Forest River Vibe Review

| Last Updated: September 16, 2022

The Forest River Vibe 18RB is sturdily designed and can handle years of camping in almost every environment. Available at an incredibly affordable price, it’s packed with features that offer comfort, quality, and style throughout.

This model boasts Hyper Lyte construction, an extremely large pass-through storage for all your outdoor gear, and an enclosed and heated underbelly that allows RVers to travel in all four seasons. In regards to the interior, it has several standard features that ensure the trailer is convenient and comfortable for all.

In this article you'll find a review of the actual Forest River Vibe trailer, in which we describe its best features. We''ve also included a section on the safety features as we believe its good to know these before buying any RV.

There's also a section on what aspects Forest River could do to improve the Vibe model. This is taken from any regular customer complaints that we noticed as we researched the trailer. 

And if you have any unanswered questions, there's an FAQ section at the end dedicated to all things Forest River Vibe. So, with that said, let's take a dive in and see why it's such a popular travel trailer.

Forest River Vibe 18RB

Forest River Vibe 18RB

Forest River Vibe Specs and Dimensions

  • Height: 11’ 3”

  • Dry Weight: 4493 lbs

  • Cargo Weight: 1762 lbs

  • How Many Does it Sleep: Three

  • Exterior Material Used: Aluminum

  • Hitch weight: 450 lbs

  • GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating): 6255 lbs

Forest River Vibe Layout

There are 9 different floorplans for this model, but for the Forest River Vibe 18RB the kitchen is located in the center, while the living area is located in the front. Both the kitchen and living areas have carpet or vinyl flooring, and the kitchen boasts bench seats that serve as a kitchen table.

The vehicle also features an overhead fan, standard cutting boards, and a sink cover. It has a vinyl sofa in the living area and a Murphy bed in the front. It does not have any bunk beds or double beds, but with the convertible sofa bed and the queen size bed, the Forest River Vibe has enough sleeping space for three adults. 

The bathroom is located in the rear corner of the RV and has vinyl flooring. It also includes a plastic toilet, a sink, a medicine cabinet, and a mirror. The bathroom further has a standard fan system and a power vent fan. The pantry and refrigerator are located in the corner next to the bathroom.

Along with the booth dinette, the single slide boasts a wardrobe and a large panoramic window, so you can enjoy breathtaking views whenever you dine. There’s also a skylight that provides natural light in the kitchen and living area.

During the daytime, you can use the jackknife sofa for relaxation, and you can easily set up the bed when you’re tired. The RV also comes with two additional wardrobes for your things, plus two nightstands that are CPAP/USB-ready. 

Lastly, there’s a 16’ awning there to protect you from the sun, and an exterior pass-through storage, which you can use for all your outdoor gear.

Does the Forest River Vibe Come With Appliances?

The Forest River Vibe comes with several appliances. It includes a 50” flat-screen TV that’s great for family movie nights, while the U-shaped dinette is ideal for dinners and family game nights. It also includes a standard microwave oven, three oven burners, and a 12V refrigerator.

With this stainless-steel appliance package and large kitchen space, you’ll be able to wake up to the delicious smell of brewing coffee and breakfast every day. You can also store all the cooking necessities in the strategically-positioned cabinets, while the cooktop offers more than enough cooking space for your favorite meals.

This model further boasts an incredibly efficient, 15,000 BTU A/C with large ductwork and a walk-in shower. And, if you have a fun and adventurous day and arrive back to the RV a bit muddy, you can use the outdoor shower to rinse off, so you don’t have to worry about tracking in any dirt and mud. 

Who is the Forest River Vibe Best For?

If you’re someone who’s looking for year round adventure, fun, and good vibes, then the Forest River Vibe is the perfect RV for you. This model can easily accommodate three adults, and more.

Boasting vacuum-bonded walls, an enclosed underbelly, and aluminum-framed laminated floors, it is designed to handle years of camping in all environments. The unit is also inspected before delivery, so it’s ideal for all seasons, whether you’re living in Canada or traveling through the deserts of Arizona.

Popular Features

The Forest River Vibe is an excellent RV and has several great features. Some of its most popular features include:

Spacious Walk-Through Bathroom

Located in the rear corner, the bathroom in this RV is closed off with a hard door and not simple curtains, giving users extra privacy. With a vanity, sink, and a spacious shower, the bathroom gives you more than enough room to comfortably freshen up in the morning. 

Furthermore, the trailer has an outside shower, so if you ever get muddy, you can easily rinse off without worrying about tracking in dirt and mud.

Forest River Vibe travel trailer

All-Weather Living

This model can be used in all seasons and has numerous features that protect you from extreme temperatures. It is equipped with 2” heat pipes, a heated enclosed underbelly, an insulated fiberglass cap, a 30K BTU furnace, and a wood truss roof.

The unit also boasts Pex-Plumbing lines to ensure burst-proof lines in cold temperatures. Users also have the option of adding 12V heated strips, a ducted A/C, and a second air conditioner in the bedroom.

Large Kitchen

The Forest River Vibe also boasts a spacious kitchen, so you can enjoy waking up to the aroma of brewing coffee and sizzling bacon every day. The cooktop offers plenty of cooking space so you can easily cook all your favorite foods, while the microwave oven is strategically placed, so it’s in easy reach.

Included Safety Features

Every RV should be designed with quality safety features so that every individual has peace of mind. Some safety features of the Forest River Vibe include:

Extremely Sturdy Roof

This model boasts the tried and tested wood truss roof. The one-piece roof structure is manufactured with a jig and is sturdy enough to walk on. Every truss is constructed with joint fasteners and a large nail plate to ensure superior strength. Since wood does not conduct cold or heat, the heat loss in the RV is also reduced.

Reduced Resistance

The Forest River Vibe is designed with a V-shape cap. This unique design makes the wind flow off the cap and results in lesser wind resistance, similar to how a boat seamlessly cuts through the water.

This model also boasts a Wide-Track Gap Axle. This enhances stability and eliminates the bouncing of trailers quicker than a regular speed axle, resulting in reduced stress on the suspension of the tow vehicle.

Smart Design

The RV also has sealed countertops, which significantly reduces the risk of water damage. It’s further equipped with a smoke detector, a propane alarm, a carbon monoxide detector, and has one emergency exit.

It further offers a structure warranty of 12 months and a roof warranty of 12 years, which clearly shows that the company stands behind its product and its stability.

Aspects to Improve

It’s important to remember that no product is perfect. Similarly, the Forest River Vibe also has some aspects which could be improved. These include:

Poor Quality Control

The Forest River Vibe has some small problems that could have been solved with proper quality control. For example, some users complained that the RV arrived without the fridge plugged in. In this case, you would have to unscrew the refrigerator to plug it in. RVers also reported that screws were missing and were disappointed with the seat cushions' quality as they flattened after only days of use.

Poor Customer Service

The customer service of the Forest River could also be improved. In most cases, customer service representatives only advised that the customer should take their RV to an authorized dealer if it needed repairs. Some people also said that they didn’t resolve warranty issues quickly.

Battery Issues

According to some customers, the RV battery kept dying, even after it was charged all day. This might be because the factory-installed wires were not crimped properly. This problem can be solved, but you’ll have to re-crimp the wires and solder the connection.

The taillights might also stop working after a while, and you’ll have to replace the lamps to get them working again.

Forest River Vibe vs. Imagine - Comparison Overview

Both Forest River Vibe and Imagine are excellent models. To help you make the right decision, we’ve compared the two RVs, so you can easily pick the one that suits you best:

Forest River Vibe

Each Forest River Vibe unit boasts Hyper Lyte construction, an enclosed and heated underbelly that makes it suitable for traveling in all seasons, and large pass-through storage for storing all your outdoor gear.

In regards to the interior, the vehicle has numerous standard features that ensure convenience and comfort for all.


All Imagine travel trailers have a Four-Season Protection package. They also offer maximum insulation, heated holding tanks, a 35,000 BTU furnace for exceptional heating power, a heated utility center, and an enclosed and heated low point drain that allow extended season camping.

Their interior further includes an 81” radius ceiling so that you can walk around comfortably, a master suite, and high tank capacities that demand less frequent filling and emptying. The company also offers some pet-friendly models. 

The Forest River Vibe FAQs

An RV is a pretty big investment, so you mustn’t have any doubts when you’re making your purchase. To ensure you don’t have any regrets, and to help clear away any queries you might have, here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

Does Warren Buffett Own Forest River RV?

In 2005, Berkshire Hathaway Inc. and Warren Buffet acquired Forest River Inc. and all its acquisitions. Berkshire Hathaway is a large investment firm that’s owned by Warren Buffet. In 2017, Forest River introduced a new line of luxury buses.

How to Winterize a Vibe Travel Trailer

You can winterize your Vibe travel trailer with antifreeze. For winterizing your trailer, follow these steps:

  1. Drain all sewage and freshwater tanks.

  2. Turn the water heater bypass valve to the bypass position.

  3. Drain the water heater.

  4. Discard the water filter system, if you have one.

  5. Pour RV antifreeze into the tank and fill it just above the minimum operating level.

  6. Turn on the pump switch and open all faucet fixtures on the cold side. Leave them open until you see the antifreeze flowing out of the faucets.

  7. Repeat the previous step with the hot waterside.

  8. Pour antifreeze down sinks and shower drains.

Who Builds the Vibe Travel Trailer?

The Vibe travel trailers are manufactured and built by Forest River RV. The company is further a division of Forest River Inc, which is a Berkshire Hathaway company. It is headquartered in the city of Elkhart, Indiana.

Which is a Better Built, a Vibe or Rockwood Travel Trailer?

The Rockwood travel trailer is built with a roof that naturally sheds water. The roof has Alpha-ply as the top layer, which is a stretchy and light material that oxidizes less. On the other hand, the Vibe travel trailer is built with aluminum-framed laminated floors and vacuum-bonded walls.

How to Put Blinds up on Vibe Travel Trailer

You can easily put up blinds on your Vibe travel trailer by following these steps:

  1. Use a screwdriver or a cordless drill to remove the window treatment’s stabilizing brackets.

  2. Clean the walls surrounding the windows.

  3. Mount the first and second brackets with a power drill.

  4. Slide the blind into the brackets.

  5. Replace the window treatments. 

How to Tell What Kind of Batteries My Forest River Vibe Has

You can read the user manual if you want to know the kind of batteries that your RV has. If you don’t have the user manual, you can consult a dealership.

Does Forest River Vibe Total Length Include the Grill?

The total length of the Vibe series ranges from 33 to 38 ft. Since the grill is located outside and is housed under the awning, it is not included in the total length.

What Size Vehicle Do I Need to Pull the Forest River Vibe?

In order to determine the size of the vehicle, you’ll need to calculate the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of the Forest River Vibe. It’s advisable to remain under 80% of the towing capacity. You can find the towing capacity of the vehicle in its user manual. Make sure the trailer’s weight does not exceed the towing capacity of your vehicle.

Where is the Water Pump in My 2020 Forest River Vibe?

You’ll need to look for the water pump by determining where the city water enters from. Since Forest River hides pumps, you may need to remove a panel or a drawer to find it. However, it should be located on the vehicle’s tank side.

How Many Square Feet is the Forest River Vibe 2018 RLS?

The Forest River Vibe 2018 RLS measures 33.92 feet in length and 8 feet in width. This makes the vehicle approximately 271.36 square feet large.  

Bottom Line

All in all, the Forest River Vibe is a great RV with countless amazing features. Its spacious bathroom and large kitchen ensure comfortable living, while its sturdy construction enables you to travel in whichever season you want.

It also boasts several safety features and is backed by an extensive warranty, so you can have peace of mind. With an open space living room, the RV is perfect for three people. If you start camping with the Forest River Vibe trailer, then you’ll surely stay comfortable only a few steps away from the beautiful outdoors.