5 Quality RV Deck Ideas That Are Worth The Upgrade

| Last Updated: August 23, 2020

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A change in your space is something that is always welcome. Just changing a few elements here and there can change the look and atmosphere of the entire space. No one could disagree on that.

The same is the case for RV decks. Every now and then, an upgrade should be made so that your RV deck looks up to date.

That is why, for this review, we will discuss five quality RV deck ideas that are worth an upgrade. So without wasting another moment, let’s take a look at these five decks.

1. Enjoy Bonfires, Share Life Stories, and Build Memories

Bonfires are an undeniable classic. A warm and cozy bonfire is best enjoyed with a pleasant company. It automatically sets the mood and brings a sense of joy to everyone sitting around it. Of course, a good mood also results in good memories as well. Some comfortable chairs seal the deal too.

They provide an added element of ease and comfort that a traditional bonfire setting lacks. The great thing about having a deck with a place for a bonfire is that it is so much easier to enjoy it.

2. Bask in The Sun and Soak Up Some Rays

This little setup is a perfect upgrade for a summer picnic. When the sun comes out from between the clouds, you can enjoy it to the fullest. Bask in the shining sun and relax on some picnic chairs. The deck also has enough space to prepare some refreshments and entertainment.

This type of deck is very popular as it is open. However, it has some shade that can aid in taking a good relaxing nap while enjoying the open air and nature as well. It is also hassle-free as there are no extra elements included in the setup of the deck.

3. This Huge Deck is a Dream

Well, you know what they say, the bigger, the better! This RV deck is spacious enough to hold parties. It has a good, airy design that will make all your guests feel pleasant and comfortable. Moreover, there are no complications with the setup. It is simple and straightforward.

It has a vintage touch which gives it a very homey feel. A spacious deck like this one also gives a good chance to escape the coped up atmosphere of daily life.

4. This Homey-Feel Deck Fun and Great For Lounging


This is yet another deck which has a very homey feel to it. However, it is a bit different from the previous one. This is surrounded by much more greenery, which is very refreshing. It is a perfect setup for some afternoon tea as it has those round tables and chairs.

The feeling it gives is that of a very comfortable and cozy outdoor café. This setup can be enjoyed in the daytime as well as the nighttime. This is because it is well protected by a canopy but open enough to let in some much-welcomed light.

5. Stargazing Must Be Magical 

Out of all of the five RV deck ideas, this one is the most minimalistic. However, at the very same time, it is the most magical as well. One look at it makes you feel as if it is taken out of some fairy tale or a movie. If you are a romantic, then this is definitely the idea that you should apply to your RV deck.

It has a very relaxing atmosphere that is best for stargazing at night. You will not be under the bare sky either as there is a canopy to protect you from rain and such.


Although life indoors has its own appeal, sometimes, a bit of outdoor cannot hurt at all. In fact, it is great for everyone to spend some time outdoors. Decks are the best way to achieve that. The best setups are the ones that make you feel relaxed. Although now there are many modern options as well, the setups with a vintage touch have been really popular recently.

All of the examples shown above offer a varying degree of comfort and aesthetics in their own way. Now it’s up to you to choose whether you would enjoy frequent bonfires, picnics or stargazing.

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