Best RV Winterizing Kits – 2021 Review Guide

| Last Updated: June 5, 2021

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Living in an RV comes with a set of perks and some requirements too. There is some maintenance work that has to be done year-round and some that is left for a specific time of the year. One example of the latter is winterizing your RV.

Before you park your RV to be left alone for the winter, you have to make sure you have winterized your RV, so when you get back to it, it is in good condition and functional. For that, you need to pick out the best kit that will work with your RV. And this article will help you do exactly that.

Comparison Chart of the Best RV Winterizing Kits

  • Best RV winterizing kit overall
  • Compatible with Viair 400P-RV and 450P- RV models
  • Works with the blowout method of winterizing the vehicle
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  • Runner-up on our list of best RV winterizing kits
  • Works with the antifreeze method of winterizing your vehicle
  • Easy and convenient installation ensure no hassles during the process
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  • Best for the money
  • Designed to work with the antifreeze method of RV winterizing
  • Permanent one-time installation that adds to the convenience of use
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  • Works with the blow out as well as the antifreeze method
  • Easy to use products for a hassle-free winterizing process
  • Comes with an included guide to winterizing your RV the right way
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  • Compatible with the standard 12-volt power
  • Thermostatically controlled for optimal performance
  • Refrigerating tubes that provide full functionality even in the below ambient temperatures
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  • The lead-free product provides biosafety along with winterizing.
  • Works for blowout winterizing; not just for RVs but for other applications too
  • Flexible hose with the adaptor ensures maximum reach of the device, even to narrow spaces
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  • The adaptor works to winterize your RV using the blow out method
  • Specially designed to avoid any sort of leakage through the connection
  • The adaptor is compatible with the standard air compressors, ensuring you will have no trouble connecting to the compressor
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When to Winterize Your RV

Winterizing your RV obviously needs to be done in winter. But that doesn’t mean that with a single drop in the temperature, you’ll pack your RV for the winter and call it a season. RVs can function normally without any damage to a certain degree of temperature, but if you feel that the temperature in your area might drop to a freezing degree, then winterizing your RV is probably a good idea.

If you delay winterizing for a considerable amount of time, then you may face a number of issues such as frozen water in the pipelines and compromised functionality of your unit. To avoid all of these issues, it is better to winterize your RV when the time is right.

What Are The Components of a Winterizing Kit?

The components of a winterizing kit may vary from kit to kit, but there are some basic components you will find in most kits.

Blow Out Plug

A blow out plug is the basic device required for winterizing an RV with this method and will be found in every kit. This device uses an air compressor and the blowout method to completely clear out the water lines, preventing water from freezing in there.


A regulator is yet another important component likely to be present in any good kit. The regulator, as the name implies, allows you to regulate the pressure the blowout plug uses.

Pressure Gauge

A pressure gauge is not necessary for the winterizing process, but it surely helps to a great extent. A pressure gauge will be found only in the very best kits, and will help you closely monitor the pressure being used.

How To Choose A Winterizing Kit For Your RV

Choosing a kit may seem as easy as picking one with the best reviews, but that is not all. There are a few more aspects you need to be careful about. Here is a list of things you need to look at while considering an RV winterizing kit.


It is important to evaluate whether the item you are considering provides  a good value for the money you are spending. It is an important step in buying almost any product, so you do not spend more money than is really needed.


Before you go ahead and purchase a winterizing kit, ensure it has all the components you need to winterize your RV. As mentioned earlier, different kits come with different components, and not all kits will have the parts you need. It is therefore, important to confirm whether the kit you’re choosing has all the components.


Some RVs come with certain specific requirements that need to be met and there are entirely different sets of kits for these vehicles. So before you buy a winterizing kit, make sure the kit you are buying is compatible.

Review of the Best RV Winterizing Kits

With the basics of RV winterizing kits and the aspects that need to be looked at out of the way, we can now finally get to pick out the right kit. Here is a list of the best kits reviewed for your convenience, so you can decide which one to get for yourself.

Best Overall:
VIAIR RV Winterizing Kit

VIAIR 90145 RV Winterization Kit


  • The Assembly Process is Also Easy, Ensuring Not a Lot of Time is Wasted 
  • Easy to Use With or Without Instructions, Which Makes Winterizing Your RV a Quick Process, With No Extra Hassle
  • Since the Kit Comes With a Regulator and Pressure Gauge, You Do Not Have to Worry or Be Uncertain About the Pressure Drifting While You Blow Out


  • For the Given Price of the Kit, One Would Expect it to Come With a Compressor, Which it Doesn’t

If you’re looking for the absolute best for your RV,  you need look no further. This winterizing kit is the best pick and it trumps all others, in nearly all aspects, providing you with nothing less than the best for your recreational vehicle.

This winterizing kit by VIAIR features four pieces that will work with Viair 400P-RV and 450P-RV models to provide the best of winterizing. The kit includes a 1/4" quick connect coupler (M, NPT), a 1/4" quick connect stud (M, NPT), a blowout plug with a regulator, and the best of all, a 220 PSI gauge to help you monitor the pressure. All these pieces will fit right into your RV, optimally winterizing it to ensure your vehicle outlasts the elements.

All the included parts of the kit are of high quality material, justifying the price tag that it comes with. Pair this kit with a compressor and you will have everything you need to prepare your vehicle.

Bottom Line

You can go through a number of winterizing kits, but you will come back to this one, realizing this kit really offers it all. The product will allow you to be in complete control of the process with its pressure gauge and regulator. If you can find the right compressor to work with this kit, you will find your RV ready for the winter by the best kit the market has to offer.

 Valterra Lead-Free Pump Converter Kit

Valterra P23506LFVP Lead Free Pump Converter Kit


  • The Products Included are All Lead-Free, For a Product Which is Not Hazardous to Your Own Health
  • Aids With the Antifreeze Method, Which Prevents the Possibilities of Leaks Caused By the Blow Out Method
  • Works Efficiently, Allowing the Entire RV to be Winterized in a Considerably Short Time 


  • The Attachment Tool for the Hose is Made of Plastic, Which May Get Cut By the Brass Connector, Causing a Leak

This pump converter kit works efficiently and prepares it for the freezing winters. It makes sure that once the season has passed, your vehicle is still functioning and free from damage the season may have caused.

The Valterra Winterization Kit comes with two parts which include a hose, along with a tool for attachment and a ½” conversion connector. The parts fit together with great ease and allow extremely easy installation. The best part about this is that it connects inside the RV right next to the pump and can be left installed. Not having to remove and attach the kit with the RV constantly can prove to be a great convenience.

Another great plus is that it is absolutely lead-free. The harmful effects of lead on the body is no secret and there are very few products that cater to our needs of bio-safety. But this happens to be one of them, providing our RVs with a treatment that won’t end up harming us.

Bottom Line

The leak from the plastic tool can be avoided by careful usage and also by leaving the kit installed, which is what we love about this kit. It allows you to save time from the repeated process of installation as well as by providing easy functioning, which is why it is featured as the runner-up on this list.

Best For The Money:
Camco Winterizing Kit

Camco Permanent Pump Converter Winterizing Kit- Allows You to Use Boat/RV Water Pump to Fill Pipes With Antifreeze - Lead Free, CSA Low Lead Content Certified (36543)


  •  Easy to Install and Easy to Use
  • Can Be Installed and Left, Without Having to Be Removed and Reattached Each Time
  • The Included Products are Compliant With Various Standards and Have Low Levels of Lead for the User's Own Safety


  • The Included Hose is Not Long Enough and Barely Reaches the Bottom of the Antifreeze Bottle

If you’re looking to save your money from all the extra things people spend on fancy winterizing kits, this is where you can end your search. This kit by Camco will not only help you save extra bucks, but it will also provide the best possible option for your RV.

Camco has presented this winterizing kit that features four components. These include a brass valve for connection, a siphon hose, Teflon tape for aided connection, and a pump adapter to ensure your pump is compatible with the kit itself. The installation of all of these components is considerably easy and the entire kit can be left installed.

The Camco winterizing kit not only installs simply but also allows the entire process to be considerably easy. Since the process is extremely easy and involves no hassles, it can be completed in no time. The kit also complies with various standards that require the products to include low levels of lead for the purpose of bio-safety.

Bottom Line

This product by Camco is designed to provide you with the best within your budget and it accomplishes this very well. The kit provides all the necessary parts and easy functioning for a convenient winterizing process. Is there anything more we can really ask for?

4. Camco RV Winter Readiness Kit

Camco 36190 RV Winter Readiness Kit - Includes Antifreeze Concentrate and Hand Pump, Blow Out Plug, Dehumidifier and More - Comes with Bonus Winterizing Guide


  • Includes a Super Detailed Manual
  • The Included Components are All Designed to Function With Great Ease, Making the Process Faster 
  • The Best Part is that it Will Work With Not One, but Both Methods for Your RV, Ensuring Your Vehicle is Completely Prepared for the Season


  • This Features a Blowout Adapter Made of Plastic. which is Not Durable When Used With a Compressor, and Would Need to Be Replaced in No Time

Two items by Camco in a row? That just goes to say how good the brand really is with its products. This kit is a combination of all the items you would need to winterize your RV. From the devices for blowing out to the antifreeze, this kit will serve to be the single stop for all your requirements.

This Camco set comes in a bucket including six components that will be all you need for your RV in the winter season. This winter readiness bucket includes a premium frost 2000 antifreeze concentrate, a hand pump kit, a blow-out plug, an odor eliminating bag, a mini dehumidifier, and a fridge door stay. All of this comes along with a step-by-step guide that will help you properly winterize your vehicle the right way.

The best part about this kit is that it will help with not only blowing out the pipes but also with the antifreeze method of winterizing. Furthermore, all the included products are extremely easy to use, making the process a breeze to carry out.

Bottom Line

If you wish to solve all your problems with one purchase, let that purchase be this kit. Camco ensures you get absolutely everything  you need for a complete winterizing of your RV in this kit.

5. Norcold Cold Weather Kit

Norcold 634913 Cold Weather Kit


  • The Included Thermostat Functions to Provide You With the Best Functioning in All Temperatures
  • Requires No Special Power Outlet is Designed to Function on the Standard Voltage Usually Provided in RVs


  • The Instructions Provided are Hard to Understand, so the Assembly Might be a Little Tricky

Norcold presents this winter kit for all the RVs out there to optimize the functioning of your recreational vehicle in the winter. This will ensure all the appliances that can’t function well in winters still perform.

This set is designed to give your RV the best of functioning in winter and attaches to your fridge and ensures it functions optimally even when the temperatures are lower than those that are required. So you can lay down your worries about your refrigerator giving up on you in winters.

Bottom Line

Blowing out and antifreeze may work for your pipes and lining in the winters, but your refrigerator needs some special attention too. And that is exactly what this kit by Norcold offers. Ambient temperature or not, your fridge will function just perfectly!

6. Vibrant Yard Co. Winterize Quick-Connect Plug

Winterize Sprinkler Systems and Outdoor Faucets: Air Compressor Quick-Connect Plug To Female Garden Hose Faucet Blow Out Adapter with Shut Off Valve (Lead-Free Brass)


  • Made Using High Quality Brass That Will be Sure to Last a Long Time
  • When This Adapter Arrives, it is Already assembled, Meaning You Have to Go Through No Extra Steps
  • The Brass Used is Free of Any Hazardous Materials,  Ensuring Your Own Safety While Using the Device


  • The Hose is Not as Long as Would Be Required 

Here is another solution to your winter issues with your RV. Vibrant Yard Co. presents its users with this quick connect plug designed to winterize all the water pipes in your recreational vehicle. With this product, you can forget your worries about frozen lines, once and for all.

The quick connect plug has four basic parts that make it fully functional. These parts include a standard air compressor quick connect, a shut-off valve, a flexible hose, and a female hose connector. These parts are joined by removable ¼” NPT joints that ensure no leaks in the entire quick connect plug system.

All the individual parts of this device are designed to provide the best of functioning. The air compressor connect is good, commonly used quality, which instills trust within the product. The shut-off valve allows you to keep the device installed, simply using the valve to put it into use. Furthermore, the flexible hose of the unit ensures it easily reaches all the tight spaces which other hoses can’t get to.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a kit to help you blow out the lines of your RV before the winter arrives and they’re all frozen, then wait no longer to get this adapter. It will work simply, yet efficiently at winterizing your RV, saving you from a number of problems you wouldn’t want.

7. Winterize RV Quick Connect Plug

Winterize RV, Boat, Motorhome, Camper, and Travel Trailer: Air Compressor Quick-connect Plug To Male Garden Faucet Blow Out Adapter Fitting (Solid Lead-Free Brass)


  • The Small, Unique Design Allows it to Reach Tight and Narrow Spaces, Making it Work Efficiently
  • This Quick Connect Plug is Made From a 100% Lead-Free Brass, Which Ensures the Safety of Your Health, Along With the Optimal Functioning of Your RV
  • Helps You Blow Out Your Lines, Which is a Lot Safer Than Using Antifreeze 


  • The Threads on the Adapter are Quite Sharp and Need to be Handled Carefully

This quick-connect plug might be the quickest solution you can find to your RV's winter problems. Connect to an air compressor and allow the blow out winterizing to happen on its own. Can it get any easier than this? We bet not.

This is nothing more than a quick blow out connector that may be a single piece, but it works as efficiently as any other item when it comes to preparing your recreational vehicle for the harsh winter.

You only have to use this quick-connect plug to attach the air compressor to your RV's outlet and let all your pipes be cleared of water so that when the temperatures drop too low, you won’t have to worry about your water lines freezing over.

Bottom Line

If easy, quick, cheap, and efficient winterizing is what you want for your RV, you can trust this device to be the perfect solution. All you need to do is connect and let the compressor do its job. The job is simple and above all, safe for you.

How To Winterize An RV

Winterizing an RV is not a very straightforward job, but a rather tricky one. and one that involves a couple of steps. To ensure  you haven’t forgotten any of the required steps, here is a complete guide on how to winterize your RV the right way.

1. Drain The Tanks

Use a hose to drain the tanks of your RV. When the harsh winter comes, there is a chance of this water freezing and, in turn, causing damage to the structure. So before you move ahead, empty the tanks. This would include the holding tank, the fresh water tank, and even the water heater.

2. Blow Out The Lines

Use air pressure to blow out the water from the lines. During this step, make sure the applied pressure does not exceed 40-50 psi, as that may damage the lines and cause leakage. Remember to blow out the water from all the systems of the RV where water is being used, from the water heater to the shower.

3. Antifreeze Treatment

Connect your inlet to antifreeze and allow that to flow through the lines. Make sure you have turned on the water pump and your taps are running to ensure the entire lines are treated with the antifreeze. Pour some antifreeze down the drains too, just to be on the safe side.

4. Leave The Taps Open

Once you have blown out the lines and treated them with antifreeze, make sure you leave all the taps open, This is to ensure that in case some water does freeze, the expansion in pipes doesn’t cause them to burst.

In case you still have some questions and confusion about the whole winterizing process, make sure you take a look at the video below, for a better understanding.

Video: How to Winterize an RV


From what to look for in an RV winterizing kit to how to completely winterize your RV, this article has told you all. Make sure  you pick the right kit for your RV and follow all steps to winterize your RV. With all of that done, your vehicle is all ready for the winter. No more worrying about freezing water in the lines or any such hassle.

People Also Ask

Winterizing an RV is not a simple job and may raise a number of questions. This article tries its best to guide you through the entire process, but in case there are still some queries you have, we’ve got your back! Here are a few questions people frequently ask while winterizing their RVs.

What is a Winterized RV?

A winterized RV is an RV in which all the household plumbing is prepared for freezing temperatures. Since the freezing of water in the lines and tanks can cause leakage and damage to the structure, the water is removed and the tank is treated with antifreeze to avoid the damage entirely.

How Can I Live in An RV in the Winter?

Living in an RV in winter can be very comfortable, but it will require a few extra arrangements to keep it fully functional. You can insulate the windows, use small space heaters and electric blankets, keep a propane tank, and use an RV furnace. All these help you, not only to increase the temperature to keep yourself warm but also keep your vehicle fully functional.

Can I Use My RV Toilet in the Winter?

If you need to use your RV’s toilet once you’ve winterized your vehicle, do not be worried. You only need to pour some water down the drain and flush it out. Once that is done, do not forget to add some antifreeze to your toilet so if there is any water left, it won’t freeze.

How to Winterize RV Water System?

The water systems in RVs need to be completely drained and treated with antifreeze in order to be properly winterized. This would include draining all available tanks of the vehicle and blowing out any water. Once done with the water clearance, the pipes need to be treated with antifreeze and some antifreeze should be poured down the drain as well. For any further questions, you may refer to the video linked above.

How Many Gallons of Antifreeze Are Needed to Winterize an RV?

The amount of antifreeze you use to winterize your RV really just depends upon the size of your vehicle and how efficiently you use the antifreeze. You could pour gallons just to be on the safe side, or use the product efficiently. However, if you own a standard sized RV, a minimum of about two to three gallons of antifreeze are required. It would be better if you use up to four gallons just to make sure all is covered.

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