Forest River Surveyor Legend 19BHLE Review

| Last Updated: August 29, 2022

Boasting excellent craftsmanship, the Forest River Surveyor has plenty of amazing features and is one of the industry's best value trailers. The floorplan is beautifully designed to appear fashionably appealing and ensures that you have the best camping experience.

The Forest River Surveyor Legend 19BHLE is the smallest bunkhouse model but is rugged enough to withstand the haul. Boasting sleeping space for six people, this vehicle will certainly help you, your family and friends make unforgettable memories!

To help you make an informed decision, we’ve reviewed the Forest River Surveyor Legend 19BHLE in great detail. As well as what you will get with the trailer, we explain the popular and safety that come with the unit.

We've also included a comparison overview with other comparable trailers, and discuss any aspects that could be improved, based on customer reviews. So, with that said, let's take a deep dive and see what makes the Forest River Surveyor so popular.

Forest River Surveyor Legend 19BHLE

Forest River Surveyor Legend 19BHLE

Forest River Surveyor Legend 19BHLE Specs and Dimensions

  • Height: 10’ 3”

  • Weight: 3814 lbs

  • How Many Does it Sleep: Six

  • Exterior Material Used: Azdel and fiberglass

  • Towing Capacity: 4500 lbs

  • GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating): 4805 lbs

Forest River Surveyor Legend 19BHLE Layout

The Forest River Surveyor Legend 19BHLE can accommodate up to six people. The kitchen and living area are located in the trailer's center, and both boast vinyl flooring. The living area includes a U-shaped dinette, which you can use for memorable dinners or competitive games nights. The dinette can also be converted into a bed, offering sleeping space for up to two adults.

The kitchen includes a sink, a refrigerator, a convection microwave, and two oven burners, allowing you to cook up a delicious breakfast before you start your day. 

The bedroom is located in the front of the RV and features a queen size bed. You can also add an entertainment center and unwind after a long day by watching your favorite movie in bed.

The bathroom and bunk beds are located in the rear of the unit. The bathroom features vinyl flooring, a sink, plastic toilet, medicine cabinet, mirror, and a standard fan system. The bathroom also includes a shower with a curtain, so you have full privacy, and a cabinet to store all your clothes.

Lastly, the Forest River Surveyor Legend trailer includes several overhead compartments, and pass-through storage, which you can use to store all your large camping gear.

Does the Forest River Surveyor Come With Appliances?

The Forest River Surveyor comes with several appliances. It includes a 13,500 BTU air conditioner, a 20,000 BTU furnace, and a digital wall thermostat, so you’re comfortable in all weather conditions.

Buyers also have the option to choose between an electric or gas water heater and an electric or gas flush mount refrigerator. With the hot water heater, you can easily take a warm shower during the cold winter nights, while the eight cubic feet refrigerator allows you to store all your favorite snacks.

The trailer further includes a USB charging port, a radio, and an optional entertainment center HDTV. This TV is positioned above the queen bed, so you can catch up on all your favorite shows while on the road. This space can also be pivoted to face the dinette as well.

Who is the Forest River Surveyor Legend 19BHLE Best For?

The Forest River Surveyor is designed for families or groups of friends that love adventure. Boasting deluxe features and efficient design, it can accommodate up to six people. It oozes luxury and comfort, ensuring an unforgettable camping experience.

It's also pet-friendly and includes leash connectors and pet bowls, so you can take your four-legged pal along with you on your trip! If you want a relaxing and fun camping trip, then the Forest River Surveyor Legend 19BHLE is the perfect option for you. With bunk beds, a convertible sofa bed, and a queen bed, the trailer ensures that you travel in the utmost comfort.

Popular Features of the Forest River Surveyor

Ideal for those who want a bungalow on wheel, this Forest River model is lighter, shorter, and allows users to enjoy an on-the-go lifestyle without compromising on comforts. Some of its most popular features include:

Comfortable Bedding

The luxurious 60x80 queen bed located in the front has a perfect size and ensures that users get a good night’s sleep. The convertible sofa bed is innovatively designed and makes smart use of the available sofa, while its ‘Latch & Catch’ mechanism makes it extremely easy to use.

The Forest River Surveyor Legend further features incredibly comfortable Platinum furniture and excellent bedroom storage with large storage centers beneath the queen bed.

Large Storage Space

Boasting numerous overhead compartments and pass-through storage, which you can use to keep all your bigger camping gear, the Forest River Surveyor offers plenty of storage space. The large washroom also includes extra storage where you can store your clothes and toiletries. Lastly, the kitchen has shaker style cabinets and residential wood drawers that boast ball-bearing guides.

Spacious Washroom

Located in the rear of the trailer, the washroom features vinyl flooring, a plastic toilet, a sink, medicine cabinet, mirror, and standard vent. After a long and tiring day of adventure, you can use the 38” shower space to clean up comfortably and then relax under the awning with your family.

Included Safety Features

Since the Forest River Surveyor trailer is designed for families, it’s essential that you know whether its safety features are up to your standard. Take a look at the included features before you make your decision:

Quality Construction

This lightweight and the luxurious model boast aluminum cage construction, which offers the best structural integrity among its class. It features a fully walkable roof, 16” aluminum trusses, and 3/8” decking to provide maximum durability, while its fiberglass exterior ensures effective sound absorption and a quieter trailer altogether.

Azdel Exterior

The Azdel exterior of this trailer is totally water-resistant and boasts twice the insulation value. Azdel composite panels provide excellent insulation, are lighter than wood, and are rot-resistant, among other things. They’re also not damaged from thawing and freezing and are not affected by changes in humidity either.

Lastly, Azdel’s fiber-based structure provides a resilient layer that resists punctures and tempers impacts, making the trailer extremely tough and flexible.

Additional Safety Equipment

The trailer comes with some additional safety equipment, including a fire distinguisher, an LP leak detector, a smoke detector, and a carbon monoxide detector. The unit also includes a ground fault electrical circuit, a deadbolt door lock, tinted safety glass windows, heavy-duty safety chains, and a breakaway switch.  

Surveyor Legend 19BHLE Aspects to Improve

Every coin has two sides. Similarly, the Forest River Surveyor Legend 19BHLE has some drawbacks and some aspects that need to be improved, such as:

Quality Control

Forest River could improve their quality control as most customers reported minor issues, such as the TV mount not being screwed in the frame and the curtain rods being a bit bent. However, the curtain rod can be easily replaced. Some users also stated that the trailer smelled a bit septic, but it returned to its normal smell after some time.


Most customers stated that their warranty issues were not solved promptly and that it was almost impossible to get support from Forest River. One user stated that it was a month before their dealer accepted repair work, so make sure you purchase your vehicle from a reputable dealer. 

Refrigerator Quality

The Surveyor Legend could include a better-quality refrigerator. Some users reported that their fridge had lighting trouble and was a bit noisy, while one customer stated that it turned on but didn’t cool. However, all these issues can be easily fixed under warranty.

Comparison Overview

Although the Forest River Surveyor Legend offers excellent value for money, some other models are worth a look. To ensure you make the right decision, we’ve compared some other travel trailers with the Surveyor:

Forest River Surveyor vs. Coachmen

Both Forest River Surveyor and Coachmen Surveyor have nearly similar floorplans, with a kitchen, a bathroom, and a front bedroom. Both models are aluminum framed and boast Azdel substrate, which ensures durability, flexibility, and reliability.

However, the Coachmen has some tongue weight issues, which can be solved by storing more stuff in the bedroom. It further features aluminum skin, while the Surveyor has fiberglass skin. 

Forest River Surveyor interior

Forest River Surveyor Legend 19BHLE

Keystone Cougar vs. Forest River Surveyor

The Keystone offers more storage space and has more features than the Forest River Surveyor, like better power outlets. The Cougar also offers several options that make the trailer more comfortable. It also has a layout that gives the parents more privacy and gives kids their own space. 

On the other hand, the Surveyor has an open concept floor plan and boasts significantly better durability and high-quality construction.

Forest River Surveyor Legend 19BHLE FAQs

It can be incredibly difficult and time-consuming to choose a trailer that best suits your needs, especially if you’re making the decision for the first time. To ensure you don’t end up wasting your money, we’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about the Surveyor:

What Size Are the Mattresses in a Surveyor By Forest River Travel Trailer?

The mattresses in the Forest River Surveyor measure 75” long and 60” wide. The thickness of the mattress depends on the amount of space available inside the travel trailer.

Where Are Forest River Surveyor RVs Manufactured?

Forest River acquired the Dynamax Corporation – a company that manufactures luxury motorhomes - in 2011. The company expanded its operations in 2014 by adding production facilities in Hemet, California, White Pigeon, Michigan, and Silverton, Oregon.

How Long is the Forest River Surveyor?

The length of the Forest River Surveyor is different for every model. The smallest model measures 23’4”, while the largest model is 37 feet long.

How to Turn on Gas Water Heater For the Forest River Surveyor

You can turn on the gas water heater by following these simple steps:

  1. Locate the gas water heater in your RV by referring to the user manual.

  2. Make sure that the bypass valve is set in the right position.

  3. Open the valve and allow the water to flow into the primary tank.

  4. Fill the freshwater tank and open the hot water tap.

  5. Let the water fill until it reaches the fill line and then open the gas water heater.

How to Turn on Docking Lights the Forest River Surveyor

The switch for the docking lights is located in a different place in every model, so you’ll have to refer to your user manual. However, the docking lights are powered by the safety light connection present in the seven-way connector.

What is the Forest River Surveyor Arctic Package?

The Forest River Surveyor Arctic Package consists of heating pads on sewage drains' elbows and on water and holding tanks. These heating pads come on once the temperature falls below freezing and keeps them at around 45-degrees Fahrenheit.

How Big Are Slide Outs On the Forest River Surveyor?

The size of the slide-out depends on the Forest River Surveyor model. However, all slide-out systems are electrical, use an electrical ball screw, and boast a rack and pinion guide system.

Where is the Fuse For the Electric Trailer Hitch On a Forest River Surveyor?

The electrical breakers and fuses in your Forest River Surveyor should be located in the unit’s electrical compartment. This compartment should be in one of the trailer’s exterior storage compartments and will probably be located in the front compartment beneath the hood. However, make sure you refer to your user manual for the exact location.

How Tall is the Forest River Surveyor?

The height of the Forest River Surveyor depends on the model. The smallest trailer is 10’3” tall, while the largest trailer measures 11’5” in height.

What Type of Roof Does Forest River Put on the Surveyor?

Each Forest River Surveyor is designed with a completely walkable roof with 3/8” decking and 16” aluminum trusses to enhance durability. The trailer further has an Azdel exterior that’s water-resistant and ensures effective sound absorption.

Where is the Forest River Surveyor Black Tank Vent?

The black tank vent of the Forest River Surveyor is located on the black tank’s top. It extends and leads from the tank to the roof of the RV. It also boasts a removable cap on top.

How to Fill a Fresh Water Tank on a Forest River Surveyor Camper

You can fill the fresh water tank on your camper by following these steps:

  1. Choose a hose for fresh water and attach one end to the fresh water or city water intake valve.

  2. Attach the second end to the water spigot.

  3. Keep an eye on the tank indicators so you can determine when the tank is approaching full.

  4. Turn on the hose from the source and let the water fill the tank.

Where Are Forest River Surveyor Campers Built?

Although the Forest River Inc. has its headquarters in Elkhart, Indiana, it has production facilities located in White Pigeon, Michigan, Silverton, Oregon, and Hemet, California.

Forest River Surveyor Legend 19BHLE

Improve Your Every Road Trips

Accommodating up to six people, the Forest River Surveyor Legend 19BHLE needs a tow vehicle that’s rated at 4500 pounds or more. Featuring adult-sized bunk beds, a large washroom with additional storage, a convection microwave oven, a deep dinette slide-out, and a queen bed located under the ‘Stargazer’ front window, the unit is durable enough to withstand the haul and is perfect for making lasting memories.

It is lightweight and incredibly easy to tow and boasts superior craftsmanship throughout the interior. If you’re looking for a camping experience that beats all the rest, then the Forest River Surveyor Legend 19BHLE is the perfect option!