Forest River Grey Wolf Review – 2021 Guide

| Last Updated: June 5, 2021

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The Forest River Grey Wolf 26MK is the perfect combination of livability, function, and style. Engineered with distinctive features, exceptional quality, and superior comfort, this unit is available at a remarkably affordable price.

This unit allows you to escape your ordinary life and relax, to spend time with your friends and family, and to experience the joy, beauty, and wonder of the great outdoors.

With this travel trailer, you'll always be itching to go on an adventure! However, to ensure you're making the right choice, we've reviewed the Forest River Grey Wolf 26MK in detail. Let's see what this unit has to offer!

Forest River Grey Wolf 26MK

Forest River Grey Wolf Specs and Dimensions

Height: 10' 6"

Weight: 6073 lbs

How Many Does it Sleep: Five

Exterior Material Used: Wood and Aluminum

GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating): 7790 lbs.

Forest River Grey Wolf Layout

This unit boasts a rear living floor plan with large panoramic windows that highlight two lounge chairs, a super slide living room, and a modern gourmet kitchen. You can watch TV on the booth dinette or on the sofa, or you can warm up by the fireplace and plan your next adventure.

Giving users the option of a carpet or vinyl flooring, the kitchen in this trailer is located in the center. The bathroom is also located in the center and leads into the master queen suite. The bathroom comes with several amenities, including a medicine cabinet, a mirror, a sink, and a standard van system.

Furthermore, the master bedroom boasts vinyl flooring and comes with curtains to provide maximum privacy. 

If you're the sort of person who starts the day with an early morning jog, then you'll be able to exit the trailer without disturbing other sleeping campers with the use of the second entry door in the private bedroom.

Outside the trailer, you'll find a power awning, LED lights, exterior speakers, a TV bracket, and a Cherokee camp kitchen, which you can use to whip up your favorite meals. Lastly, the unit boasts outside storage, enabling you to store all your cumbersome and messy equipment away from the interior.

Does The Forest River Grey Wolf Come With Appliances?

The Forest River Grey Wolf comes with several appliances, including a Cherokee remote-control system and total control app, light filtering zebra blinds, and LED interior lights. It also boasts USB charging stations, so you can keep your phones charged, and an entertainment system, which allows you to catch up on all your favorite TV shows and movies while you're on the road.

It further comes with three oven burners, a microwave oven, and a refrigerator for storing all your favorite snacks and drinks. An air conditioner and heater are also included, making this trailer suitable for all seasons.

Moreover, the unit boasts an outdoor shower that offers both cold and hot water, so you can hose yourself down after an adventurous hike without worrying about tracking mud in the trailer. Boasting the RVQ quick connect, it further allows you to hook up a grill and cook mouth-watering burgers outdoors.

Lastly, if you get tired of staying indoors, you can take advantage of the unit's outdoor power awning and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Who is the Forest River Grey Wolf Best For?

With one queen-size bed and two sofas that can be converted into beds, this Forest River Grey Wolf model can accommodate up to five people. Offering style, value, and comfort, it is the perfect choice for full-timers and families.

Furthermore, this compact unit is ideal for those who don't need a lot of frills and prefer a lightweight, affordable model. The floorplan is spacious, open, and filled with every amenity you can think of, making it perfect for families that value comfort above all else.

Popular Features

This unit is designed with something for each family member. Some of the features that make this model so popular include:

Double Entry

The Forest River Grey Wolf boasts durable construction and double entry, allowing for privacy on both ends of the unit. We know how difficult mornings can be when some family members are early risers while others are not. It's extremely difficult to stay quiet when someone else is sleeping, which makes the unit's double-entry feature ideal for all campers.

Along with giving you much-needed privacy, it also allows for quicker and easier access into your trailer during traveling.

Exterior Storage

One of this unit's best exterior features is the RVQ quick connect as it allows users to connect a low-pressure grill and cook delicious burgers and steaks outdoors.

However, the exterior storage is why so many campers love this trailer. Offering quick and easy access to all your camping essentials, its large exterior storage allows you to bring anything you want on your trip, including soccer balls, camping chairs, and kayaks.

Enhanced Comfort

With this trailer, you'll be sure to enjoy a good night's sleep after a long day of sightseeing and exploring. You can unwind in the comfortable plush seating and enjoy your favorite TV show or sit at the U-shaped dinette for game night.

Included Safety Features

Since the Grey Wolf 26MK is a family-friendly trailer, it's designed with safety in mind. It has numerous safety features, such as:

Quality Construction

This unit is constructed with a front aerodynamic profile, allowing for smooth streamlined towing. It boasts a 5/8" tongue, 3/8" walkable roof decking, a powder-coated rust-resistant frame, and groove plywood flooring.

It further comes with a 12-month structural warranty, a 12-month basic warranty, and a 12-year roof warranty, ensuring that this trailer will help you make years of exciting camping memories.

Backup Camera

The Grey Wolf 26MK is designed with backup camera capabilities to enhance road safety. This camera saves money by preventing minor accidents and saves lives by providing drivers with increased visibility behind their trailers. It also allows drivers to become more aware of small animals and children in their vicinity.

The backup camera in this unit will also help you park more safely and quickly. Lastly, it will make it easier for you to hook up a caravan when you don't have anyone to guide you.

Additional Safety Equipment

This model comes with a smoke detector, a carbon monoxide detector, and a propane alarm. It also has an emergency exit, which further enhances safety.  

Aspects to Improve

It's important to remember that no product is perfect. Similarly, the Forest River Grey Wolf 26MK also has some aspects which could be improved, such as:


The mattress, couch, dinette cushions in this trailer might feel a bit uncomfortable for some. However, this problem can be easily solved by replacing the mattress and cushions with more comfortable ones.


The craftsmanship of this unit should be improved as most customers reported minor issues. For example, some users found the shelves in the trailer to be made of thin paneling with no supports in the middle. Some also reported that the unit's side panels were popping off, which resulted in water entering the walls.

Buyers also said that the stabilizer jacks were weak and easily bent and were disappointed with the propane tank covers' quality. However, all these issues can be fixed by the company under warranty.

Customer Service

Most customers were disappointed with Forest River's customer service. One buyer stated that they were forwarded three times before they were able to talk to the correct representative about their problem. 

Comparison Overview

With so many different models and brands, it can be extremely difficult to choose the right trailer. To ensure you're making the right decision, we've compared the Grey Wolf to some prominent trailers:

Forest River Grey Wolf vs. Catalina

Both Grey Wolf and Catalina offer a wide range of floor plans and feature quality, durable construction, so you'll be sure to find a model that best suits the needs of your family.

However, Catalina's customer service department is better and more helpful than that of Grey Wolf. On the other hand, most Grey Wolf models have a higher blackwater and freshwater tank capacity as compared to Catalina models. 

Forest River Grey Wolf vs. Patriot

The Patriot is a special edition of the Forest River Grey Wolf offered by AC Nelsen. AC Nelsen is a bulk dealer that offers this private label and customizes trailers with some additional features. These add-ons can include stuff like power jacks, power awning, and a remote for awning, slide, and jacks.

However, both are dependable units that are incredibly easy to tow in wind storms, blizzards, and even severe thunderstorms.

Bottom Line

Designed for entertaining, the Forest River Grey Wolf 26MK is an excellent family-friendly trailer that can accommodate up to five people. It boasts a spacious slide-out, large windows that let in a lot of natural light, plenty of comfortable seating, and ample storage space.

The floorplan is open and spacious, giving you plenty of space to comfortably move around. With a fireplace, lounge chairs, dual entry, a large slide, and a large pantry, this trailer comes with every amenity you would need on a trip away from home!

People Also Ask

Choosing the right travel trailer can be an extremely confusing and time-consuming task. To ensure you don't regret your decision and to clear away any queries you might have, we've answered some of the most frequently asked questions about the Forest River Grey Wolf:

What is the Smallest Grey Wolf Travel Trailer?

The smallest Grey Wolf travel trailer is the 19SM model. This unit has a length of 24'3", a height of 10'6", and a width of 96". It further has gray water and black water capacities of 38 gallons.

How To Winterize a Grey Wolf Travel Trailer

You can winterize your Grey Wolf travel trailer by following these steps:

  1. Drain all sewage and freshwater tanks.

  2. Turn the water heater bypass valve to the bypass position.

  3. Completely drain the water heater.

  4. Fill the tank with RV antifreeze until it reaches the minimum water pump operation level.

  5. Turn on the pump switch and open the cold taps of all faucet fixtures until you see antifreeze flowing out of the faucets.

  6. Repeat the above step for hot taps.

Lastly, pour antifreeze down the kitchen sink and shower drain. 

Where To Store Cushions in Grey Wolf Toy Hauler?

You can stack the cushions on the floor in front of the fold-up couch to enhance comfortability. You can also place them on the bed or use them to convert the dinette into an additional sleeping space.

What is the Flight Light For in Grey Wolf Travel Trailer?

The Forest River Grey Wolf travel trailer does not have a flight light.  

Which RV is Considered Better, Forest River Vengeance or Cherokee Grey Wolf?

The construction of the Cherokee Grey Wolf stands out because of its 12" on-center studs. The unit is also designed with hurricane straps, so the studs don't pop out of the frame when you're driving on rough roads.

On the other hand, the Vengeance features a ramp door for easier unloading, while its DUR-A-POXY cargo floor comes with 5,000-lbs tie-downs to ensure your equipment is secure during transportation.

Where Are the Batteries At in a Forest River Grey Wolf?

The batteries in a Forest River Grey Wolf will either be located in a battery box on the 'A' frame or in a separate compartment. However, make sure you check your user manual to determine the exact location. The batteries' charge level will be displayed on the monitor panel that is usually located in the wall-mounted Control Center. 

What is the Base Camp Package on Forest River Grey Wolf Travel Trailer?

The Base Came Package on the Grey Wolf travel trailer comes with some pretty amazing features, such as a tank flush out kit, a flip-down travel lack, an outside shower that offers both cold and hot water, enclosed tanks, and a large folding grab handle. It also boasts an entertainment system, an oven, and a water heater, among other things.

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