. Test all RV lights and appliances.

In order to get a better idea of how to install a travel trailer battery, you can watch the video mentioned below:


Finding the right battery for your RV can be a challenge. We hope that our review has given you enough information along with some great choices so that you can choose a great one for your own use. Happy RVing!

People Also Ask

In this section, we've attempted to answer some questions RV users may have about these batteries. All travel trailers require a different type of battery. Plus, every model has variable requirements in overall power and size.

How Long Should a Battery Stay Charged in a Travel Trailer?

The answer to this question depends on how long you’re going to power the appliances, lights, and other electrical devices in the RV. Typically, the battery should last two to three days while dry camping. However, this time can be extended if you’re not going to use any lighting or heat.

How Much Do Batteries For a Travel Trailer Cost?

With such a wide range of batteries available, the price range is just as wide. Low-quality batteries can cost around $50, while higher quality ones can cost as much as $700.

Do I Need a Battery For My Travel Trailer?

Yes, you must have a battery for your travel trailer as it powers the system that allows the brake lights, electric wheel brakes, dash accessories, tail lights, and marker lights function. If these features are not operating correctly, then you cannot legally pull your trailer.

Adding a Second Battery to a Travel Trailer, How Do I Do it?

When installing a second battery, it’s advisable to choose a model that’s identical to the first one. Make sure the bridge cables are of the same length and are routed through the same path. Link the batteries to each other and make sure you only have one connection to the chassis.

How to Test My Travel Trailer Battery

You can check whether the circuit of your travel trailer battery has any electricity with a multimeter. Switch the motor off and check whether the alternator is charging the battery. If the voltage is somewhere near 12V and jumps to 13.8V when you switch on the motor, then the charging system is working fine.

If you own flooded batteries, then make sure you check if the water is at the correct level. Lastly, you should completely charge your battery and then measure open-circuit voltage.

Does My Travel Trailer Battery Charge While Driving?

Most vehicles pulling a travel trailer will charge the trailer battery when driving. However, they cannot completely charge a depleted trailer battery. Thus, you’ll only have a partially charged battery.

How to Charge a Travel Trailer Battery

Most recreational vehicles come with a charging system for batteries. However, some of them are unable to deliver good performance. One of the best is the converter charger that has the purpose of converting 120V shore power into 120DC. Moreover, you can always charge your battery by employing a generator or a solar panel.

How Long Does it Take to Charge My Travel Trailer Battery?

The length of time to charge the battery depends on how much it has been used. Plus, it also depends on the amperage of your onboard charger.  For example, charging at 15 Amp would take 9.6 hours. Similarly, under full sun conditions, using a 100-watt solar panel would take over 28 hours to charge your battery.

Will a Generator Charge One of These Batteries?

Yes, you can go for a generator to charge these batteries. In case you opt for a generator to charge RV battery, you must follow some steps. First of all, you need to fully charge the generator or plug it into an AC outlet, which runs at 120 Volts. Maximize the charging process by turning off the recreational vehicle. Plug your RV into the generator, and it might take max 2 hours to charge the battery fully.

Should I Leave My Camper Plugged in All Winter?

Yes, you should leave your camper plugged in during winter as disconnecting your battery won’t be feasible. New models come with different gadgets or devices in them, and disconnection will only increase the problem. The only thing you should monitor is the electrolyte level of the batteries to make sure that they have not gone dry.

How Long Will a Battery Last?

The lifespan of an RV battery is dependent on its usage. It can last for up to 5 years approximately if given proper maintenance. You must consume your battery completely similar to a marine battery. Another thing to monitor is the electrolyte level, your battery might fail prematurely in case of a low level of electrolyte, also preventing the overfilling.

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