Best RV Parks in Arkansas

| Last Updated: August 19, 2022

Are you fond of natural beauty? Well, then, get ready for a wonderful ride to Arkansas. The Natural State has plenty to offer, and if you're looking for the best RV parks in Arkansas, you're in luck, because there are many and they're also relatively cheap.

Spending time with your family in the heart of nature is a dream for many people. But not anymore! Arkansas is quite literally is the diamond state and it houses some of the best RV parks to make sure you enjoy your tour with your loved ones.

In this guide, we will be talking about some of the best RV parks in Arkansas. We have picked them on their facilities, locations, price, and how they offer experiences for different demographics.

So, without further ado, let's dive straight in...

Why Arkansas is Such a Great Place to RV

If you love the beauty of nature, Arkansas should be next on your list. The state is known as the ‘Natural State' and it has an abundance of natural attractions that make it a great option for RVing with plenty of RV parks. Here is why it will make a great spot for your next RV adventure!

Natural Beauty

Rivers, hot springs, mountains, and caves just add to the beauty of this place. The state also borders the Mississippi River that cuts through the Ozark Mountains and has famous cities like Little Rock. With so much to offer, there's no surprise that it has become a great place for RV camping.

Tourist Spot

Arkansas houses some really beautiful places and national parks that are a hotspot for tourism as well. It also has five different mountain bike trails that are rated as some of the best. The state is also home to the first piece of land protected by the United States government for recreational use. The Hot Springs National Park was protected before the concept of a National Parks Service was invented, and is one of the must see attractions in Arkansas.


Talking about the history of this state, there's so much to see and do. As well as the Hot Springs, there's the Central High School in Little Rock which is home to the infamous 1957 standoff between the Arkansas National Guard, Governor Orval Faubus, and nine young people who only wanted to go to school but needed federal troops to escort them in. Check out the Little Rock Nine monument while you're there, too.

There's Fort Smith, Arkansas Post and many other things to see, but what really attracts visitors is the Hot Springs and Arkansas' many natural beauty spots.

Quick Take - The Best RV Parks in Arkansas

Before you go any further, here are our picks for the best RV parks in Arkansas: 

  1. Tom Sawyer's RV Park
  2. Murfreesboro RV  Park
  3. Lower White River RV Park

Review of the Best RV Parks in Arkansas

Arkansas houses an abundannt of RV parks that offer a great place to spend time with your loved ones. However, it is not easy to choose one as there are so many wonderful RV sites. Fear not, we've listed some of the best RV parks in Arkansas to save your precious time.

Best Overall RV Park in Arkansas:
Tom Sawyer's RV Park

Best Overall RV Park in Arkansas: Tom Sawyer's RV Park

What we love

  • Perfect for fishing in the Mississippi and lakes
  • A great hotspot for scenic beauty and wilderness
  • Well-maintained park with all the necessities available
  • Reservations are not required as is the case with most RV parks
  • Convenient location which allows a smooth trip and easy access

Contact Info

  • Location: 1286 S 8th St West Memphis AR, 72301
  • Main Contact: (870) 735-9770
  • Phone Number: (870) 735-9770
  • E-mail:

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Tom Sawyer RV Park is, without a doubt, one of the best RV parks in Arkansas. It has a number of positives that make it a superior choice. The roaring of the Mississippi River is probably the biggest strength of this site. Other reasons include:

Scenic Beauty

With a clean and relaxed atmosphere, this park offers amazing scenic beauty and a natural view. The rising of the sun over the Mississippi and the bright moon in the dark is just breath-taking. But it’s not just the view that makes it one of the best.

Outdoor Activities

It features a number of trails and wildlife which gives you a great feeling of wilderness. There are mowed fields that stretch across a large area along with level concrete sites for camping. 


If you move across the Mississippi, you can find the Tennessee flood plain and the Memphis skyline. Another great aspect of this RV park is fishing. If you love fishing, this is probably a great choice. 

Tom Sawyer RV Park has a lake and two separate ponds that are home to a variety of fish. Now, you don’t have to return to your home empty-handed! The staff is highly cooperative and offers all the amenities that a quality RV park should deliver.

Best for Water Recreation:
Murfreesboro RV Park

Best for Water Recreation: Murfreesboro RV Park

What we love

  • Convenient location that is easily accessible
  • Offers trout fishing in the little Missouri River
  • You can enjoy a variety of amenities and beautiful scenery
  • Has beautiful Greeson lake for fishing and water recreation
  • Features diamond hunting at the Crater of Diamond State Park

Contact Info

  • Location: 1410 S. Washington Murfreesboro, AR 71958
  • Main Contact: 870-285-4058
  • Phone Number: 870-925-0591
  • E-mail:

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Murfreesboro RV park is a perfect location for RV camping. It offers superb natural beauty and weather that is ideal for camping. You can get involved in a number of activities here at this RV park.

Diamond Hunting

One of the famous activities here is diamond hunting at the Crater of Diamond State Park. As the title suggests, this RV park is a great option for water recreation. You always have an option to go out fishing at this site.

Trout Fishing

The little Missouri River offers trout fishing while the Greeson lake is a hotspot for water recreation. In addition, the RV park is located at a convenient location, which is quite easily accessible.


Most importantly, the staff is present onsite 24/7 to help you in case of any need. People from all around the world visit this outstanding RV park to spend quality time with their friends and family.

Beautiful Sensation

You can also enjoy wonderful sunsets at this Arkansas RV park. With an abundance of vegetation and natural attractions, it gives you the perfect feelings of wilderness. You can also enjoy tent camping here at this wonderful RV park and stay away from the noise of urban areas. The park also welcomes rigs of all sizes, which is a great positive about this phenomenal site.

Best for RV Camping:
Lower White River RV Park

Best for RV Camping: Lower White River RV Park

What we love

  • Paved pull-thru sites for RV camping
  • All basic amenities for visitors are available
  • Wide-open spaces to enjoy the lush green outfield
  • Neat and tidy park that is well-maintained for visitors
  • Friendly and cooperative staff available for assistance

Contact Info

  • Location: 4100 AR-11, Hazen, AR 72064
  • Main Contact: (501)388-0998
  • Phone Number: (501)388-0998

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Lower White River Park is one of the well-maintained RV parks in Arkansas. It is quite amazing knowing the fact that it offers a warm welcome to all visitors. In fact, it can be considered as a whole experience with abundant vegetation and natural settings.


You can find dense forests and natural attractions at this site that adds to the beauty of this place. However, the most amazing fact about it is that it is perfect for RV camping.

Recreational Opportunities

The park features paved pull-thru sites that allow convenient RV camping without any hassle. There are wide-open spaces available at this site for recreation or any other activities.

Co-Operative Staff

Most importantly, the staff is very friendly and cooperative as most reviews about this park suggested. The park itself has affordable rates, which makes it an attraction for most people. In addition, it offers easy in-and-out campgrounds. Since there are large open spaces and pavements for pull-thru, you can enjoy your stay here. 

The park itself is neat and tidy and offers all the basic necessities to visitors who visit this wonderful site. All in all, it’s a great site for RV camping that is easy to access and full of natural beauty.

Best for Arkansas RV Park for Families:
Denton Ferry RV Park & Resort

Best for Arkansas RV Park for Families: Denton Ferry RV Park & Resort

What we love

  • Convenient road as well as boat access
  • Nestled near shopping centers and restaurants 
  • Located in the beautiful Ozark mountain ranges
  • Offers multiple recreational opportunities for RV campers
  • Clean and tidy park with all the modern facilities available

Contact Info

  • Location: 740 Denton Ferry Rd. Cotter, AR 72626
  • Main Contact: 870-435-PARK (7275)
  • Phone Number: 870-435-PARK (7275)

Why it Stands Out to Us

Looking for the best RV parks in Arkansas, right? Well, you are in the right place! The Denton Ferry RV Park and Resort is enough to cater to all your RV camping needs. Located in the heart of the Ozark Mountains, it offers a friendly and soothing experience for everyone.


You can indulge in a lot of fun-filled activities here at this beautiful RV park. One of the most fun activities here is fishing. The crystal-clear water is home to many different varieties of trout.

Modern Facilities

You can expect some decent facilities available to cater to your needs. Denton Ferry Park is a hotspot for many visitors all around the world. It is particularly because of its breath-taking scenic beauty and facilities that keep you comfortable throughout your stay.


The park also promises private and easy access alongside convenient boat access as well. Moreover, you can always take a stroll or go hiking or walk trails to enjoy Mother Nature and wildlife.


The park itself is ideally located. That being said, it is away from the hustle and bustle of the traffic in cities and urban areas. Rather, it provides a peaceful environment with minimum distractions. 

You can also enjoy living in a beautiful log vacation cabin designed to accommodate you and your loved ones.

Best for Rally:
Cloud Nine RV Park

Best for Rally: Cloud Nine RV Park

What we love

  • Offers free Wi-Fi and cable TV to visitors
  • Features a stunning view and natural beauty 
  • Modern facilities available to make your stay comfortable
  • Perfect place for a family reunion and recreational activities
  • Leashed pets are allowed, and there's an allocated Pet Walk Area

Contact Info

  • Location: 136 Cloud 9 Dr Hot Springs National Park, AR 71901
  • Main Contact: (501) 262-1996
  • Phone Number: (501) 262-1996

Why it Stands Out to Us

Are you ready for a road trip to Arkansas? Well, don’t forget to check-in in one of the most renowned RV parks of the state: the Cloud Nine RV Park. 

Whether it is overnight summer travelers or someone looking for a winter hideaway, the Cloud Nine RV Park welcomes everyone. The sites here are full hook-up and extra-wide with many facilities.

Modern Amenities

These facilities include free Wi-Fi, cable TV, showers, electricity, water, and a proper sanitary system. Moreover, there also exists a large gathering room for visitors, which makes it a perfect spot for a rally or a family reunion.

Natural Attractiveness

Cloud Nine RV Park welcomes everyone to come and stay at this beautiful site. Filled with natural beauty and stunning scenic beauty, it promises a great experience for everyone. People from different parts of the world come and visit this gorgeous place.

Staff Assistance

The RV park also features a cooperative and active staff that takes care of your needs and wants. Their prime purpose is to serve you with the best amenities and services to make it a memorable visit.


The Arkansas RV park also welcomes leashed pets, and even better news is that there is a designated Pet Walk Area also available for your pets.

Best for Convenience:
Blue Sky RV Park

Best for Convenience: Blue Sky RV Park

What we love

  • Pet-friendly and allows leashed pets
  • Offers clean bedrooms and bathhouse for visitors
  • Has large graveled sites in order to reduce leveling
  • Convenient location with a lot of recreational activities
  • Adequate trash collection keeps the environment clean and tidy

Contact Info

  • Location: 20843 AR-5, Mountain View, AR 72560
  • Main Contact: (870)269-8132
  • Phone Number: (870)269-8132
  • E-mail:

Why it Stands Out to Us

Blue Sky RV park in Arkansa is enough to keep you comfortable and relaxed during your stay. Located at a convenient location, it offers everything you can expect from a quality RV park. 

Well-maintained, beautiful, and full of fun, this park offers a number of recreational opportunities to its visitors. There are a number of sports that you can get involved in while enjoying the phenomenal beauty of this place.

Sports Activities

The park offers mountain biking, hiking trails, and much more! Not only does it keep you satisfied, but it also allows you to make your stay a memorable one.

Fishing Adventures

Blue Sky Park is also famous for fishing adventures. The world-renowned White River promises a variety of different fish that are fun to catch.

Convenient Location

Looking for something to eat of your choice? Well, this RV park is conveniently located near shopping centers and dining places. Now you can enjoy your favorite food with a few minutes of travel. The Downtown Mtn View is a clear example.

Recreational Activities

There are lots of other opportunities as well, like traditional folk music, visiting Ozark Folk Center State Park, and Blanchard Springs Caverns. In short, it is one of the most convenient and beautiful RV parks in Arkansas.

Best for Night Stay:
Cowpatty RV Park and Campground

Best for Night Stay: Cowpatty RV Park and Campground

What we love

  • Open for visitors throughout the year
  • Owners are present on the site 24/7 for assistance
  • Also welcomes motorcycle competitions and events
  • Promotes games and other sports activities for visitors
  • Features long and beautiful hiking trails for hiking lovers

Contact Info

  • Location: 48 E Wallin Mountain Rd, West Fork, AR 72774
  • Main Contact: (479) 839-2653
  • Phone Number: (479) 839-2653
  • E-mail:

Why it Stands Out to Us

Looking to spend a night or weekend in the beautiful state of Arkansas? Well, Cowpatty Park and Campground is an ideal way to kickstart your journey. This RV park has its own perks and features.

However, we assure you that it won’t disappoint you at all! Open all year round; it welcomes anyone looking for a perfect place to spend their weekend. If you love nature, then this is probably your best bet.

Management Assistance

The owners of this RV park are available onsite 24/7 for assistance. Therefore, you can expect quick and first-class services and facilities being served to you.

Events and Competitions

The RV park also promotes various events and competitions. One such example is the ‘Bikes, Blues and BBQ’ event. The event is specifically designed for folks who love to ride in the beautiful winding roads of Arkansas.

Sports and Games

The location of the RV park is also quite suitable for multiple recreational activities. You can always be a part of different games as the Arkansas Razorback Stadium is just around the corner.

In addition, the wonderful Devil’s Den State Park is only 30 minutes away to welcome you on a memorable hiking trip. All in all, it’s one of the best RV parks in Arkansas.

Best Arkansas RV Park Hot Springs AR:
Treasure Isle Park

Best Arkansas RV Park Hot Springs AR: Treasure Isle Park

What we love

  • Provides a perfect place for boating and fishing
  • Features one of the best and luxurious bathhouses
  • Has golfing opportunities as well as mountain bike trails
  • Oaklawn gaming and racing site available for horse riders
  • Promotes recreational activities like jet skiing, water skiing, and tubing

Contact Info

  • Location: 205 Treasure Isle Rd Hot Springs Arkansas 71913
  • Main Contact: 501-767-6852
  • Phone Number: 501-767-6852

Why it Stands Out to Us

Treasure Isle Park is an amazing site for RV camping in Arkansas. It is because it has a lot on offer that most RV parks do not provide.


Situated on Lake Hamilton, it is well-known for its luxurious and modern bathhouses. These are equipped with modern facilities to facilitate you during your stay.

Horse Racing

Oaklawn horse racing and its historic downtown area are also accessible while checking-in in this RV park.

Water Sports

Lake Hamilton is quite popular all across the country. It is simply because it creates recreational opportunities and fun-filled experiences for many visitors.

You can indulge yourself in a number of recreational activities like tubing, jet skiing, and water skiing. But that’s not all.

The park also features fishing and boating prospects for its visitors. You can either go fishing or boating in the beautiful Hamilton Lake.

Beautiful Scenery

You can’t neglect the beauty of this place. The view of the sun setting over the lake is just jaw-opening. Similarly, you can experience a silver lining on everything as the moon shines over this wonderful place. If you’re looking for the perfect RV park in Arkansas to enjoy your weekend with your family, this is the best option.

Best RV Park Little Rock AR:
Downtown Riverside RV Park

Best RV Park Little Rock AR: Downtown Riverside RV Park

What we love

  • Also promises entertainment like comedy shows 
  • Restaurants and shopping centers are in proximity
  • Friendly staff that delivers first-class services and assistance
  • Offers various outdoor activities and a comfortable environment
  • A large number of positive reviews suggest the quality of this place

Contact Info

  • Location: 250 S. Locust St. North Little Rock, AR 72114
  • Main Contact: (501)340-5312
  • Phone Number: (501)340-5312
  • E-mail:

Why it Stands Out to Us

Are you ready to take your trip to Arkansas to the next level? Well, now you can while staying at Downtown Riverside RV Park! It is a phenomenal place where you can stay and enjoy the beauty of nature. The beauty doubles with all the fun and recreation you can have while staying at this RV park. 

Adventure Prospects

As RV parks in Arkansas go, this one offers a number of facilities and prospects to welcome its visitors. Are you fond of cycling or just want to take a stroll in nature? Well, the Arkansas River Trail delivers a 15-mile-long trail with mind-blowing scenery of the Arkansas River.

If you’re more of an adventure-loving person, you can try a kayaking sunset tour with Rock Town River Fitters.


One of the biggest positives of this RV park is its location. You can find quite a few restaurants, live music, entertainment, and shopping in close vicinity. You can also enjoy comedy shows and beer at the downtown breweries as well.

Historical Influence

Arkansas Inland Maritime Museum has its own attraction. It features the submarine that was used in World War II for display. As a result, it makes for a great tourist spot as well, even for people from abroad.

Best RV Park Fayetteville AR:
Hog Valley RV & Treehouse Resort

Best RV Park Fayetteville AR: Hog Valley RV & Treehouse Resort

What we love

  • Easy to access location for visitors
  • An off-leash area for dogs available
  • Features tent sites unlike most RV parks
  • Laundry facilities are available with private shower houses
  • Onsite manager is available to assist you whenever required

Contact Info

  • Location: 447 NW Campbell Loop, Fayetteville, AR 72701
  • Main Contact: 479-466-0696
  • Phone Number: 479-466-0696

Why it Stands Out to Us

We won’t be wrong if we say that this RV park is, by far, one of the best in Arkansas. Hog Valley RV and Treehouse Resort is a dream-come-true for many people who love natural beauty. The good news is that here, it is more than just mesmerizing natural beauty!

Tree Houses

The park features tree houses that are equipped with modern facilities. They are quite well-maintained and new, as most users reported. You can now enjoy your stay with your friends and family in these tree houses for a unique experience.

Calmness of Nature

Tired of noisy traffic and the hustle and bustle of the city? Well, this is the place to get rid of all distractions and feel nature at its best. There is a clubhouse available for visitors as well, which is very well-furnished and clean.

Sports and Picnic Area

Meanwhile, there is a nice playground with a pool and a basketball court for sports lovers. Also, you can find a picnic pavilion to enjoy your food with your loved ones while in nature.

Basic Facilities

You can expect all the facilities available at Hog Valley RV and Treehouse Resort. There is an off-leash area for dogs as well to make sure they enjoy too. In addition, it promises all the basic amenities you can expect from a quality RV park.

Final Thoughts Before RVing in Arkansas

Arkansas is one of those states that are rich in natural beauty. The abundance of natural attractions makes it a great spot for tourism and RV campers, but it's not easy to pick an RV park in Arkansas. 

There are so many different RV parks that promise a completely different experience. One can easily get tangled in the thoughts, whether which one to go for. 

Therefore, we have listed some of the best ones in Arkansas. Not only will they meet your expectations, but they will also save you quite some time and money. What are you waiting for? Book now!

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