RV Shelter Ideas – Protect Your Investment

| Last Updated: December 14, 2022

Looking for some RV shelter ideas? We all need a splatter of inspiration from time to time, and what better need than ideas to help protect your RV?

Maintenance is one of the most worrisome factors of owning an RV. Taking care of your vehicle is critical to continue enjoying those weekend getaways and mesmerising road trips. Protecting your RV from the damaging effects of adverse weather is a large part of this.

The sun's harsh rays, rain, and hail can all cause significant damage to your RV's roof and exterior. Because storing your ride in a garage isn't the most practical option, an RV shelter is one of the best solutions.

RV shelters are designed to protect your RV from the bad weather conditions and can also be used as a storage shed for other items such as bicycles, lawn equipment, and much more.

There are many different RV shelters to choose from depending on the size of your RV and what type of protection you need.

If you live in an area with heavy snowfall and freezing temperatures, then you'll definitely want a RV cover as well, even under the shelter, as it will protect your RV even more.

There are permanent build RV shelters, and some portable shelters that are easily disassembled if need be, but no matter what type of RV shelter you choose, it's important to make sure that it is properly anchored so that it does not blow away in high winds. 

We have some inspiring and practical RV shelter ideas to get you started on the process of protecting your RV. There are some that need a lot of space, and some that will allow you to make the most of your space outside your home.

RV Shelter Ideas

RV Shelter Ideas No.1 - ½ Deck, ½ Shelter

If giving your trailer or RV a dedicated space isn’t feasible, perhaps a better option is to go for the half-deck and half-shelter solution. 

This not only protects your RV, but the shelter and decking allows you to use your RV even when it's in storage. You'll be protected from any rain or hail, and you'll be able to enjoy your trailer year round if you place some chairs on the decking. And with the RV  being open, you could even bring a grill to enjoy some winter marshmallows over the fire.

There are endless possibilities. The cover, as it is more spacious, is able to serve as more than just a storage unit for your vehicle. However, because there are no walls, any other items you store here will need to be locked up.

RV Shelter Ideas No.2. - This Spacious Carport Makes Us Envious

Do you have a large outdoor space that needs to be utilized? Make it into a spacious carport that can provide shelter to your car and RV. With that kind of space, there's an array of designs and styles to choose from.

If you have the space, you can  build an outdoor toilet room and even a kitchen. This would allow you to live in your RV more often, or even give you the option of more room for visitors.

No.3 - Sleek, Simple, and Stunning - What More Do You Need?

It isn’t necessary to have a big, fancy RV shelter, and to be quite frank, most people don't have the space. In that case, you can go the classier route by incorporating a simple design and keeping the overall aesthetic of the shelter simple. 

You can never go wrong with a classic open RV shelter as it will forever remain timeless, and you can easily keep the costs down by using inexpensive materials such as wood to construct the shelter. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just sufficient to house your vehicle. 

This one boasts a basic design, but is practical and functional. And if you choose to use your RV while it's stored, the open sides of this shelter will allow as much fresh air as you need, while protecting your trailer from the harsh sun and incessant rain.

No.4 - Build a Shelter That Utilizes Your land and Complements It

If you're fortunate enough to have a larger space to utilize, make sure you take advantage of it. When spacing isn’t a problem, it really opens up your options. There are so many designs, themes, and styles you can play around with. 

The idea is to occupy space and make the shelter more luxurious. You can dabble around with many designs that showcase large-sized shelters. You can turn it into a garage as well, along with a secondary kitchen and toilet for your convenience.

This RV shelter is perfect for the setting, as it blends into the farmland, and the decking that accompanies it allows you to live as permanent as you like in your trailer.

RV Shelter Ideas No.5 - Class-A Shelter and Set-up

There are many things to consider before you start building an RV shelter, including the space you have, the type of shelter you want and of course your budget.

For the materials, you can choose whether to have a wood or metal shelter. Metal is more expensive, but if you don't have much land, you won't have to splash of lots of material, so a good quality metal RV sanctuary that's fully enclosed will be perfect for anyone limited with space.

These RV shelter kits are relatively easy to assemble, as long as you do the foundations correctly. This one doesn't boast a door, but for full protection, you could spend more and get a door. 

The idea of this RV shelter is for those that don't have much space, but of course if you do have the space, you could make it wider, and with a door you could keep many other things locked away and secure.

RV Shelter Ideas No.6 - Cheap and Easy Does It

If you just want the basic RV shelter that keeps it free from the rain, hail and snow, a simple yet effective steel, prefab shelter will protect your investment. 

These RV shelters can be as basic, small or large as you need, and you can fully customize them to suit your setting. The arch design and the commercial grade, high quality steel makes these shelters durable enough to survive even the most severe weather events.

Installation of RV shelters is sometimes as expensive as the shelter, but the beauty of these is that they're designed with the DIYer in mind. Anyone with a bit of craftsman skill should have no problem setting one of these up.

RV Shelter Ideas No.7 - Portable Shelters Come in Handy

Need something that's quick and easy to assemble and is portable? The last of our RV shelter ideas will be of interest to you? They're quick and easy to assemble and you can get them to suit pretty much any size vehicle.

Erect a portable RV shelter from ShelterLogic and keep your home away from home shielded from the sun above until you’re on the road again. They're made with a powder coated, heavy-duty steel frame, and the cover is made from ripstop polyethylene fabric, that's UV treated to help protect your trailer from the harsh sun rays.

It's also waterproof, so your exterior will be fully protected from the rain and hail. Don't worry about a temporary shelter not being secure, because these boast stabilizers that are located at every rib connection for rock-solid strength and stability. 

Of course, the cost is cheaper for this, our last RV shelter kit, but what we love best about them is that they're easy to assemble and you can carry them with you as you. Important if you're staying with relatives for a while and your RV needs some shelter.

RV Shelter Ideas - Protecting Your Investment

Setting up a shelter for your RV can be more fun and innovative than you think. It might appear to be a time-consuming job that requires a lot of hard work, and of course some are, but there are others that anyone with a lust for DIY can put one together.

Our RV shelter ideas cover everything from the permanent shelters that accommodate for full time RV living, to the portable shelters that will protect you wherever you are around the country.

Just remember to always know your space limits. It might seem obvious, but you'd be surprised about the stories we've heard. And also think about the weather you'll need to protect your trailer from. You could even lay some parking pads to make your RV refuge perfectly weatherproof. And while you're at it, why not get some RV skirting to give your trailer the best protection possible.

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RV Shelter Ideas - Protecting Your Investment
RV Shelter Ideas - Protecting Your Investment