Top 6 RV Shelter Ideas – Protect Your Investment

| Last Updated: February 9, 2021

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One of the most worrisome factors of owning an RV is its maintenance. To continue enjoying those weekend getaways and fun road trips, taking care of your vehicle is crucial. A major part of this is protecting your vehicle from the adverse effects of harsh weather. 

The harsh sun rays, rainfall, and hail can really take a toll on the construction of your RV by predominantly causing harm to the roof and paint of your vehicle. Having your ride indoors is not the most practical situation, therefore, one’s best bet is to invest in an RV shelter.

Thus, we have for you, some inspiring and practical RV shelter ideas to get you started on the process of protecting your RV from harsh weather conditions. These ideas are bound to help you, therefore, keep on reading!

1. ½ Deck and ½ Shelter

If giving your trailer or RV a dedicated space isn’t feasible for you perhaps a better option is to have a half-deck and half-shelter situation. This proves to be a multi-purpose space, with a porch where you can place chairs or maybe decorate with flowers and plants. There are endless possibilities. The shelter, as it is more spacious, is able to serve as more than just a storage unit for your vehicle. 

This should be taller than your vehicle so you can easily take your RV in and out.

2. The Spacious Carport Makes Us Envious

Do you have a large outdoor space that needs to be utilized? Make it into a spacious carport which can provide shelter to your car and RV. With that kind of space, there is an array of designs and styles to choose from.

You can have a garage with a toilet room and even a kitchen. All of this, even though it is optional, might be a great way to utilize all the extra space and make the carport more accessible and ergonomic. You can further customize it to your needs.

3. Sleek, Simple, and Stunning - What More Do You Need?

It isn’t necessary to have a big, fancy shelter. You can go the classier route by incorporating a simple design and keeping the overall aesthetic of the shelter simple. 

You could never go wrong with a classic as it will forever remain timeless. You can use simple, inexpensive materials such as wood to construct the shelter. It could have a basic design that is practical and functional. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just sufficent to house your vehicle. As far as aesthetics are concerned, go for neutral colors that stick to the entire classy and sleek theme.

4. Build a Shelter That Utilizes Your land and Complements It

If you are fortunate enough to have a larger space to utilize, make sure you take maximum advantage of it. When spacing isn’t a problem, it really opens up your options. There are so many designs, themes, and styles you can play around with. The sky is your limit.

The idea is to occupy space and make the shelter more luxurious. You can dabble around with many designs that showcase large-sized shelters. You can turn it into a garage as well, along with a secondary kitchen and toilet for your convenience.

5. Class-A Shelter and Set-up

You can opt for a metal RV cover. There are many services that provide the design and the labor behind it to protect your RV from harsh weather. It will be customizable according to the length and width of your vehicle and unique to your needs. Best of all, if you hire a company, it will require no additional labor on your behalf.

6. Design a Shelter That Matches Your Trailer!

When you have the option to customize your RV shelter, you have the liberty to match it with your trailer. You can add materials that give off a similar look or perhaps paint your shelter a similar color. 

The size and shape of your trailer are something that can be personalized, as well. You don't even need to waste a ton of land. In fact, just build a shelter that is high enough for your vehicle to not hit the roof and spacious enough to house it with ease.


Setting up a shelter for your RV can be more fun and innovative than you think. It might appear to be a time-consuming job which requires a lot of hard work, which can be true. However, it is also creative and the end results really showcase all the effort you put in.

A valuable tip could be to take time to search and determine the aesthetic and style you want. Furthermore, pay close attention to weather-proof, durable materials and the right size and practical design of the shelter. There are many ideas and designs on various websites, such as Pinterest which is filled with ideas on the matter. There, you will surely find something that strikes your fancy. Just keep looking!

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