15 Amazing RV Gift Ideas – Ultimate List

| Last Updated: August 24, 2020

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Are you looking for the perfect birthday gift for the RVer in your life? Do you have a loved one who lives in an RV full time and you are wondering what gift will be more suitable for them? Well, there is no need to worry!

It can be a bit difficult to find gifts for RVers who love to spend their time traveling and camping.

That is why we have compiled a list of some of the most useful and unique gifts to provide you with inspiration and give you ideas of something you can get which they can use on their next adventure.

1. Backup Camera

Every driver is aware that backing up a large vehicle, particularly an RV, can be quite a hassle. Navigating urban maneuvers and tight parking spots can be quite challenging, as it can be very difficult to see behind the RV, even with the help of mirrors. That is why a backup camera is a perfect gift for an RVer.

This handy equipment is mounted at the rear of an RV while the live feed is transferred to the small monitor and fixed onto the dashboard in direct sight of the driver. A backup camera is essential to ensure the safety of the vehicle.  

2. Awning Lights

RV awning lights are a specialized rope, string of lights, or porch light designed particularly for the RV. They help spruce up your RV and make the night livelier and fun. They are perfect for an RVer who loves partying or having BBQs with their family.

It can also provide the perfect light for sitting with friends around the campfire and enjoying a few drinks. You can rely on them to provide a better party vibe and brighter surroundings.

They also help to create a relaxing atmosphere when the sun goes down. You can easily hook them up on your RV and sit outside on a beach chair to enjoy the quiet night. 

3. Coffee Maker

A coffee maker is another fantastic gift you can get for the RVer in your life. Whether he is a heavy or occasional coffee drinker, there is nothing like the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning to wake you up and make you feel energized. This gift would save time and money from getting coffee during the trip and will make his on-the-road house truly feel like a second home.

Getting coffee on the way is not only impractical, it adds more stops and also costs extra money. Thus, with this gift, he will be able to enjoy his coffee wherever and whenever he likes. Just make sure that the coffee maker you choose is user-friendly, portable, a space saver with a small footprint, and is easy to clean. 

4. GPS Unit

A GPS unit is one of the most vital devices for an RV. It can provide real-time traffic updates and point the driver in the right direction. It also provides information about the weather, including temperature and precipitation.

With this ultimate gift, you will not only ensure the safety of the RVer but will also make it easier for them to navigate their route.

Your gift will help them plan their journey on roads that are safe for their RV and avoid extremely low bridges or ones which cannot support the weight of the RV. It will also help incorporate RV-friendly stops and include the campsites that are perfect as potential stops.

5. Dog Ramp (For Pet Parents)

A dog ramp makes a perfect gift for pet parents. As dogs age, they experience problems with mobility, which makes it harder for them to jump or climb stairs. A dog ramp makes it easier for dogs to climb into the vehicle without putting much strain on their hind legs.

However, before buying a dog ramp for your favorite RVer, make sure that you know the perfect length for his RV. Choose a dog ramp that is light and easy to use, preferably foldable and with a carry handle so that the RVer will not have any trouble storing it. Also, make sure that it has a non-skid surface, so it can provide the dog with secure footing.

6. Propane Fire Pit

What's camping without a campfire? However, there are parks and campgrounds that do not allow a traditional wood fire. In such a case, portable fire pits are the perfect option and an ideal gift for the RVer who loves to sit in front of the fire night after night and toast marshmallows or swap stories with friends or family.

Propane fire pits are lightweight, compact, and easy to carry. They use propane as fuel, which is easily available and not very expensive. As a gift, it not only saves your RVer friend from lugging around firewood but will also give them the same benefits as a wood fire at very little cost.

7. Hammock

There is nothing more comfortable than sleeping in a hammock, slowly swaying to the gentle breeze. If you are thinking about giving your RV owner friend a hammock, then don't hesitate, as it will make a great gift. You can go with traditional hammocks or get a folding hammock as they do not require any trees.

Although hammocks are a bit expensive, they offer the RVer a chance to relax, kick their feet up, and read a good book or bask in the dazzling sunlight. By giving a hammock as a gift, you will be inviting the RVer to leave his worries behind and have a relaxing experience.   

8. Grill

Grilling is one of the most fundamental activities associated with RVing. Without grilling, it is hard to imagine an RV life. That is why they are an indispensable gift for RVers. A grill will help them cook juicy steaks and delicious burgers in no time without heating up the small interior space.   

There are two types of grills – charcoal grills and propane grills. Propane grills are bigger and more expensive, which is why RVers find charcoal grills to be more suitable. Grilling is a staple that allows friends and families to enjoy meals together. So if the RVer in your family loves to cook, there is no better gift than a grill.

9. Flag or Flag Pole

A flag or a flag pole may seem like a very small part of RV life, but it is a very visual one. It is the best way to display patriotism at your favorite campground. They are available in various sizes and styles, including flag poles that can be mounted to the RV or clip-on flag holders, as well as poles that can be affixed to the ground.

If you decide to buy a flag pole as a gift for your beloved RVer, make sure you find one which is the right height and is sturdy enough to weather strong winds.  

10. Outdoor Shower Enclosure

Some RVs are big enough to have an indoor shower, but if the RVer in your family has a small rig, an outdoor shower enclosure will make a perfect gift for him. An outdoor shower ensures there is more room than in some cramped trailer showers. They also come in handy for washing pets, sports gear, dishes, or rinsing off the dirt and sand after a day spent at the beach.

It also makes an ideal gift even if the RV has an indoor shower because it is nice to rinse off before going into the inside shower. These shower enclosures are easily available online or you can make one yourself and give your RVer a pleasant surprise.

11. Step Covers

If you want a gift for the RV owner in your family that says that you care about them and want them to stay safe, then you should go with step covers. Generally, RV steps are made of metal, which can be quiet hazardous. They are not only uncomfortable to walk on, they are also impractical most of the time.

Step covers are similar to rug-like mats that fit snugly over the steps, thus reducing the possibility of RV owners slipping and hurting themselves. However, it is important to get the right measurement of the steps before ordering the covers online. Also, make sure that they are made of plastic or rubber as these materials are durable and safer in wet weather.

12. Patio Mat

If you want the RV owner in your life to have the best RV experience, there is one gift that will help him do that and that is a patio mat. It helps keep the dirt away, thus ensuring that the RV is spic and span.

A good quality patio mat also provides a comfortable and soft space to relax outdoors. They are portable and can be taken everywhere – to the beach, picnic, and park grounds. Patio mats are lightweight and multi-purpose and can also be placed under an exercise pen or a pet cage.

They are available in various sizes and designs. Therefore, before ordering, keep in mind the personality of the RVer and the circumstances of how it will be used. This will help make your gift unique and conducive.

13. WiFi Booster

If you want to stay connected to the Rver in your life, you should think about getting him a WiFi booster this Christmas. Many RV campgrounds have weak signals, which make it difficult to stay connected to friends and family, check emails, or do business online.

The solution is a high-quality WiFi booster, as they provide a stable and strong signal with a greater range. They are easy to set up and with new technologies being introduced every day, there are many models available to fit every budget.  

A good quality WiFi booster also ensures the safety of RV owners as they will be able to access travel and weather information even when they are parked in RV campgrounds with a weak signal or no signal at all.  

14. Vacuum

Another gift the RVer in your family will greatly appreciate is a vacuum. A vacuum is essential for an RVer to keep the space clean, as dirt and sand can easily find its way inside an RV. Moreover, allergens, pet hair, and other contaminants lying around the floor, furniture, and upholstery or floating inside the RV can trigger asthma attacks, cause allergic reactions, and degrade the appliances and devices on board the RV.

If you decide to buy a vacuum as a gift for the RV owner in your family, make sure you choose a lightweight and compact vacuum cleaner like the one shown in the picture above. Such models are very convenient from the storage point of view as they can be installed under seats, in closets, or even in small storage compartments.

15. Shower Head

If you are looking for the perfect gift for the camping enthusiast in your family who frequently travels in an RV, then a good quality shower head will be greatly appreciated. It will help make trips more enjoyable and provide him with the luxury of taking high-pressured showers.

Generally, the shower heads in RVs are made from cheap plastic and do not have any pressure whatsoever. Your gift will add a modern touch to the RV and allow the RV owner to enjoy a relaxing shower, even when he is not home.

However, when you are selecting a shower head, make sure it has low GPM (gallons per minute) and pause settings, as this will help conserve water, particularly when there is no hookup present in the camping ground.  


Getting a gift for the RVer in your life is very simple because of the large variety of products available. We have included the best RV gifts in this article to make it easy for you to choose the perfect birthday, Christmas, or housewarming gift.

Some of these gifts are expensive, while some are available at very economical prices, thus allowing you to choose one that fits your budget. These gifts will not only make RVing life easy for your loved one but will also show them how much thought you have put into their gift.  

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