Top 10 Best RV Remodels – Ultimate Idea List

| Last Updated: August 23, 2020

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Are you looking to remodel your RV but just cannot figure out how to go about it? Do you just keep looking at the area that needs to be remodeled and no brilliant ideas come to mind? Well, no need to worry because we have you covered!

With this handy guide, you will be able to choose from a wide variety of designs and pick the one you like the best.

So let’s start digging into our ultimate idea list for the best RV remodels and see what it has in store for you!

1. Black and White are a Perfect Duo

Black and white; the undisputed and quite frankly unbeatable champions of color combinations. No matter what era you live in, black and white is a timeless classic that never fails to look good. As seen in the picture, the kitchen and the surrounding area look so much more chic in that combination.

It also makes the area look more open and spacious, which is great for the appearance of the room. Even the people using it will not feel stifled while using this particular area. White also tends to keep the area cooler than other colors can, and that is another plus point.

2. Bring Your RV Back to Life & Add Some Color

While a black and white combination is just great, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. After all, each person has their own preference. So let’s add some color to the pallet. Cool tones like the ones shown in the picture after the remodeling are very much in style these days. Pastels have a weird way in which they comfort the viewer.

Not only that, but it is also quite aesthetically pleasing. The finishing touches are the little patterns that are added here and there. They make the entire place look very attractive.

3. Upgrade to a Cozy Palace You’ll Love

Comfort is key when it comes to designing living spaces. Especially if you have an RV and tend to be on the go, then your space has to be comfortable. Otherwise, you would just feel miserable all the time. By just replacing the old and well-used sofa seen in the before picture, the entire place can be made much cozier.

A leveled out surface would be much better to relax on. It can also hold more cushions that only add to the comfort.

4. Sleep Like a Baby in This Bedroom

One must have a good, soft bed to achieve a good night’s sleep. That is why this remodel idea focuses on how to get a good place to sleep in when you have a limited area. In the picture taken after the remodeling, you will see how the room looks completely changed. It has a lighter color combination which helps to sleep. Moreover, ventilation is also much better.

A floor bed is a very feasible option as it is easy to clean and look after rather than your average bed.

5. Less is More Sometimes -Wouldn’t You Agree?

The statement "less is more" has proven to be very true over time. Nowadays, the minimalistic trend is very popular and rightfully so. It promotes keeping only what you need. When you mix this in with some modern looks, it gives the whole area a very chic and elegant look.

The absence of clutter is also great for distressing and keeping your mind relaxed. Furthermore, living and moving around with less clutter is so much easier. The difference less clutter makes is clear in the before and after pictures. The area looks completely transformed.

6. Don’t Be Afraid to Brighten Things Up a Bit

Yes, it is true that tried and tested things are a safer and more practical option. However, one should not suppress their creativity just because of that. Never hesitate to experience with brighter colors as you will be pleasantly surprised. As shown after the remodeling, the area looks so much nicer and pleasant.

Although the previous structure was also nice, it was a bit dull. The light teal tone has made it look like a completely different room. The light yellow curtains also offer a very good touch.

7. Transform Your Dining Area

Food is more enjoyable when your surroundings are nice and pleasant. That is why restaurants are so focused on their interior and lighting. As shown in the picture taken after the remodeling, a comfortable seat is an important element to have in a dining area. There should also be enough space to move around in the area and around the table.

This helps in serving and setting the table. Lastly, a splash of color never hurt anyone. In fact, it adds a bit of homeliness to the dining area, which is always welcome.

8. Upgrade Your Bathroom to a More Modern Feel

A musty old bathroom never did any good to anyone. The bathroom is a place that needs to be clean and well kept. Adding a sink with a more modern design, as shown in the after picture, helps do just that, as it can prevent unnecessary splashes. The cabinets have also been changed to white. This adds a much lighter feel to the area.

The area surrounding the sink is another element that adds a modern touch, and it helps in changing the entire look of the bathroom.

9. Get Your Vitamin D Fix and Let in Some Sun!

The lounge is one place, perhaps we spend most of our time, and that's why it needs to be well lit. If we are spending all our time in a dimly lit area, it can affect our mood and even our mental health. That is why it is important to let the sun in. As mentioned before, darker tones can make a space looked cramped.

Opt for lighter colors that brighten the mood and make the area look spacious. You can add your study table to this area too as it is well lit and that helps with productivity.

10. Make Meals Fun By Revamping Your Kitchen

Now you may ask what does revamping my kitchen have to do with making meals fun? Well, you would be surprised. The first thing to do is make space for some efficient storage. Add some racks here and there which can help you organize a lot of stuff. 

And, yet again, we have the black and white combination. It automatically lifts the mood and makes the appearance of the kitchen better. The idea is to go for more white with black accents here and there. It will make your kitchen look just perfect!


Let’s have a look at all the things we have learned today. First of all, opt for a lighter atmosphere. It helps with the mood a lot. Secondly, do not be afraid to experiment with some colors. The most preferred colors these days are bright tones or pastel ones.

They make the area look more spacious and aesthetically pleasing. Lastly, a touch of modern concepts like minimalism is also worth adding. Ideas like minimalism can make your interior look chic. It can also help with your lifestyle by getting rid of unnecessary clutter. 

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