Forest River Arctic Wolf Review

| Last Updated: July 17, 2022

The Forest River Arctic Wolf 271RK was introduced specially for all those people who love spending their time out on the go. This unit is made for people who love trekking and camping but want to be comfortable during their trip as well. 

The 271RK is known for providing both comfort and convenience. This 5th wheel trailer comes with a number of features and appliances that make it the best option for many of us that love road trips into the great outdoors.

It's a trailer for all people who are very outdoorsy and search for an option that will provide them with both comfort and thrill. 

Each floorplan exceeds in quality and the manufacturing process ensures you get a well built trailer with all the mod cons that will keep you comfortable during the winter and one that will last a long time.

So, let's look a bit deeper into what makes the Forest River Arctic Wolf 271RK so popular among RVers.

Who Makes Arctic Wolf?

The Arctic Wolf models were introduced to the public when two of the most popular and most sought-out names in the RV industry, Forest River and Cherokee, joined hands. The two came together and assembled a product team that believes in making use of modern manufacturing processes to provide their customers with quality, efficient floor plan designs, and seamless customer service. 

The two brands aim to integrate modern household amenities all in a single trailer for you to enjoy a comfortable and convenient trip.

When Did Forest River Start Making Arctic Wolf Trailers?

The Forest River Arctic Wolf trailers were introduced in 2017. The Cherokee division of the company introduced these high-quality trailers that are now one of the most sought-out trailers in the RV industry. 

What is the Warranty on a Forest River Cherokee Arctic Wolf Fifth Wheel?

According to the warranty, if there are any substantial defects in the material used or in the workmanship, then the warrantor will either repair or replace the defect. For you to obtain the warranty performance, you must get in contact with authorized dealers and the service center. 

That said, the warrantor disclaims responsibility for any damage caused due to condensation, normal wear, and tear, or due to being exposed to natural elements - all of this is standard, however. In the case of any warranty repairs, etc. the transport costs incurred during the entire process will be taken on by the purchaser, whereas the warrantor will bear all of the remedy expenses. 

Forest River Arctic Wolf 271RK

Forest River Arctic Wolf 271RK

Forest River Arctic Wolf Specs and Dimensions 

  • Height: 12' 11"

  • Weight: 7808 lbs 

  • How Many Does it Sleep: 4

  • Exterior Material Used: Aluminum

  • GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating): 11385 lbs

Forest River Arctic Wolf 271RK Layout 

You climb the steps leading to the inside of the vehicle. Once you enter through the removable and adjustable steps, the interior inside changes completely. The inside of the 271RK is a predominant mix of grays, blacks, and whites. The flooring throughout the kitchen and the lounge is both carpeted and vinyl. 

Once you enter the 271RK, on your left are two really comfortable recliners that you can move around if you like. Besides, that is the seamless countertop and a giant under-mount stainless steel sink. Then you have a stainless steel ten-inch residential refrigerator, along with a huge pantry where you can store a lot of your food. 

Across the kitchen area is the lounge, which is carpeted and has a dining table with four chairs. Next to that is the tri-folding sofa, which can be converted into a bed for you to sleep on. You also have a TV storage area and below that is a fireplace. Besides the fireplace is a set of stairs that lead you to the bedroom. On the left of the stairs is your washroom that has the usual toilet, a sink, and shower space. 

Walking into the bedroom, you’ll see that the floor is carpeted. You have a queen-sized bed that allows about two people to sleep peacefully. You also have a wardrobe in the corner of the room to store your clothes and other belongings. You have a nightstand with drawers on both sides of the bed as well. 

Does the Forest River Arctic Wolf Come With Appliances?

The Forest River Arctic Wolf 271RK comes with a 12-volt, 11 cubic foot residential-style refrigerator. It features a fireplace for you to light up in the evenings. All of the Arctic Wolf units also feature a ceiling fan, subwoofer, and a 15000 BTU air conditioner. 

Moreover, the Arctic Wolf features motion lights that light up when you step on the steps leading to the bedroom, which is very helpful, especially if you’re coming out in the middle of the night, and the lights are off. The Forest River Arctic Wolf also features a total control technology, which you simply have to download the app on your phone. Once that is done, you can easily run your slide outs and awning, turn the lights on and off, and control the thermostat. 

The shower also features a light sensor. Coming to the bedroom, you have USB ports on both sides of the bed. You’re also provided with an outside kitchen with a double burner, a fridge, and an ice maker. This unit also comes with a self-leveling tire pressure monitoring system, adjustable steel steps, and a leash latch in case you have a furry friend.  

Who is the Forest River Arctic Wolf Best For? 

The Forest River Arctic Wolf is designed for people looking for a way to escape the hustle and bustle of their everyday lives. The Arctic Wolf unit is suitable for couples, small families, or even a small group of friends, all looking for a weekend getaway. This unit is made for people who are outdoorsy and love spending their time camping. 

With this unit, you can even head out for trekking across the great land. It provides you with both comfort and convenience. With its outdoor kitchen that is equipped with burners, a refrigerator, an ice maker, etc., you don’t even have to cook inside. You can camp wherever and however you like. 

All in all, the Forest River Arctic Wolf 271RK is made for people who love spending their time outdoors on fun adventures yet like to be comfortable and prefer a convenient trip.

Popular Features of the Forest River Arctic Wolf 271RK

The main feature that sets the Forest River Arctic Wolf 271RK apart from other models is the fact that it offers comfort and facilities that you’d get to experience only within the comfort of your home. The best part about this trailer is that you can control the majority of the features and appliances that it comes with through your phone. All you have to do is simply use the Total Control for a wireless operation to control the lighting, awning, slides, etc. 

This unit also comes with zebra shades that help in filtering out the light according to your preference. 

It also features motion sensors that light up the steps leading to the bedroom. This is really helpful, especially if you’re going to the washroom in the middle of the night and you don't want to switch the lights on and disturb people sleeping in the living area. 

The 271RK offers you dual port USB charging stations in multiple locations, including the living room, kitchen, bedroom, near the bunk area, etc. 

Moreover, the unit comes with tire pressure safety sensors that let you know when your tires are deflated. 

Included Safety Features 

Here are some safety features that help make the Forest River Arctic Wolf 271RK model worth purchasing. These help ensure a safe journey so that you don't have to worry about anything. 

Forest River Arctic Wolf 271RK

Tire Pressure Safety Sensors

The Tire Pressure Safety Sensors feature is essential, especially when you’re going out on a long trip. Before any trip, you need to make sure that your trailer's tires are inflated and that they are filled with the right amount of air pressure. This is when these tire pressure safety sensors come in handy, as they let you know if your tires are inflated so that you can get the air pressure regulated as soon as possible in order to avoid any sort of mishap.

Residential Refrigerator With Travel Lock

This is another important factor that one needs to be mindful of. When traveling across difficult road conditions, you will likely experience bumpy roads that often cause appliances to move around and open doors. 

The 271RK features a travel lock, which is essential in order to prevent the fridge door from opening randomly and things from falling out. This could hurt anyone standing near the fridge door, especially if you have kids or a furry friend with you.

Safety Slam Friction Hinge Entry Door

The safety slam friction hinge entry door is an essential feature that the 271RK offers. Often there are many trailers whose entrance doors open and close on their own, which is very risky if you're traveling with little kids or a pet. The entrance door randomly opening on its own can be quite dangerous, especially if no one is there to supervise. 

What's more, doors that close on their own are also quite troublesome, as you could get locked outside your RV if the door was to close on its own and if you didn't have the keys.

Slam Latch Compartment Doors that Feature the Safety Stay Magnet Technology

All the cabinets and storage space that the 271RK is equipped with features the safety stay magnet technology. This helps in ensuring that none of the compartment doors will open on their own due to the vibrations caused by bumpy roads. This way, you don’t have to worry about any item from the storage flinging itself at anyone and causing damage. 

Aspects to Improve

Before you invest in any product, you must understand the features that it comes with. And more importantly, you should be aware of the aspects where the product lacks so that you do not face any sort of post-purchase disappointment regarding the product. Therefore, we’ve listed some aspects where this product requires some improvements and some minor issues that are fixable that you are likely to experience in the near future as well. 

Unreliable Blinds

One of the main issues that a lot of people face is the blinds. The living area has five blinds that often have to be re-mounted and, at times, repaired. Although this is not a major issue, it is a bit annoying. 

Awning Mounting

Another issue is that the awning is poorly mounted; therefore, you will have to re-anchor it. The slide floors are known to lose their trims, thus allowing water to penetrate the flooring, causing molding. For some people, the LED lights do not provide optimum illumination, so you can replace the lights with another alternative color if you run into that issue.

Forest River Arctic Wolf Air Conditioner Troubleshooting

One issue that you might face is that your air conditioner might not function properly. After turning the AC on, the thermostat heats up, and the AC doesn't turn off and continues blowing. Another issue that you could experience is that the AC blows zero air to the unit's front and your camper doesn't ever cool. Your coil could also ice up, or the AC might produce a lot of water inside the trailer on defrosting. 

In case you experience either of the two issues, the first step that you should take is to have the control board checked. Most of the time, it's the control board that causes the issues; therefore, by replacing the control board, you’ll be able to solve these issues easily. 

People Also Ask - Forest River Arctic Wolf 271RK FAQs

If you’re thinking of investing in a Forest River Arctic Wolf 271RK, you need to be fully aware of what you’re really spending your money on. Therefore, it is better to know everything regarding the unit and the features it offers. This way, you will be able to determine whether you’re opting for the right unit or not. 

You might still have some questions about these trailers; therefore, here, we've answered some of the most asked questions. You can go through them; hopefully, they’ll solve all of your queries.

What is the Forest River Arctic Package?

Many manufacturers, including Forest River, introduced an Arctic package for clients who go out camping in extremely cold weather. This package is basically for motorhomes with heating pads on their holding tanks, their water tanks, and on the elbows of their sewage drains as well. 

These heating pads automatically start functioning as soon as the temperature drops to freezing. They also help in keeping these tanks and the sewage drains at about 45-degrees Fahrenheit. This package is essential for all those who wish to go camping in really cold temperatures. 

Is Forest River Arctic Wolf a 4-Season Trailer?

Forest River is one of the most sought-out brands in the RV industry that produces units that appeal to just about every RVer. The company is well-known for its cold weather RVs that offer you both quality and thoughtful engineering. The Arctic Wolf motorhomes share a lot of features with the popular Cherokee. However, the latter offers additional characteristics and special features. These qualities help set the Arctic Wolf trailers apart and help make it a true four-seasons trailer. 

Is Forest River Arctic Wolf a Light or Ultra-Light RV?

The Forest River Arctic Wolf is neither light nor an ultra-light RV. This is because, in order for an RV to be either of the two, it needs to have a specific Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. The GVWR is basically the maximum weight that a vehicle is capable of carrying when it is fully loaded. Therefore, you mustn’t exceed this maximum weight. 

For your RV to be ultra-light, it must have a maximum GVWR of about 1653 lbs, whereas a light trailer must have a max GVWR of about 7716. The Forest River Arctic Wolf has a GVWR of about 11385 lbs, which means that this vehicle is neither light nor ultra-light. 

Forest River Arctic Wolf, Bottom Line

The Forest River Arctic Wolf 271RK is a trailer made for outdoorsy people. If you’re someone who wants to spend their time trekking or camping or is always up for a weekend getaway, then this unit is made for you. It is not only a great camper for outdoor activities, but it also offers a number of quality features. These help in making this unit both a comfortable and convenient option. 

The unit is aesthetically very pleasing. It looks really stylish and has all the appliances and features that make it a great unit to consider. So if you're looking for comfort, convenience, and a whole lot of outdoorsy fun, then the Forest River Arctic Wolf 271RK might be the right pick for you.